2021 NBA Mock Draft No. 3 pick Brandon Boston Jr.'s Kentucky debut | ESPN College Basketball

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Ай мурун

Watch the highlights as Kentucky Wildcats freshman Brandon Boston Jr., the No. 3 overall pick in ESPN's 2021 NBA Mock Draft, makes his college debut vs. Morehead State, scoring 15 points and grabbing 7 rebounds.

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Kyhia _Tv
Kyhia _Tv 9 күн мурун
Bj Boston barely even shot the ball
Tootsweets17 11 күн мурун
#2's face still as punch-able as it was when he played Nico Mannion in HS.
Jesse Vinson
Jesse Vinson 17 күн мурун
Boston is 🗑️
Jason Chen
Jason Chen 17 күн мурун
BJ Boston didn't play hard, seems lack of energy, not good sign, and his new hair cut sucks.
David Phillips
David Phillips 22 күн мурун
wheels feel off after this game for big blue.
City of Naga Vines C.N.V
City of Naga Vines C.N.V Ай мурун
He is not ready yet for NBA
ilise Ай мурун
BJ been ready this light work
Stanley Rivers
Stanley Rivers 18 күн мурун
Shidddd🌚 u still have the same feeling?
Isaiah Price
Isaiah Price Ай мурун
Cavs fan hoping to get this guy.
Travis Andrews
Travis Andrews Ай мурун
Okc will draft bj Boston
Jn N
Jn N Ай мурун
He won't go in the top 3
Sh Renan
Sh Renan Ай мурун
BJ Amassou 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾
NinerByNature88 Ай мурун
Boston is not ready for the NBA
Theodore Strawn
Theodore Strawn Ай мурун
in my opinion terrence clark is better than brandon boston
cool dude
cool dude Ай мурун
Bro who else thought that this is nle😂😂0
Slick_Rick 12
Slick_Rick 12 Ай мурун
RAW !!! The dude needs to slow down a bit
jorge ruiz
jorge ruiz Ай мурун
1:14 AYOO BRO??
shawn seawood
shawn seawood Ай мурун
The Bulls should draft him.
Ultra Xtreme
Ultra Xtreme Ай мурун
COME TO BOSTON CELTICS the city even has a name after you
Mike Amara
Mike Amara Ай мурун
lool espn put jalen suggs 18th in their mock draft horrible ranking
John Lester Baclao
John Lester Baclao Ай мурун
Slenderman 2.0 lmao
Triple W Productions
Triple W Productions Ай мурун
Clarke and Boston are the stars of this team, no doubt. But Devin Askew is an AMAZING player... he ran the Kentucky offense so well and made sure everyone got touches.
alandagreat Ай мурун
he’s decent but he does not look good playing basketball
Phillip Mcswain
Phillip Mcswain Ай мурун
He reminds me of a less aggressive Brandon Ingram.
Klarenxe Blood
Klarenxe Blood Ай мурун
Honestly Kentucky is too small
Maria eduarda Olivera
Maria eduarda Olivera Ай мурун
You good men
Maria eduarda Olivera
Maria eduarda Olivera Ай мурун
Love you bj
Gabriel Munos
Gabriel Munos Ай мурун
Woo Woo
Woo Woo Ай мурун
Camron is a beast
Adrian Lazaro
Adrian Lazaro Ай мурун
Roy hubbert
Pranam Bhavani
Pranam Bhavani Ай мурун
Looking like he has elite ability to find the spaces on the floor to be open. If he becomes a knockdown shooter he’ll be so good, looking like he’s a good perimeter D player too.
aarush thakur
aarush thakur Ай мурун
he's tough
Liam The God Plays Gaming
Liam The God Plays Gaming Ай мурун
00:02 he have to fix that ugly jumper asap
Kai sotto
mark deleon
mark deleon Ай мурун
so it is possible for him to be drafted in other teams? or its just the Celtics 🤔
samxyx Ай мурун
2021 Mock Draft LMAO
ImSnowyy Ай мурун
Isaiah Jackson will make our year unfortunately he had 2 foul in the first so he didn't get to play as much but honestly I think he could be the second or even best on the team easily
victoria sojkova
victoria sojkova Ай мурун
Kentucky is loaded this year
Michael Ай мурун
“10 in white can stroke it” ???
Joe Knapp
Joe Knapp Ай мурун
If the Kings get this kid it’s over
Malik DD
Malik DD Ай мурун
Boston is a younger Brandon Ingram
ESPN is doing a great job showcasing these NBA prospects.
Shawn D. Dawkins
Shawn D. Dawkins Ай мурун
I hope it's some money ballers in the 2021 draft 🏀 like some immediate starters.
Michael Still
Michael Still Ай мурун
Walmart brand of brandon ingram
teddy Ай мурун
Gonna be a star callin it
Ajax Shakur
Ajax Shakur Ай мурун
He’s good but a top 3 pic ? Fuc no there tripin
suckyamuva Ай мурун
Bj and Clarke gonna be a great duo this year
Drip Goat
Drip Goat Ай мурун
TDJ 14
TDJ 14 Ай мурун
Honestly Cam’ron Fletcher is underrated, this whole team is, people are saying they will lose the conference to Tennessee. This team has so much depth on the bench it’s amazing
TDJ 14
TDJ 14 Ай мурун
@ImSnowyy yep we could have so many different lineups
ImSnowyy Ай мурун
yeah I was telling everyone he is nice like that and if Isaiah wasn't on the bench the first half he would've done the best that kid is legit the most important player rn because of how he plays
Garnel pierre
Garnel pierre Ай мурун
He reminds me of Kevin Martin shooter
funny dude
funny dude Ай мурун
Driving and finishing shot creating
Grant Watson
Grant Watson Ай мурун
This UK team has tremendous potential. Just need to play simple basketball and not making stupid decisions. It didn't matter in this game, as they were playing Morehead State.
Steven Salmon
Steven Salmon Ай мурун
Is this the BJ that played with Bronny in Sierra canyon
thatoneguy285 Ай мурун
Jay Supreme
Jay Supreme Ай мурун
Terrence Clarke underrated
IAN Tulod
IAN Tulod Ай мурун
I thought this dude was brandon ingram
shantoochee Ай мурун
man this is more like terrence clarke's highlights loll give my man the cam
IceMontgomery Ай мурун
BJ Boston da future!!! ‼️💪🏾💯
Calvin Cambridge
Calvin Cambridge Ай мурун
Chris bosh a little
donovan shoulders
donovan shoulders Ай мурун
1:15 sus
Mr Poophead
Mr Poophead Ай мурун
My boy Clarke from Boston making a kid named Boston look like a lotto pick 😭😭😭
ALA 24
ALA 24 Ай мурун
Clickbait! Definitely not a Boston highlight reel! Best Freshman in the country will be Jalen Suggs!
Efrén Bojorges
Efrén Bojorges Ай мурун
Bj Boston future NBA Star Rookie of the year 🐐
_RodgersUTD Ай мурун
Brandon Boston regen of Brandon Ingram
Andrew Taylor
Andrew Taylor Ай мурун
If Brandon Ingram and D'Angello Russell had a baby.
That Bitch
That Bitch Ай мурун
Looks good but too high in the mock I have him at #8
voidud Ай мурун
When you realize “mini” Ingram means he’s still 6’7” 😳
Jason Tan
Jason Tan Ай мурун
Ingram is also 6’7” 😂
cxreyk Ай мурун
Had that OG lonzo form in the beginning
bubba watson
bubba watson Ай мурун
Hair looks like chit
Daniel Jin Jin
Daniel Jin Jin Ай мурун
Boston is just a monster
byxisboii Ай мурун
So Jalen green doesn’t exist no more?
Mason Charles
Mason Charles Ай мурун
Edwards, Avdija, Wiseman, Cunningham, Jalen Green, Brandon Boston Jr, Kuminga, Jalen Jhonson, the future of the NBA is bright.
Mason Charles
Mason Charles Ай мурун
@Mr Poophead I talked about the future!
Mr Poophead
Mr Poophead Ай мурун
All these names add up to a total of 0 nba games played
Alan Craig
Alan Craig Ай мурун
Lol Kentucky got so much length gonna kill teams
Grizzy TV
Grizzy TV Ай мурун
He's coming to Memphis stop playing I dont think we gone be good this year exciting but still a lottery team that guy will be playing alongside Ja Morant
JL312 Ай мурун
Kentucky young asf but the thing is ...is that most of them will be one and done that’s why Kentucky haven’t won championships recently
Oodibigah Ай мурун
I clicked on this video because this dudes arms looked abnormally long
EJOne Ай мурун
Brandon Ingram lite
Donte Robinson
Donte Robinson Ай мурун
This team getting a chip if there is one
Beau young
Beau young Ай мурун
Lol mark few said "Not so fast my friend "
Paradise Water
Paradise Water Ай мурун
Future superstar I been saying it for a year now
antisocial Aidxn
antisocial Aidxn Ай мурун
We all know who’s getting the first round picks this year 💀💀
javier book shadows contributor du
javier book shadows contributor du Ай мурун
176th comment
Alan Shaw
Alan Shaw Ай мурун
Hopefully he's a Chicago Bull 😭
mango Ай мурун
Boston to Boston?
Tyler Shain
Tyler Shain Ай мурун
BJ Boston
Ultra Xtreme
Ultra Xtreme Ай мурун
Boston Celtics should get a round 1 2021 draft pick from the hornets and draft Brandon Boston to the Boston Celtics
Skip Hanson
Skip Hanson Ай мурун
They not ready for the A stay another year
K E Ай мурун
Too soon
Bruce David
Bruce David Ай мурун
He's definitely not going top 3.. Maybe 8 to 14?
Ricky Hubbard
Ricky Hubbard Ай мурун
1 game
Weed Head !
Weed Head ! Ай мурун
Terrence Clarke look good & he make plays can run the point & score at 6”8 top 10 draft pick for sure
T M Ай мурун
fuckbreakfastwe gotbutter
fuckbreakfastwe gotbutter Ай мурун
He's a sophomore in high school.
Joseph Doucet
Joseph Doucet Ай мурун
he's slow
charlieB.great Ай мурун
#5 is good 👍
Jordan Sabourin
Jordan Sabourin Ай мурун
Man with the way Morehead state played today, none of those players are getting anymore head
Bigchris Big chris
Bigchris Big chris Ай мурун
That hair just ain’t look right
ImSnowyy Ай мурун
yeah I prefered the fro
DatBoi Rell
DatBoi Rell Ай мурун
Mark my words but BJ is going #1 and I said it here first
clipseforlife Ай мурун
That wasn’t pretty
jo jo
jo jo Ай мурун
Why aren’t they playing at Rupp?
ExoticLab Ай мурун
Okc lineup lookin real smooth
Louis Reyes
Louis Reyes Ай мурун
Brandon Ingram clone
David Stricklin
David Stricklin Ай мурун
David Stricklin
David Stricklin Ай мурун
hello po
hello po Ай мурун
He ain't tough for no.3 he plays like a high schooler
ItzYaBoyTwan Ай мурун
Dang ESPN, is this what we are doing now, the 2020 draft just ended not to long ago
Mith Randir
Mith Randir Ай мурун
Those kids are washed, retire them. We are moving on to 2021 lol.
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