2021 NBA Mock Draft No. 1 pick Cade Cunningham's Oklahoma State debut | ESPN College Basketball

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Watch the highlights as Oklahoma State Cowboys freshman Cade Cunningham, the No. 1 overall pick in ESPN's 2021 NBA Mock Draft, makes his college debut vs. UT-Arlington, scoring 21 points, grabbing 10 rebounds and handing out 3 assists.
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Seth Stewart
Seth Stewart 7 күн мурун
Vince Lombardi
Vince Lombardi 28 күн мурун
We need to scrap this rule that you can’t go from pros to nba outta high school the draft would be so much deeper. Easily could be a top pick
ThunderGod 918
ThunderGod 918 Ай мурун
I’ve watched all of Cades games so far in college his team mates better then he is and he at OSU. I wouldn’t take him at 1 maybe 5 or 6
The Buzz Inc
The Buzz Inc Ай мурун
Knicks better take him
Joven Rivera
Joven Rivera Ай мурун
Bust for sure
Anthony Harrell
Anthony Harrell Ай мурун
such a good pg has the ability to turn on and off that "switch" cant wait for the feature
LDSavage _23
LDSavage _23 Ай мурун
I see y they think he’ll be no.1 a 6”8 200lb pg with double double in his first game🤷‍♂️
Kyle Matthews
Kyle Matthews Ай мурун
Max mcclung is my guy. I used to watch all his videos on the "ball is life" channel.. glad to see him thriving in the TTU starting lineup.. Georgetown and pat Ewing had no clue how to utilize him. So happy mcclung transferred.
YouCanCallMeLizzy Ай мурун
蒋福 Ай мурун
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Mouse On Feet
Mouse On Feet Ай мурун
Rebound highlights? 😨
A C Ай мурун
Number 1 pick? Hmm doesn't look like that crazy to me jaylon better
Funky Goose World
Funky Goose World Ай мурун
somehow the NBA is gonna rig the lottery (again) and OKC gets this guy.. smh...
ProjectPanes Ай мурун
He looks like a vet. Not trying to do anything flashy on the floor, mature, this guy is gonna be special.
Dylon Burnett
Dylon Burnett Ай мурун
Scores at will and will win multiple titles in the nba
CiCi S
CiCi S Ай мурун
its going to be crissmiss
CiCi S
CiCi S Ай мурун
this boy is good in ornge i cnt put the
CiCi S
CiCi S Ай мурун
im boy
CiCi S
CiCi S Ай мурун
this is cool
EJC23 Ай мурун
this dude gonna be a star in the league
James Price
James Price Ай мурун
ESPN y’all gotta do better with clipping out irrelevant highlights lmao
Green Wolf
Green Wolf Ай мурун
So he is there for 1 year to absorb scholarship money and then get drafted by NBA What an organization the NCAA is
Stan Wayne
Stan Wayne Ай мурун
This man much better then lonzo ball. Let the kids go to the league man!
Alexandre H
Alexandre H Ай мурун
Markelle Fultz 2.0
Crab lord
Crab lord Ай мурун
Huh, transition speed is disgusting, not too sure about his lateral movement tho
Fade Ай мурун
Man will stay in Oklahoma after the draft
Justin Humphrey
Justin Humphrey Ай мурун
Diego Armando Maradona
Diego Armando Maradona Ай мурун
6’8 pg+ good shooting+ Good passing+ good rebounding+ good defence. We have here the future of the NBA.
ascales30 Ай мурун
Man I’m about two blocks away and couldn’t go to the game because of COVID!!! Cade is a beast. Watched his dad when he was in high school/college and he was good too.
Brandon Dorsey
Brandon Dorsey Ай мурун
He's 6'8 but doesn't use it. I don't see a top 3 pick tbh. Late lottery maybe
Payton no weaknesses Pritchard
Payton no weaknesses Pritchard Ай мурун
Suggs be for Cunningham
Pie Ditty
Pie Ditty Ай мурун
Jalen green going number one
BamaBen100 Ай мурун
playing hs style in college even bball isn't the same
Wes Gragg
Wes Gragg Ай мурун
Okc thunder future star
GamerGiyuu Ай мурун
We're talking 2021 Mock Drafts already?
Shawn D. Dawkins
Shawn D. Dawkins Ай мурун
Is he a lock for #1 pick in the 2021 draft? 🏀
Soooo I'm gettin 6'8 Steph Curry vibes. Am I wrong?
Anthony Brown
Anthony Brown Ай мурун
Another MVA alum
lulEdaP Ай мурун
What is his position?
@Concrete_Videos Ай мурун
He's not the first. Magic Johnson the greatest P.G. of All-time was 6'9
Big Shane Gillis
Big Shane Gillis Ай мурун
Nah he’s way too slow, nba guys are gonna blow right through him. He’s playing bully ball most of the time but will miserably fail when trying so against real size and talent. Dude needs to hit the weight room and do sprint drills to get to that next level
pushstart. Ай мурун
God I pray the Knicks get him
Chain Reactions
Chain Reactions Ай мурун
Super agressive, great size.
Playboi Ricardo
Playboi Ricardo Ай мурун
3:15 LOLLL
huntzz io
huntzz io Ай мурун
Remember this is the kids first game. He's only gonna get better from here, and more experienced. Look at that- 21/10/3 ALREADY!
OG Mexzy
OG Mexzy Ай мурун
Check out the Boone twins , I hooped against them
Ken Hiroki
Ken Hiroki Ай мурун
He's like Jason tatum
M11sanman Ай мурун
They should of started the season in Jan/Feb... Then have May Madness
KPorzingod Ай мурун
Roy Benedict
Roy Benedict Ай мурун
Imagine him and Shai in the back court.
Slender Man
Slender Man Ай мурун
The next draft is crazy!!! Cunningham, Green ,And Boston.
Yo Lo
Yo Lo Ай мурун
Need this mane on the grizz wit Ja
Jack Livingstone
Jack Livingstone Ай мурун
top 5 gotta be like cade, jalen green, bj boston, suggs, and josh christopher (clarke and makur maker might be in there too)
Cjballin Ай мурун
Cade is up next. His game is going to translate so well. His jumper looks pure, he looks to be great at pushing the ball and dishing it out in the open court, and he’s rebounding at an elite level at the PG spot. I see this dude walking into the NBA and dropping triple doubles like Luka did. Looks so effortless
SuperKDLS Ай мурун
Aight so college basketball is definitely going to be the sport that suffers the most because of covid. The atmosphere is SUCH a huge part of it.
Taylor B
Taylor B Ай мурун
Truth UT-A would've been so pumped to be hosting a Big 12 team with a #1 recruit
Allen Williams
Allen Williams Ай мурун
Blake X
Blake X Ай мурун
Should've played for a real team like Kentucky. Clearly has no ambition to win a championship.
Jackson P
Jackson P Ай мурун
He doesn't looks num.1 ...🤔🤣
JoDGoat Ай мурун
He might just get drafted to his hometown team
Nick L
Nick L Ай мурун
He’s a pro. You can already see it lol. He’s just taking what the defense gives.
Jason Paderanga
Jason Paderanga Ай мурун
Jalen Green No.1 Cade Cunningham No.2
Andrew Jefferson
Andrew Jefferson Ай мурун
This dude is an athletic sharpshooter
Shooting Hoops With Noah Smith
Shooting Hoops With Noah Smith Ай мурун
Cade Cunningham is going to be pretty good! He just needs to fine tune his game and smooth out the rough edges and he'll be ready to go!
Where's Waldo??? ?
Where's Waldo??? ? Ай мурун
He's a dog and also has that rare leadership quality. He reminds me of Paul George shooting ability mixed with LeBron (lite version) going to the hoop. I absolutely love this guy (prospect)!
Rory O'Connell
Rory O'Connell Ай мурун
going to be a walking triple double
Jacob Ebersole
Jacob Ebersole Ай мурун
He's already got russ flashes stay in Oklahoma okc okc
Where's Waldo??? ?
Where's Waldo??? ? Ай мурун
Cade and Shai will be a nice pairing for the thunder. Almost sounds like the name of a sit-com.
Where's Waldo??? ?
Where's Waldo??? ? Ай мурун
Why couldn't my wolves have the #1 pick when he had come out instead. Smdh 😒😒😒
James Llewellyn
James Llewellyn Ай мурун
Good Player, could improve on his versitality on defense other than that pure talent easily a top 2 pick
Blake Bonner
Blake Bonner Ай мурун
Has ALOT to work on......
Ryan H
Ryan H Ай мурун
He looks really good out there! Like a pro!
Joe Pfrengle
Joe Pfrengle Ай мурун
Man do I miss zion being in the NCAA, THATS the only time I really payed attention to college basketball other than the final four
RESPONSE. Ай мурун
Like if ESPN shouldn't cover the NCAA. If the athletes aren't getting paid then this billion dollar industry shouldn't be allowed to exist.
Truth Ojo
Truth Ojo Ай мурун
Looks like the clear number 1 to me
Creux Ай мурун
*I'd rather have Jalen Green*
Hubert Semeniano
Hubert Semeniano Ай мурун
Even his name sounds like a superstar with the alliteration 😂
Kurt Wagner
Kurt Wagner Ай мурун
Underrated scouting method 😂
Jordon Watkins
Jordon Watkins Ай мурун
Mark my words wynston tabbs will be a lottery pick
kaм Ай мурун
hes 6’7 not 6’8
Mr Poophead
Mr Poophead Ай мурун
Great rebounder and scorer, point isn’t his true position he didn’t pass a lot. Would be an excellent shot creating wing especially if he gets a better defensive stance. Amazing prospect
Ryan McDowell
Ryan McDowell Ай мурун
He’s gonna be an NBA star
Franz LoCco
Franz LoCco Ай мурун
Cade Cunningham and Jalen Green and Jonathan Kuminga and Evan Mobley. 2021 draft seems very exciting.
William Forrest
William Forrest Ай мурун
The most impressive thing about this man is that he improves on the court, look at how he makes sure he is in bounds after stepping out to save it the first time around. he's got grit and anger too he was pissed over that call and turned into productive play
PhoenixSuns NZ
PhoenixSuns NZ Ай мурун
With his size, he looks like the goods. Is his defense any good?
vegeta black
vegeta black Ай мурун
he gonna be the first pick hes a 6’8 pg come on now
BigHomieChanga Ай мурун
would be destiny if he ends up at OKC, him and Shai would be the most exciting future backcourt in the league
Nate Southwick
Nate Southwick Ай мурун
this dude always destroys me on myleague
ElyTeo26 GR
ElyTeo26 GR Ай мурун
So and so.
ienvy Tristan
ienvy Tristan Ай мурун
They really got fake ppl in the stands💀💀
Superhero18 Ай мурун
Cade's just coasting through college, this kid is the American Luka Doncic. 6'8, about a 6'10 wingspan I reckon. He's got incredible quickness, excellent court vision and the ability to finish either hand and has that drop step into the 3 ball. I also like his slashing ability, which is something that a Luka doesn't have. Whoever gets Cunningham is going to get a player for the next decade.
Bryan Romero
Bryan Romero Ай мурун
Those who know b-ball know Jalen Green is going #1 in 2021.
BAP Black American Patriot
BAP Black American Patriot Ай мурун
He doesn't look like a future number 1 to me
Artisan Ай мурун
Wasting time in college, only gonna get better 🌊
John Castro
John Castro Ай мурун
Ben Simmons 2.0 (+shooting)
Top Dad-Dawg
Top Dad-Dawg Ай мурун
Cam Reddish 2.0
nguyenkhanthu phamkhanhthi
nguyenkhanthu phamkhanhthi Ай мурун
tseries beatles wolf anno1800 nctdream bop
Michael Robinson Jr.
Michael Robinson Jr. Ай мурун
I hope they don’t Tyreke Evans this guy when he gets to the league
FreshxEli TV
FreshxEli TV Ай мурун
Charalampos Ай мурун
He will be playing for the Thunder
Eternal Darkness
Eternal Darkness Ай мурун
Gtfoh? Dude is trash.
I3loodeyed Ай мурун
Umm if he's the number one pick this draft is awful
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