How Phillip Rivers' latest criticisms have fueled his game with the Colts | NFL Countdown

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When Los Angeles Chargers QB Phillip Rivers got off to a bad start and had to face the media every day and admitted he didn’t know reporters he was talking to on a daily basis. He went on a self-scouting mission and started reading what they were saying and writing about him and after owning his criticisms the Indianapolis Colts' offense has turned their season around.
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javier book shadows contributor du
javier book shadows contributor du Ай мурун
41st comment
Malcom Jones
Malcom Jones Ай мурун
The Covid-19 hurt the colts today. Colts had a lot of keys players out. The game should have been reschedule .
Reginald Carter
Reginald Carter Ай мурун
Same way the Steelers and Ravens game got rescheduled??
Malcom Jones
Malcom Jones Ай мурун
@RG true. The game should have been reschedule. The titans beat us pretty good. Do the crying and then put it behind us . Next the Texans.
RG Ай мурун
Titans had 5 starters out, 3 of them on defense. They also beat the Bills with 10 players on the COVID list and 1 day of practice. No excuses, Colts just got beat up by the Titans
bodgaard Ай мурун
Where’s that defense I keep hearing about?........
Wsrobby 87
Wsrobby 87 Ай мурун
6 starters were out lol. Colts still own the titans y’all couldn’t beat luck even once
Reginald Carter
Reginald Carter Ай мурун
You must be a Cowboys fan..🤣🤣🤣
Da Sooners
Da Sooners Ай мурун
Rivers and the Colts defense is good enough to win the Lombardi but not today because the league needs parity after being blown out by the titans they'll go on a 4or 5 game win streak guaranteed.
Gerardo Reyes2
Gerardo Reyes2 Ай мурун
If the colts would play defense then they would be great
todd combs
todd combs Ай мурун
Thought we had the number 1 defense couldn’t tell
todd combs
todd combs Ай мурун
Idk guys were getting stomped
Yitz Lewis
Yitz Lewis Ай мурун
Colts down 21 points at halftime . Colts down 18 points. Lost 45 to 26 colts defense sucks.
FittyWrap! Ай мурун
Correction, Colts backups suck
Young Sama
Young Sama Ай мурун
I believe that the Colts are Sleeper team to get to the super bowl. Their defense is good enough to challenge the chiefs in my opinion
Jim Akin
Jim Akin Ай мурун
I think that Rivers got familar with a new team and a new coaching staff and his game improved accordingly. I doubt that criticism from some chair bound sports writers had anything to do with it!
d c
d c Ай мурун
baby maker go home
Super Saturn
Super Saturn Ай мурун
Love Rivers' passion, drive, and determination. It is contagious!
That black dude
That black dude Ай мурун
My colts! Let’s go indy
Todd Lerfahndler
Todd Lerfahndler Ай мурун
Just wait until Rivers just starts playing terribly again and throws away the Colts season
AttilatheThrilla Ай мурун
@Nathan Cady Just wait till the playoffs when they might actually have to play in January weather
Nathan Cady
Nathan Cady Ай мурун
@AttilatheThrilla You can’t say that after they beat the Titans and Packers a few weeks ago 😂 which is cold weather
AttilatheThrilla Ай мурун
@Paco A Colts ain’t making it that far anyways... They struggle to beat the better teams and that’s what matters... Also Rivers can’t play in the cold at all...
Paco A
Paco A Ай мурун
you're part of the problem. they are in the playoff hunt, its obvious the chargers organization are trash. Should be rooting for this guy to do well if anything, he would've had a super bowl with any other team.
lyndon chastain
lyndon chastain Ай мурун
Ok I guess you want Jacoby “Garbage” Brissett back
Eric Hatake
Eric Hatake Ай мурун
I'm yet to be impressed by this dude.
AVL Ай мурун
Cuz you probably play soccer
1000 %
1000 % Ай мурун
Lets connect to hilton on a deep bomb today!
Sally Tech
Sally Tech Ай мурун
Not bad for a QB who is 140 years old
Jose Marcano
Jose Marcano Ай мурун
You can’t hate on papa rivers. Best trash talker in the NFL
Houston Trashtros
Houston Trashtros Ай мурун
I wasn’t expecting this type of season from Phillip rivers or the colts. They’re actually a team to watch out for
Peter Smith
Peter Smith Ай мурун
Imagine if the Colts had a QB
Michael Ott
Michael Ott Ай мурун
They do
Ballis Life
Ballis Life Ай мурун
We going to the SuperBowl
Bald N Bearded
Bald N Bearded Ай мурун
@Austin Reed hahahahaha true
Austin Reed
Austin Reed Ай мурун
@Bald N Bearded don’t get too carried away now Snapple’s are great
Bald N Bearded
Bald N Bearded Ай мурун
Bro trade Rivers for a pack of cigarettes and a Snapple.
Austin Reed
Austin Reed Ай мурун
@Ryan Irwin- Diehl hey that’s actually a good idea, Pittman, Leonard, and Brissett for Rodgers would be a good trade
KevinTooturnt Reacts
KevinTooturnt Reacts Ай мурун
I hope 1% that reads this will follow their dreams an never give up. My dream is to become a successful KGpostr.
Tommy TheOne
Tommy TheOne Ай мурун
The Brady 6: Journey of the Legend NO ONE Wanted!
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