2021 NBA Draft prospect B.J. Boston posts 20-10, but Kentucky loses | ESPN College Basketball

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Watch highlights from B.J. Boston, currently ranked as the No. 3 pick in ESPN’s 2021 NBA Mock Draft, as well as the Kentucky Wildcats in their home game against the Richmond Spiders early on in the college basketball season.
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Johni Gasasira
Johni Gasasira Ай мурун
More of a pro player than college player
Knife Legs
Knife Legs Ай мурун
Knife Legs
Knife Legs Ай мурун
Ghost NikeYT
Ghost NikeYT Ай мурун
Brandon Boston in my opinon should get drafted to the Bucks
Henry Watts
Henry Watts 27 күн мурун
Dude is a college busts so far what makes you think he'll work in the league?
Andrew Lee
Andrew Lee Ай мурун
he's skinnier than KD lol. he ain't all that. he good but he ain't no AD or john wall type.
Wassup fuqqly
Wassup fuqqly Ай мурун
Announcers sound like idiots lmao
That shot he took was literally a regular NBA 3, and he had good enough separation to shoot it. If you pay attention they cleared out for him to ISO on that play anyway.
Braxton Heidebrink
Braxton Heidebrink Ай мурун
Marcus carr is better🤷🏼‍♂️
Grant Watson
Grant Watson Ай мурун
This was just a bad performance by mostly freshman who are used to playing the way they did in high school. They just need better team coordination and they'll be a good team. Also free throws and turnovers. This game would've at least been tied if UK made every free throw I'm pretty sure. Turnovers were the biggest problem, selfish basketball always leads to them.
Travis Andrews
Travis Andrews Ай мурун
The Oklahoma city thunder will draft bj Boston from Kentucky
MM T Ай мурун
Bj plays just like Brandon Ingram
Grant Watson
Grant Watson Ай мурун
Looks a little like him too.
Joey Robinson
Joey Robinson Ай мурун
Kentucky got a bunch of high schoolers out there
Joey Robinson
Joey Robinson Ай мурун
They ain’t ready
me boy
me boy Ай мурун
Boston is overrated. He should stay in school. He's NOT that good 😂😂😂
me boy
me boy Ай мурун
@Tookie Williams we can to agree to disagree lol. Just because you're from a certain city doesn't mean you have to represent or support them. And we'll see come draft day if this Boston cat has a good long career in the league like Melo or will he be another kwame brown, Anthony Bennett type player 😂😂😂 we shall see ✊
Tookie Williams
Tookie Williams Ай мурун
@me boy yeah I don’t agree. Picking the best team every year is called band wagoning. You should of already had a team before the season started. He is THAT good tho but I’m done going back and fourth. I’ll be back to this comment when he’s a lottery pick
me boy
me boy Ай мурун
@Tookie Williams you watch as many teams as you can and whoever has the best ALL around team you go for. Just being from a certain city doesn't necessarily mean that you have to support them. That's absurd. We're getting into silly season Smdh
me boy
me boy Ай мурун
@Tookie Williams I didn't say he isn't a prospect Im saying he isn't that good. And just like you have scouts saying he's nice you have just as many saying let's wait and see because we all know everything glittery isn't always gold. People are STILL waiting for 'the next....' Instead let this young fella develop and understand the game. With respect to team choosing that statement couldn't be more untrue lol. Im from Kansas, hate the chiefs lol. I know people from Dallas who hates the cowboys. People go with who's gonna win. Period. Don't care if uncle Jimmy Joe supports green bay since Lombardi lol! They're gonna pick the winner. You don't go to Vegas and say let's bet on the Bengals because my family supports them guy 😂😂😂
Grant Watson
Grant Watson Ай мурун
@Louisville Cardinals Racist program that has more African Americans on it than White Americans.
Seth H.
Seth H. Ай мурун
Imagine if he goes to the Celtics...... “And Boston is scoring about 113 points per game, 45 rebounds and 22 assists”. 😂
BeerFrame Ай мурун
is he the dude that played with bronny
Tookie Williams
Tookie Williams Ай мурун
Dominick Allen
Dominick Allen Ай мурун
Call me a hater if you want, but it does get old having to go through this every year. Kentucky teams are like buying a scratch off ticket at a gas station. You either win hundreds, your money back, or lose. I don't follow recruiting as much as I used to anymore. Players have to prove themselves. I feel as if Kentucky already climaxed under Coach Cal. Kentucky is used as a front for just sending players away. This system doesn't work unless if you get a John Wall or Anthony Davis. May just be ranting but years are going by with less to really show for other than moral victories which really don't matter in the long-run
dudewat212 Ай мурун
Outstanding and true comment! Great lottery metaphor, as well.
Feh Chamahk
Feh Chamahk Ай мурун
Boston looks like his lost his athletism ....
Bradley Owusu
Bradley Owusu 23 күн мурун
more like his athletism was good for high school but average in college
Simms Ай мурун
The only question I have for this Kentucky team this year is who is the three point marksman because it was brick city ! Maybe someone can answer that question for me ?
Simms Ай мурун
@Grant Watson I hear you man it's still early like with all the teams we really don't know just yet
Grant Watson
Grant Watson Ай мурун
@Simms Same. I'm not even saying that they're good, we'll just have to wait and see.
Simms Ай мурун
@Grant Watson I don't know I still have to see more we will see in the Kansas game
Grant Watson
Grant Watson Ай мурун
They did alright from 3 point land against Morehead St. But some days nothing just falls down.
This always happens but come March they look like 1 of the favorites to win it all. Not worried at all
Tony Tribble
Tony Tribble Ай мурун
Calipari is a great recruiter, but is a 2 star coach. He has the best talent every year for about a decade and has 1 championship.
MaCeo Millions
MaCeo Millions Ай мурун
@Tony Tribble Yep that is true. Kentucky has been producing talent for a very long time... Coach Cal can basically get 4 & 5 star recruits just off his name alone at this point.
Tony Tribble
Tony Tribble Ай мурун
@MaCeo Millions I'm looking at all of the players in the NBA, most of the best players are Wildcats.
MaCeo Millions
MaCeo Millions Ай мурун
It's pretty difficult to win in a sea of a 100 teams but I do get your point though. He should definitely should have at least 2-3 chips by now.
Seazonz Ай мурун
#4’ on Richmonds dunk in the last minute 🔥💪🏿
jonathan clerger
jonathan clerger Ай мурун
the name is NATHAN CAYO
Mike Smith
Mike Smith Ай мурун
Their youth is gonna kill them early on but as usual look out come March...
Mike Smith
Mike Smith Ай мурун
@Louisville Cardinals Do you still consider your self a basketball school?..I thought you all were a women's basketball school now?.. Gtfoh bums!..🤡😂
Mike Smith
Mike Smith Ай мурун
@Dion Wells Of course two idiots reply.. It's suprising at all that two moron louisville fans don't understand why it's hard to win the title every year with a new team every year...😂👍
Dion Wells
Dion Wells Ай мурун
@Louisville Cardinals they might not have won that ring if Kendell Marshall didn’t get hurt that year for UNC
Dion Wells
Dion Wells Ай мурун
1 ring in how many years?
BL Clemons
BL Clemons Ай мурун
Richmond is well coached for sure..
BL Clemons
BL Clemons Ай мурун
I like what I’m seeing from Sarr 👌🏽
Joseph Spratley
Joseph Spratley Ай мурун
Bj is very long reminds me of Brandon Ingram
Peter Cross
Peter Cross Ай мурун
wait this is lil dicky's college
Infinity Gauntlet
Infinity Gauntlet Ай мурун
Zay The Ripper
Zay The Ripper Ай мурун
Boston all hype. Gonna end up like Malik Monk or something in the league 😂
Efrén Bojorges
Efrén Bojorges Ай мурун
Nice move Bj 1:51
GPin Ай мурун
Rich what!!!!
Jordan Clark
Jordan Clark Ай мурун
Once again Kentucky’s demise. Shooting. Cal never recruits guys that shoot and it’s frustrating you have to be able to shoot now you won’t win
Kamon Ай мурун
Fire John Calipari asap, he got all the top recruits and still lose
Luke Wiley
Luke Wiley Ай мурун
Kentucky doesn’t have a single player that active that played a minute for the team last year... we aren’t going to be good 2 games into the season it’s called chemistry and we don’t have it yet
Luke Wiley
Luke Wiley Ай мурун
Dude do u watch basketball
Jameson Brooks
Jameson Brooks Ай мурун
he’s getting lost on defense but it’ll get better
Spade 2x
Spade 2x Ай мурун
Lost at home and got blown out sheesh hate to see it 🤦🏿‍♂️😭
Mark Ай мурун
The Richmond Spiders destroyed Kentucky. No fluke. Spiders will be the team to watch this season.
John James
John James Ай мурун
kentucky got all the dudes that scream "AND ONNNNNNNNNNNE " everytime they drive the paint
Grant Watson
Grant Watson Ай мурун
@Louisville Cardinals Number one winningest program: Kentucky. My point is, Cardinal fans talk all the trash in the world but don't step it up when it comes to UK. You were #3 and we were #19 last year and we beat you in OT. Oh, and what happened to that 2013 championship? Did they cancel March Madness that year too?
kevin gomes
kevin gomes Ай мурун
@Louisville Cardinals there all freshman that went against some veteran college players so they gone learn from it
vStumpy SgSI
vStumpy SgSI Ай мурун
@Louisville Cardinals wait, when have y’all actually won anything🤣🤣
vStumpy SgSI
vStumpy SgSI Ай мурун
@Louisville Cardinals When the last time a team of freshmen won the NCAA tournament?
vStumpy SgSI
vStumpy SgSI Ай мурун
@Louisville Cardinals Richmond is not complete garbage. You don’t seriously expect freshman to just runover everyone do you?
Justin Humphrey
Justin Humphrey Ай мурун
Manu Ай мурун
it's all good, it's early in the season bj still finding his groove
Riri Simpson
Riri Simpson Ай мурун
Did the commentator say Brandon Boston’s 6’7 180 lbs?!
David Monroy
David Monroy Ай мурун
Why are these players so skinny?
Allan Gabales
Allan Gabales Ай мурун
I hope Boston draft on Boston Celtics 😁
Jesse Garcia-Medina
Jesse Garcia-Medina Ай мурун
Baby Brandon Ingram
Fares Bulgasem
Fares Bulgasem Ай мурун
Nathan cayo representing mtl college brebeuf baby
Johnathan Patrick
Johnathan Patrick Ай мурун
The spider's sting was mightier than the wildcat's claw...
Johnathan Patrick
Johnathan Patrick Ай мурун
@Average Johnson Meh. I guess that works too, lol. :)
Average Johnson
Average Johnson Ай мурун
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name Ай мурун
Look likes he was a WNBA player lol
Sterling Pless
Sterling Pless Ай мурун
***k to Richmond
Sterling Pless
Sterling Pless Ай мурун
How they error lol they error how the ***k do they lose to Kentucky
HeSad Ай мурун
Bro Richmond tuff
Matthew Stirchak
Matthew Stirchak Ай мурун
Same old Kentucky, talented, too young
Christian Ай мурун
The effort on the defensive end is just not good...
Rupert Gordon II
Rupert Gordon II Ай мурун
"Richmond, Rich - what."
eric medz
eric medz Ай мурун
Kentucky is good in taunting! Good job!
Kobe Klay
Kobe Klay Ай мурун
After a handful of games, this draft class is stacked for sure but not as much as people are hyping it up to be.
Вася M
Вася M Ай мурун
4:37 BJ and #30 didn't know what to do after getting posterized by Cayo so they just dapped each other up 😂 😂 😂
Вася M
Вася M Ай мурун
@KentuckyBoonies who? lmao
KentuckyBoonies Ай мурун
#30 is Sarr you casual.
DntGshot 12
DntGshot 12 Ай мурун
Lmaooooo I peeped that two I was like wait they know they jus got dunked on right??😂😂
drew combs
drew combs Ай мурун
This is one of the worst rosters we've ever had. Coach Cal is my idol and I love him like a father but the one and done bubble has burst. We have to start leaning on experince. Its literally the same outcome every year. Start off bad, get better by tournament and win 2 to 3 games.
drew combs
drew combs Ай мурун
@Aiden James hes won one ring since switching to one and done...just like Cal. Did he win with the almighty zion? No! Winning a college championship in basketball is the hardest task in all of sports. If cal was here for 40 years hed have a few too
Aiden James
Aiden James Ай мурун
@drew combs ur right coach k copied him at his own game and is better at it
drew combs
drew combs Ай мурун
@Aiden James if you think 2015 was the most talented group in history youre a fool. The harrison twins were highly overratted and ulis was a decent bench player. Booker and towns were exceptional talents ill give you that but its CBB the favorite rarely ever wins especially in the one and done era. If hes not a good coach then why did coach K adopt his style of recruiting. He literally pioneered an entire generation. Hes made more black millionaires than the lottery. Hes a true coach who will always put his players first. He actually cares about the kids more than the school which is a man of integrity and im a die hard wildcats fan. He forced an entire sport to change its landscape.
drew combs
drew combs Ай мурун
@Aiden James youre a moron. Hes taken 3 schools to the final four...memphis and umass hardly elite schools. Shut your mouth you casual
Aiden James
Aiden James Ай мурун
@drew combs he’s not a great coach at all he has an advantage recruiting with the history of Kentucky, when he had the most talented team in the history of college basketball he was determined to play 10 and have 2 rotations to swap out just because he wanted everyone to get a chance to play, u guys aren’t winning another until he goes
CutMeMick Ай мурун
I'm surprised UK didn't get beat by 30. Couldn't make a 3 or free throw. Gonna be a long season.
Grant Watson
Grant Watson Ай мурун
It just goes to show you if Kentucky didn't play selfish Basketball they could've won this game.
faco mori
faco mori Ай мурун
The Cole Anthony of 2021...
Rj Stigma
Rj Stigma Ай мурун
1 game bro...
Bucket Giver
Bucket Giver Ай мурун
How ???
KUZ SWISH Ай мурун
Came to watch Kentucky but Richmond entertainment
User 1
User 1 Ай мурун
Tut Gaddafi
Tut Gaddafi Ай мурун
Kentucky ain't the same no more. BJ Boston ovrrrated
Bakari Mitchell
Bakari Mitchell Ай мурун
@Real t clarke is a top 10 recruit and they got cam fletcher u sound dumb
Carlos Jimenez
Carlos Jimenez Ай мурун
Says the kid that doesn’t know how to spell “Overrated”
Tut Gaddafi
Tut Gaddafi Ай мурун
@Real You peeped how top recruits don't sign on no more. Besides BJ Boston. Crazy.
Real Ай мурун
Gareth Henry
Gareth Henry Ай мурун
ICallBank Ай мурун
Devin askew gotta be more agreesive 2 points not gonna cut it
Kartoon Management
Kartoon Management Ай мурун
“This is not AAU ball.” Dude that’s a shot an nba player takes
Ryan H
Ryan H Ай мурун
And Boston isn’t in the NBA
kevin gomes
kevin gomes Ай мурун
Let the kid ball wait till he gets comfortable and start taking over games
Valentino Wilbourn
Valentino Wilbourn Ай мурун
@EJOne he has it u don’t know about bj he says he wants to be the greatest to ever play he gone be solid watch him
Kyle2324 Ай мурун
Yes nba player, not college player
EJOne Ай мурун
@Valentino Wilbourn That doesnt win you games in the NBA.. he has to get a better basketball iq
Chin Tuan
Chin Tuan Ай мурун
Janeer Rodgers
Janeer Rodgers Ай мурун
Y’all lost to Richmond 🤦🏾‍♂️
Grant Watson
Grant Watson Ай мурун
Richmond now ranked #19 in the top #25
Joseph Krony
Joseph Krony Ай мурун
Richmond is a top 40 team in the nation right now not a bad loss
Tristan Maxwell
Tristan Maxwell Ай мурун
And they lost to Evansville last year. What’s ur point? Bro get a life and stop hating.
SlimeBall Ty
SlimeBall Ty Ай мурун
They’re more experienced and have been playing together longer, Once UK gain chemistry they gone be straight
Squishy McSquisherson
Squishy McSquisherson Ай мурун
Through 2 games all his made shots are off the attack or breakouts. He's 0-7 from 3. Talented, but completely 1 dimensional at this point offensively.
Chin Chukwu
Chin Chukwu Ай мурун
​@Squishy McSquisherson first off, no i'm not watching the game, so i'm going to assume that everything you're saying is wrong until i get to actually watch it. second, no player that comes in as a freshman has a completely polished game. every freshman has an aspect(s) of their game that they need to work on. from that standpoint, you saying he needs to work on this and work on that IS NOT really saying much. honestly, to me you sound like a recruit from a rival school that's bitter because he chose to go to kentucky. third, i'm trying to understand why you keep saying "straight line drives.." what, is he suppose to drive in a zig zag motion? or, is this your zegway into "he has no counter move" argument? either way, your usage makes it sound like a dead end point. *"Three games in and Kansas already knows exactly how to defend him"*----LOLOL...no, three games in and you somehow have compiled this overblown assessment of his game that sounds more like knit-picking than anything. AND....again, HE'S A FRESHMAN!!!! my forth point, you keep saying he's one dimensional. do you know what that means? that means that he's only good at ONE thing. so question: WHAT IS THAT ONE THING?!?!? you've been so caught up in saying "straight line drives" trying to sound like you know basketball, but you haven't said in this message or your last message what the kid is actually good at. that's how i know you're either bitter, or just trying to sound important. and lastly----all the points you tried to prove/make against richmond---i pretty much was able disprove everyone of those points. i'm pretty sure i'll be able to do the same after watching this game.
Squishy McSquisherson
Squishy McSquisherson Ай мурун
@Chin Chukwu Hope you're watching cuz my point is being proven in this first half. 1st shot - terrible 3 on a WIDE open shot that hits backboard 2nd shot - straight line drive which gets cut off, pulls up into 2 hands in his face, terrible shot miss (no secondary move, no counter to the defense, drive.... shoot) 3rd shot - straight line drive, but beautiful finish with a dunk showing off his amazing length 4th shot - straight line drive, throws up a running hook that drops. 5th shot - straight line drive, no move, no counter, defense collapses and misses a bad shot 6th shot - straight drive into traffic again with no counter, spin, fade, anything. Gets into traffic and misses at the rim 7th shot - another straight line drive off the dribble with the defender in his face, no counter, help comes and he tries to toss a floater over 2 defenders. 2-7 fg / 0-1 3pt (now 0-8 through 3 games) As I've said. He's VERY talented BUT he's extremely 1 dimensional. Drive, drive, drive with NO counter move, NO secondary attack. It's just head down and a shot is going up. This isn't Sierra Canyon. Three games in and Kansas already knows exactly how to defend him. He will be very good, his length causes havoc on defense, but this first 20 minutes just proved EVERYTHING I said about his game. Development is key. He must work on his half court offense and learn to counter his defender if he's going to attack. Plant into a pull up, spin off their over compensation, up and under, step back to create space, plant-pivot-fade....... ANYTHING! But at this point he does none of that. Which is the definition of ONE DIMENSIONAL on offense. Which, didn't you say, if it works, keep doing it? It's not working. It won't continue to work. In order to be an offensive threat you MUST have more in your bag than a straight line drive to the rim. Your next step is acceptance of reality. The assessment is accurate. ✌🏽
Alend Suudh
Alend Suudh Ай мурун
@king cain that’s so random😭
king cain
king cain Ай мурун
@Alend Suudh Is he a better shooter than Tre Mann
Chin Chukwu
Chin Chukwu Ай мурун
​@Squishy McSquisherson you're analysis of this kid is not only wrong...it makes no sense---at all. *- "all his FGs are on direct line drives, fast break finishes"* - if a DIRECT LINE gets him (or any other basketball player on earth) to the basket and he scores HOW IS THAT A BAD THING?!?!?! why even point that out? at 0:25 of the video a shot was taken and he realizes that there is no one guarding the back court. so, he leaks out for the fast break and ends up with an easy bucket. believe it or not that's good basket IQ---to recognize that. again, HOW IS THIS A BAD THING?!?!? *- "no mid range pull-ups, no shot creation with ball handling into a shot."* - ummm---yea, the basket he scored at 0:40 pretty much highlighted all of those things (ball handling, shot creation, pullup etc.). and it looked like he got fouled on that play. *- "he dribbles to drive."* - at 1:03 he has a smaller defender on him. so he drives to the basket knowing he can get his shot off (and score) over the smaller man. again----please explain how this is a bad thing. especially if he/the play is successful. smh. *- "he is head down to the rim right now."* - at 2:01 he takes a bad shot (i agree)----he gets the rebound and instead of forcing up another shot, he finds his teammate for an easy basket. he wouldn't have made that play if his head was down. *- "...i'm simply calling out what i SEE..."* - you're calling out what you see----but NO WHERE do you acknowledge any positive/real aspect of his game or skillset. like i said before, your evaluation/critique on this kid is just not accurate...plain and simple.
ChefDave Ай мурун
Devin Askew only had 2 pt on 35 min🤯
Justin York
Justin York Ай мурун
0 points im sure. Didnt play with any confidence. I think cal.should start mintz. Rotate askew and he will get better
Zo Z
Zo Z Ай мурун
@Menace Yea he wasn’t all that for Mater Dei last year. Definitely was overrated but he has potential. He reclassed a year up and it’s still early in the NCAA season. Give him time
TheMissingLink Ай мурун
@Menace he reclassed dude can ball he’s just gotta work the kinks out
KUZ SWISH Ай мурун
I heard the commentator say he’s a high school seniors age, I’m from the UK so idk how old that is, like 18? Anyway he’s only gna get better as the season goes at that age
Menace Ай мурун
He’s not that fye to me
The matrix 756
The matrix 756 Ай мурун
Bj Boston #5 pick selected to wizards 2021 nba draft
Chance Baraks
Chance Baraks Ай мурун
Kentucky is young and after they mesh and get more chemistry they’ll be top 5-8 for sure but let’s talk about Richmond they were moving the ball really well and playing some great d. Gonna have to watch out for them through the year
Gang Music
Gang Music Ай мурун
Post Nathan Cayo instead
Alfie haigh
Alfie haigh Ай мурун
4:37 was nasty
Christopher Antoine
Christopher Antoine Ай мурун
Richmond is underrated. They are a favorite to win the A-10, which could potentially have multiple bids in the tournament this year.
Alend Suudh
Alend Suudh Ай мурун
@Sean Crady I wouldn’t go that far. Not to discredit Richmond because they are a very good team but let’s be real this is an upset. Kentucky needs to get it together. You can’t have 3 guys who score 95% of your points
Sean Crady
Sean Crady Ай мурун
Fax Richmond is a very good team and this was not a upset by any means. It is only November so hopefully Kentucky can get it together.
Andrew Shepherd-Keys
Andrew Shepherd-Keys Ай мурун
@Alend Suudh didn’t meant to @ you
Alend Suudh
Alend Suudh Ай мурун
@Andrew Shepherd-Keys did I ever say it wasn’t I’m confused 😂
Andrew Shepherd-Keys
Andrew Shepherd-Keys Ай мурун
@Alend Suudh a10 is awesome so far. Richmond and slu should be top 25 plus Vcu’s performance so far. We haven’t even seen Dayton, St. Bonaventure, and Duquesne yet which should be solid as well.
Daniel Ай мурун
1:48 was nasty
mark man
mark man Ай мурун
UK going to be bad lol
ShawnxOnx10 Ай мурун
Richmond looking nice 😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥😈😈😈
Decarri Richardson-Curry
Decarri Richardson-Curry Ай мурун
Kentucky was def the better team they just have mainly freshman and gotta go thru growing pains and they didn’t play they game they def a top 8 team
Andrew Valenski
Andrew Valenski Ай мурун
I dunno, the scoreboard suggests otherwise
Brody Harmon
Brody Harmon Ай мурун
Exactly,and we all know what calapari is about to go off on them but they will be ready for the Kansas game
Decarri Richardson-Curry
Decarri Richardson-Curry Ай мурун
I love BJ game bro dude goin shoot whatever he want def a top 5 NBA draft pick in this loaded 2021 draft class
Jr Rivera
Jr Rivera Ай мурун
If he keeps it up, most likely a top 5 because this draft IS LOADED like you said. It’ll be tough for him to go top 5 regardless tho BUT we’ll see, right?
Elite Sports Videos
Elite Sports Videos Ай мурун
Im saying you can see Kobe hitting an unbeliavable shot over Harden and staring him down right after that on my channel. Thank you for your attention.
The Goat
The Goat Ай мурун
Hes so tuff future lottery pick for sure
Dre Cost
Dre Cost Ай мурун
he’s gonna go top 5 mock draft says
Jay T
Jay T Ай мурун
They’re a new team and they’re young. they gotta get used to playing with each other and the new offense. They’ll be way better at the end of the year
SlimeBall Ty
SlimeBall Ty Ай мурун
Thank you plus people acting like we just lost to some scrubs Richmond more experienced and are used to playing with each other
PAC Ай мурун
I don't watch College Basketball that much, but I know for fact that it's more enjoyable than Golf, Nascar, Bowling and the WNBA COMBINED.
Jeroen Dekort
Jeroen Dekort Ай мурун
Good one
Tim Doyle
Tim Doyle Ай мурун
For someone who doesn’t watch college basketball that much, you sure do post this same exact comment on a lot of college basketball videos.
Alex Hairuso
Alex Hairuso Ай мурун
NASCAR is alright
Tyler Hackner
Tyler Hackner Ай мурун
Boston’s got a good game
Sheeve Daily
Sheeve Daily Ай мурун
Coach Cal sucks
Michael Jordan Best Player Ever.
Michael Jordan Best Player Ever. Ай мурун
Who thinks Julian Newman wont make the NBA 👇
Coach Dude
Coach Dude Ай мурун
What does that have to do with this game
Squishy McSquisherson
Squishy McSquisherson Ай мурун
@A J He's not even playing in college. 🤣😂
J311i0TT Ай мурун
I mean I agree but what was the point of saying that man
Based Vinnie
Based Vinnie Ай мурун
@Mike Santiago his sister has worse chance then him 😂
Oscar Herrera
Oscar Herrera Ай мурун
@A J LMAO He’ll be lucky to even play overseas
MinePlay 512
MinePlay 512 Ай мурун
Boston has a good game. Great prospect and a great playmaker.
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