Marcus Hall
Marcus Hall Саат мурун
Thankful to witness 💯Westbrook legendary
Benito Robles Jr
Benito Robles Jr Саат мурун
And the game winning block
Armando Day
Armando Day Саат мурун
Ever since he got a ring , he’s been acting funny
John Cambridge
John Cambridge Саат мурун
His skill and physical could be matched by other players but his mentality was beyond this world and that’s super rare
Iceberg Pat
Iceberg Pat Саат мурун
Pippen said a lot of players never get the opportunity to develop clutch gene
Big Bird
Big Bird Саат мурун
Crazy how y’all don’t have Russ...
Tyrae Wright
Tyrae Wright Саат мурун
Alvin Саат мурун
These black analysts are so racist and bias if Tebow was black they be given so much love and support but because he's white of course they show you their true colors but nobody points that out but we know that it's a fake woke liberal ESPN n they suck....
Freddy Loks
Freddy Loks Саат мурун
Jalen just another LAKER hater...😎🏀
King Dreams
King Dreams Саат мурун
people need to stop disrespecting russ. just cuz he’s on a fighting team atm doesn’t mean he wont be a too 10 pg of all time.
Deeco TV
Deeco TV Саат мурун
Brodie playing like a 2k player! 😈🐐
Deeco TV
Deeco TV Саат мурун
SPC FIFA Саат мурун
It’s obviously Connor mcdavid. It’s not really close
Ellicott Raven
Ellicott Raven Саат мурун
Lamar Jackson's WR1. That unto itself is a medal of honor!
JohnnyJohn116 Саат мурун
meetmytwinsCliknClak Саат мурун
ROY! The son Jordan always wanted.
Todd Clark
Todd Clark Саат мурун
Tim's going to do really good y'all
Andrew M
Andrew M Саат мурун
Stephen A. Smith changed the question.
Dhk4 Саат мурун
Did they just mention Ironman in a Batman movie???
Arvind Sezhiyan
Arvind Sezhiyan Саат мурун
When Tom was asked the question, it sounded like it was phrased as trade in 2 of your existing rings for 1 ring and a perfect season, so Tom would still have 6 rings not 5. In that phrasing, it's a no brainer. Have one less ring, but a perfect season? Who wouldn't take that?
Jingus Pingus
Jingus Pingus Саат мурун
When Connor and Floyd fought everyone kept saying that Connor had a puncher’s chance. That was simply not true. However, a world class boxer does have a puncher’s chance of winning in the UFC. So Fury could actually beat Ngannou in the octagon.
Victor Conrad
Victor Conrad Саат мурун
Also he would have six anyway if he had a perfect season smh
jay Саат мурун
So it’s a no-go for Kap 🤔 and this guy gets a shot?
John Doe
John Doe Саат мурун
remember when jalen rose said westbrook could never reach the Big O's record 3 years ago? Where he at now????
J Paw4421
J Paw4421 Саат мурун
I ain’t hear jake Paul ?????? 🥱
Luís Augusto
Luís Augusto Саат мурун
Can't believe I'm agree with Max smh
Larri Lindsey
Larri Lindsey Саат мурун
Too bad he's not in a Mavericks uniform 🤦. We need him
Shareef Taylor
Shareef Taylor Саат мурун
Kyrie calls the media "pawns." Media members to other media members, "What do you think?" LOL, what did you think these pawns were about to say? LOL @ "Draft day" so he's not allowed to grow from the time he was one year away from high school?
Ernesto Salas
Ernesto Salas Саат мурун
Her manager: don't do anything too crazy just sing the national anthem Fergie: okay-yay-yay-ayy
Jason Dolajeck
Jason Dolajeck Саат мурун
Marcus was straight up hilarious though lets be honest lmaooooo
Anthony Campos
Anthony Campos Саат мурун
No offense but the guy who gave them that D grade actually wanted the Cowboys to trade up and draft Kyle Pitts.
Kenneth Binion
Kenneth Binion Саат мурун
ORTY: Justin Fields
chris peterson
chris peterson Саат мурун
This was a clear warning...
Victor Conrad
Victor Conrad Саат мурун
Lmao max does smoke Dan on the regular
Only JDC
Only JDC Саат мурун
I love Jake Paul getting down to business!!!
John Doe
John Doe Саат мурун
On this day...5/8/21...russell westbrook proved jalen rose wrong yet again. But then again thats not that hard to do
Pat4Clippers Саат мурун
Clippers needs Brooklyn and Portland to win today. Portland needs to beat Spurs and Rockets to keep Lakers at 7th. Their final 3 is difficult with @ Utah, @ Phoenix, and Denver.
Victor Conrad
Victor Conrad Саат мурун
When u got that many rings. Yes of course. Perfect season means you get a ring. And another impossible record to beat Multiple records would most likely be broken in order to get the perfect season. And that would be the greatest gift to his teammates. Every player on the team will go down in history. So yeah of course Tom would do that in heart beat
Lee Litchfield
Lee Litchfield Саат мурун
The problem with Griffin's comments is this particular play doesn't show any type of malice.
Russ and Beal duo is SPECIAL 🔥🔥🔥
Griff Mustard
Griff Mustard Саат мурун
Max, if Tebow's DREAM was to play in the NFL (have an NFL Career), then he would have listened to everyone that was telling him that he will not survive in the League at the Quarterback position, and should switch to something else. Him coming back to the NFL after so many years, is NOT to fulfil a dream, but rather his SELFISH DESIRE to be a PROFESSIONAL Athlete. He didn't make it as a PRO Quarterback, He didn't make it as a PRO Baseball Player, and now he's gonna try Pro Football again, as a TE. If he wants to be a PRO, then give the UFC a shot.
HUGE NIGHT FOR Russell Westbrook! 👏 🤯 Tie all-time triple-double record 🤯 Knock down go-ahead free throws 🤯 Seal the game with the clutch block
Nathaniel Lee
Nathaniel Lee Саат мурун
Why is Kendrick Perkins even here? He was a terrible center and he’s a terrible analyst.
lakshmivallabh Саат мурун
Joon Yi
Joon Yi Саат мурун
Keith Louis
Keith Louis Саат мурун
Amazing segment.
Sam Swain
Sam Swain Саат мурун
Tebow gonna get hurt point blank
Capitalizing On Dumb Money
Capitalizing On Dumb Money Саат мурун
That scrub will never be any good I guarantee it
ciscokd72 Саат мурун
He could make more money fighting Manny again. More people would pay to see that then anyone else.
Pat4Clippers Саат мурун
Treat these final games as playoff games. Doesn't matter how good or how bad these teams are. All playoff teams must tighten their screws before the real season starts.
Victor Conrad
Victor Conrad Саат мурун
Trey lance? Bold
AA The Sagittarius
AA The Sagittarius Саат мурун
He Should Be Fighting Jake Paul Not Logan Paul
LaReine Lester
LaReine Lester Саат мурун
It's nice how they were both raised great parents.
Jabari McBride
Jabari McBride Саат мурун
The Dallas Cowboys will be way better under Dak Prescott the QB he's the best player in the NFC East but the Washington Football Team with Ryan Fitzpatrick will not be that team but will be good on defense but the Dallas Cowboys are the cream of the crop in the NFC East
Ol Cam
Ol Cam Саат мурун
Dang this was 3 years ago😞
LostCub 85
LostCub 85 Саат мурун
NFL: lose 1 game in the playoffs you're out NBA: BEST of 7
vRxnsom Саат мурун
Pat4Clippers Саат мурун
Denver doesn't look to lose again. Up big against Brooklyn. My Clippers can't afford to lose any more games. Must win them all or we'll fall to 4th and face Utah in the 2nd round.
Alpha K3ny Juan
Alpha K3ny Juan Саат мурун
Jabari McBride
Jabari McBride Саат мурун
I'm gonna go with a proven QB Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys will be way better than last year but as a DC Dan Quinn he's gonna be at his best like his days when he was in Seattle Seahawks and Atlanta Falcons as a DC not at a HC
Denzell Rocha
Denzell Rocha Саат мурун
To start, the MAIN reason they haven’t played together is because of injuries to both KD and Harden. How in the world are you going to question Kyrie’s commitment if he has been the healthiest player throughout the regular season? He’s missed less games than his other 2 stars. Stephen A you blow my mind sometimes
Pear Head
Pear Head Саат мурун
This is pretty simple. NBA championships are easier than Superbowls for frontrunners and superbowls are easier for underdogs than Finals wins.
Digz4wtr Саат мурун
Ryan Clark is on TV because he was a great football player and jumped ahead of so many men and women who did the leg work to be on espn......he who lives in a glass house should not throw stones
Pat4Clippers Саат мурун
If Westbrook could shoot, he'd have a ring already and be top 15 all-time easy.
WickkPlayz TV
WickkPlayz TV Саат мурун
I will never hate on any person making a difference for there family or team .. but ppl are acting like Dak didn’t just have one of the worst possible injuries in any sport .. I promise you I hope he comes back 100% for his sake and his family Phenomenal player .. but no ones ever came back and was better ( in the nfl ) than they were before off and Achilles tear ..
Joshua Skyy
Joshua Skyy Саат мурун
Im begging for this to come true. Vikings need it
Edward Jones
Edward Jones Саат мурун
His head has gonna so big
Cj PITT Саат мурун
Excuses from jefferson as always 🙄
Jimmy Саат мурун
Jimall Joseph
Jimall Joseph Саат мурун
Why does he hate oj?
Bill Cosby
Bill Cosby Саат мурун
Still a brick head but man can he ball
Kashaan Davis
Kashaan Davis Саат мурун
Stephen hit it on the head
El El
El El Саат мурун
Ya ben maç oldumu bilmiyorum ama Floyd seni paramparça eder
School account
School account Саат мурун
Beastly Beal
Derrick Jones
Derrick Jones Саат мурун
Lol Saquon is easily the best player in the division. Will remind everyone when he comes back
OFCLTrapStar Саат мурун
Wow just wow 😯 & Beal dropped 50 too 😳
Greyson Gacutan
Greyson Gacutan Саат мурун
He and Chet Holmgren would have been the best