Is it time for the Cowboys and Eagles to blow things up and start over? | Get Up

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Ай мурун

Rob Ninkovich, Mark Sanchez and Bart Scott join Mike Greenberg on Get Up to break down the NFC East, with the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles potentially needing to rebuild while the Washington Football Team and New York Giants appear to be on the way up.
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Dead 25 күн мурун
C G Ай мурун
Never gonna change with Jerry Jackass in charge. All he cares about is $$'s from the Stadium.
Warwick Dennis
Warwick Dennis Ай мурун
I do wonder if Mike is the right coach and is Kellen Moore the right offensive coordinator. I don’t think they should blow up the team. Get these guys back one more time. You got to remember a lot of guys are out sick.
Moonroof Ай мурун
Crazy to see Giant and WFT tied for 1st lol
Ky Drury
Ky Drury Ай мурун
To be fair, the Cowboys were dealt an EXTREMELY bad hand this year. With the virus constraints on a brand new staff and the worst injury bug in the league... I'm not surprised this staff is choosing to go for it on 4th & 10s lol. That being said they did spend some bad money (Zeke first and foremost). And Mike Nolan is a bad hire. But McCarthy never got a fair shake to try out this team competitively. I
C G Ай мурун
Dude. It's never going to change w JJ in charge. He fired his best Coach years ago.
Zach Champagne
Zach Champagne Ай мурун
Cowboys and Eagles need to dismantle and start over they just don't Fitt Together.
Mr B
Mr B Ай мурун
When I first saw this I thought it was Bernie Sanders with a mask on
Billy Hill
Billy Hill Ай мурун
Cowboys were built to win 5 years ago not now the window is closed
C G Ай мурун
No. The Cowboys haven't been built to win since Jimmy Johnson days. They are built to sell stuff. Not win. Just fill Jerry's pockets a string folks along.
k c
k c Ай мурун
If they was losing with a healthy team yea but people forgetting half there team is gone lol
Billy Hill
Billy Hill Ай мурун
Mark Sanchez you stupid they are not built the wind out their window has closed the offensive line is old the defense that was fairly decent has dissipated available if you can't pay for Prescott 39 million dollars a year when you have to rebuild the offensive line the defense in the salary cap is going to be smaller can't be done
Kingmaxmillian Ай мурун
No keep the same team the next 5 years so the Gmen can bully y’all
Shaun Zilinski
Shaun Zilinski Ай мурун
Phily definitely needs to get their affairs in order, the defense is old and Carson plays sporadic
Eric Garcia
Eric Garcia Ай мурун
Cowboys are screwing dak over
Eric Garcia
Eric Garcia Ай мурун
Eagles shouldn’t , they messed it up for wentz . It’s not all his fault
Wes Daniels
Wes Daniels Ай мурун
As a eagles fan I want Washington too win the division because they are in the best position to take control of the division
adopted son
adopted son Ай мурун
Coach n staff is not a good fit either
Eric Thompson
Eric Thompson Ай мурун
Ya think!??
Taylor Sampson
Taylor Sampson Ай мурун
The Eagles, yes. Not Dallas.
Gerber 1222
Gerber 1222 Ай мурун
Nah they're good, they'll figure it out...HAIL.
KC Elite Competition
KC Elite Competition Ай мурун
It’s funny how now Zeke is the problem. Bad Coaching is the problem and the Cowboys back end defense is a mess.
Josue Alfaro
Josue Alfaro Ай мурун
Is that REALLY a question???? The answer is YES!!!!!!
with out a doubt now more than ever JERRY looks like the new al davis of the NFL. Out of touch with reality. Unable to right the ship. but most of all DEFIANT that all is GOOD in Big D.
Blake Pettys
Blake Pettys Ай мурун
This is way better than first take
Paul Green
Paul Green Ай мурун
Why y'all gonna drag the Eagles in this
Shaun Steele
Shaun Steele Ай мурун
That's how good you usually are at life and dont forget it. So you should be telling jerry, I understand completely. It shouldve worked out the way we thunk it was gonna.
Shaun Steele
Shaun Steele Ай мурун
He was actually kicked out of parliament by these liberals in the 30s. They were tired of him spouting off his wild fantasies about needing to stop this chancellor.
Shaun Steele
Shaun Steele Ай мурун
The great lion of his people, sir Winston Churchill was called, an idiot, a warmonger, and a child, not by the Germans. No. By liberals in his own parliament who were so confident they could get a peace signed w this new liberal chancellor of Germany.
Shaun Steele
Shaun Steele Ай мурун
So the only way for Jerry Jones to win football is to conduct a seance and invoke the spirits of Grant and sherman. Get drafting decisions from them. Which yall would inevitably call the most short bus decisions you have ever seen in your life.
Shaun Steele
Shaun Steele Ай мурун
And you would have to load any sensible general up w loads of LSD to get them to even think about saying bye bye to that supply line. But look. They won. Pros, right there. Maybe they should coach.
Shaun Steele
Shaun Steele Ай мурун
And trust me I've searched long and hard for a letter to the president that we weren't screwed pre war. Somebody who says were not in trouble. He may be good. I know this guy named Patton, the best. So were good. I cant find that letter at all. Sorry. I've looked.
Shaun Steele
Shaun Steele Ай мурун
Hitler had to steal France in 2 weeks to earn the benefit of not being doubted by his public. The Jones's seem to have everyone's full confidence every year until 5 games in.
Shaun Steele
Shaun Steele Ай мурун
Except SAS and myself of course.
Shaun Steele
Shaun Steele Ай мурун
That's just my 2 cents about the Jerry jones situation. Everyone is always in complete agreement and in high esteem of his ability to decision make at the beggining of the war. Well interestingly enough we see the same exact thing occur at the beggining of ww2. You've got henry Ford and Howard hughes writing letters to FDR telling him to prepare for a curb stomping and he picked the wrong side and the man he was up against was a genius. Go check them out if you dont believe me.
Shaun Steele
Shaun Steele Ай мурун
Sorry replace war with the word season.
Duane Streets
Duane Streets Ай мурун
i have been a Cowboy fan since 1966. i have had it with this team under performing. Ever since Jimmy Johnson left, Dallas has been disappointing. Though Barry Switzer was coach when Dallas won their last super bowl, but that team was Jimmy Johnsons. It is very apparent that Jerry Jones does not multi task well. He can't own the team and coach the team at the same time!!
Shaun Steele
Shaun Steele Ай мурун
But public perception becomes 95 percent of a battle. Robert E Lee splits his army up into 4 separated groups outside of chancellorsville and the gamble works out and hes a top 5 GOAT. Meanwhile, they are supposed to be wiping the floor w Sherman and Lee who are leaving their supply lines behind. Something any general will tell you is a huge risk and no, no. And we see the outcome. Jerry Jones and Hitler make very reasonable, calculated moves. It all goes to s@%# and they need to let the pros handle it.
Shaun Steele
Shaun Steele Ай мурун
Sorry sherman and grant, not sherman and lee.
Shaun Steele
Shaun Steele Ай мурун
One move that was called a bone headed move by original historians was splitting the german army up instead of invading the Russian capital. Supposedly a bone headed move that lost the war. A revisionist historian points out what oil was a REAL general going to use? Hope's and dreams, or the stuff in the caucuses.
Shaun Steele
Shaun Steele Ай мурун
When I compare him to somebody like robert Kraft, who does meddle. And kind of put the Patriots in the position they are now. A revisionist historian is going to direct a lot of blame, not on belichick, or brady, but his inability to give up brady to adapt. It's like the colts not letting go of peyton for luck.
Shaun Steele
Shaun Steele Ай мурун
Jones is getting Hitler complex. What I mean by that is the common theme is he wouldnt get out of the kitchen and let the chefs cook and it cost him everything. But I think when revisionist history comes to visit, you will find that he was a very competent amateur GM who hit bad luck with his signings. Most revisionist historians are actually finding that 9 time out of 10 when hitler did meddle. It somehowed bettered the situation and he was right for doing it. Jones is going to be a lot like that.
Cowboysfan4life Ай мурун
The Cowboys are the 2nd most injured team this yr. Why would they start over? Makes no sense.
Tarik Shell
Tarik Shell Ай мурун
Cowboys yes Eagles yes from a coaching prospective
michael l
michael l Ай мурун
It seems like an annual thing for decades to start over with a shitty team the owner thinks is the best in the league, only to show how shitty they are and repeat the same mistakes in the offseason.
Greatnificent Moe
Greatnificent Moe Ай мурун
Jimmy Johnson🍻
Fight boom Fight
Fight boom Fight Ай мурун
Dallas and Philly are top heavy and have injuries to their high paid players so they are hurting. Washington has a bunch of top 5 picks on rookie deals same with the giants
Andrew McMillan
Andrew McMillan Ай мурун
Eagles will win a S.B. this year.
KASLtja Ай мурун
As long as JERRY-can't let it go-JONES is the owner/manager/GM, the cowboys will never win.
ken Ай мурун
who cares?
xFazexThunderx Ай мурун
If jerry Jones isn’t gone it isn’t starting over
Philly Tobes
Philly Tobes Ай мурун
I’m going to take a minute to talk about each franchise. I’ll start with the Cowboys. The Cowboys problem is that they put too much stock in Ezekiel Elliott. He’s not that good. The offensive line is. Another problem that they have is that they undervalue Dak Prescott. He is a great quarterback who carried the team on his shoulders. It is embarrassing how they mistreated him, and how they continue to do so. Now to talk about my team, the Eagles. A couple years ago there was a decision to be made between Carson Wentz and Nick Foles. Even back then I said the obvious choice was Nick Foles. My go to comment was always, I’ll take proven over potential any day. A few seasons later we see exactly what Carson Wentz is made of. He had one good regular season on a team that was so good that the back up quarterback could win the Super Bowl. It was not him that was the talent, it was the team. They drastically over paid Carson Wentz and let other key pieces of the puzzle go. It’s such a shame to see someone who never did enough get credit for so much and only end up being the failure I knew he was going to be from the beginning. I think it is been a huge mistake to not play Jalen hurts earlier this season. We need to see what we have in our back up quarterback to see what we need to draft for next season. The quarterback position might not even be all that bad. Quite frankly, we just don’t know.
Lancer Ай мурун
Plain and simple Jerry thinks he knows football, but he don't. He needs to stick with the oil business, which he knows best. He will newer be able to hire a good coach, because no decent coach wants to coach with Jerry and Steven lurking about his shoulders. The Boys are so bad that they are lucky they don't have to play the Jets this year, because the Jets would beat them for their only win this season. There is one thing that's bigger than Texas: Jerry's ego. He should look at how the Seahawk Organization is run. How many football fans know the name of the Seattle Seahawks owner's name ? Peace.
DM 2003
DM 2003 Ай мурун
I mean everyone knows that even with the beat up offensive line the Cowboys would likely be running away with the division right now with Dak.........Elliot is no longer an elite back and hasn’t been for a while.........Get another back in the third round and shore up the offensive line with more depth then get some help on the defensive line.........This team has talent and doesn’t need a complete rebuild quite yet. My question is whether McCarthy and Nolan should be coaching these players.
Mr Requis
Mr Requis Ай мурун
I can’t believe there’s a team named “football team” in first place and might make the playoffs
Jamel Ashley
Jamel Ashley Ай мурун
Woooooow last week the entire panel had the Cowboys winning the division !!!!
Robby Taylor
Robby Taylor Ай мурун
If blow things up u mean find a new owner for the cowboys then yes but if they keep jerry jones it wont matter what they do
cinema1975 Ай мурун
I agree cowboys blow and eagles a r e a dumpster fire. But to say the redskins are on the come up??? There qb is a old dude with a busted leg. Until they get a qb longterm not buying it.
Kevin Rybinsky
Kevin Rybinsky Ай мурун
Hail to the Redskins!!🙌🙀🙊🤣
jakegetscake Ай мурун
As an eagles fan I’ve lost all hope I’m wentz he looks so lost out there. His accuracy and vision is god awful. Also there screwed cap wise these next couple years from paying old veterans for what they’ve done
Russ Grim
Russ Grim Ай мурун
I wouldn't exactly let the Giants off the hook. Washington seems to be in the best position. Eagles have durability issues while the Cowboys just seem like they are check collecting.
GrimminatorX Ай мурун
Giants only have to win 3 games and they will go to the playoffs. Bengals, Browns, and Cowboys are all very winnable games for them, plus they have the tiebreaker against every team in the division.
Nick Ай мурун
The giants literally swept the redskins how are they in a better position
The shadow
The shadow Ай мурун
I think just blowing things up is good enough!
Craig Chapman
Craig Chapman Ай мурун
Rob is terrible
Matt Edwards
Matt Edwards Ай мурун
El SICARIO63 Ай мурун
Yo the steelers will take Dakota Prescott 🤠
Tyler Selinger
Tyler Selinger Ай мурун
You know you division sucks when every teams combined record in one year is the same as Matt Patricia’s in 3 years
Quexe Ай мурун
Jerry Jones needs to be fired or just have a different mindset in order for us to have a good time for the next decade, even if we don’t make the playoffs
Antonio Woo
Antonio Woo Ай мурун
Cowboys need to blow up their front office and coaching staff, not the players. They've got so many people injured, it's not even fair to judge them. Zeke and the offense are out here with an OLine made up of legitimate practice squad players. No Dak, no Zack Martin, no La'el, no Tyron, no Travis Frederick. Their defense needs more talent, and much better coaching.
Bob Bluefield
Bob Bluefield Ай мурун
The cowboys need to get rid of Jones
Juan S
Juan S Ай мурун
They’re picking a team in WSH who’s dad is DANIEL JONES, Giants winning the division with ease
Matt McCalla
Matt McCalla Ай мурун
@Adrian Cadillo neither dak or daniel are anyone's dad lmfao.
Jonathan Ай мурун
We shouldve beat them twice this year lets be honest
Adrian Cadillo
Adrian Cadillo Ай мурун
Dak Prescott is Washington's daddy. Daniel Jones is their step daddy
J B Ай мурун
I think Washington is playing the best at this point.
Midnight Blaze
Midnight Blaze Ай мурун
Lol is it 🤣
Madsupervilian Ай мурун
let go dak
Nathan Bain
Nathan Bain Ай мурун
I ain’t a cowboy fan. But they need a different coach. And they need a better offence. We now know Jason Garrett wasn’t the problem. They can put 40 on someone head with dak. But without a defense they getting 42 put back on theirs. And without dak the whole offence collapsed so you realize how elite dak really was .
Sergio Muñiz
Sergio Muñiz Ай мурун
Dak should go to the niners. It's unfortunate that he suffered and injury but before that he was consistently healthy unlike jimmy G who has only played one full season
Sergio Muñiz
Sergio Muñiz Ай мурун
It's too funny that the NFC East are all on the playoff hunt with only 1 win separating them but not none of them are making the wildcard
Stephan Williams
Stephan Williams Ай мурун
I think giving Dak 2/3 of the salary cap would be a good move
El R.
El R. Ай мурун
The Eagles can't, Wentz got the big contract, Eagles still waiting for that big payoff from Wentz.
R C Ай мурун
What's the big deal about winning the division when the odds are 95% that you will lose the first game in the playoffs. Just a waste of time. The NFL need to top 8 teams from the NFC and AFC for the playoffs. It kind of of stupid that a team in the NFC East can go to the playoffs with a 6-10 record, yet a team in the NFC South who has a 10-6 record will not make the playoffs.
R C Ай мурун
Cowboys and Eagles should blow it up now. They are not going to win with the guys they have and the salaries they are paying.
Alberto Garzon
Alberto Garzon Ай мурун
Dak should go to the bears
Damon Katos
Damon Katos Ай мурун
As long as the Jones’s running their own show, nuttin gonna happen
Damon Katos
Damon Katos Ай мурун
The suck division shouldn’t be allowed into the playoffs
Dave Crackk
Dave Crackk Ай мурун
Cowboys Winning Cycle?
John Doe
John Doe Ай мурун
Yep. Trade Wentz. Trade Zeke
Bubz 420
Bubz 420 Ай мурун
Jus sayin Mark.. you are the one with the worst play in NFL history.. don’t talk about being mad over someone messing up🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Bondzo 718
Bondzo 718 Ай мурун
Washington and the Giants have young talent because they’ve been bad for years , let’s not act like any of the teams are any good , the cowboys and Philly could use this losing season to get better in the draft
FedEx Sucks
FedEx Sucks Ай мурун
I'd say fire the person who choose that thumbnail but seeing as this is ESPN you guys would probably promote them instead.
DJ Salad
DJ Salad Ай мурун
Nfc East is the joke of all divisions in American sports
Christopher Hernandez
Christopher Hernandez Ай мурун
John K
John K Ай мурун
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Still Learnin 4332
Still Learnin 4332 Ай мурун
Jesus is a Roman creation. Not divine. Just a tool for dominance.
James Jones
James Jones Ай мурун
Spend less money on people like Carson wentz
DTK 2323
DTK 2323 Ай мурун
Are they forgetting the giants beat the redskins twice
JSUTrumpet Ай мурун
Dallas has been in a winning cycle?!?! When did that start?
francis yang
francis yang Ай мурун
Why , even with the current squad on any team, everyone is in contention
CJ Lange-Embree
CJ Lange-Embree Ай мурун
Philly just needs a competent OC to take over playcalling/scheming and a fresh O line that will remain healthy all year
Frankie Chapman
Frankie Chapman Ай мурун
This is a rebuilding year for the Cowboys.
Chris Margadonna
Chris Margadonna Ай мурун
Both Jeff Laurie and Jerry Jones always want the teams to be competitive, but they need to blow everything up on the coaching staff for both teams.
Eduardo Alvarez
Eduardo Alvarez Ай мурун
Didn’t realize Bart had ears for a few mins
NebraskaSeemsNice Ай мурун
Sell the team
Roseboy DBN
Roseboy DBN Ай мурун
The Eagles are a number 1 receiver away from contending for championships.
Politically Correct Redskin
Politically Correct Redskin Ай мурун
It's about coaching when it gets this bad. I didn't know what to make of Judge at first, but Rivera I knew for a fact could do the job. So can Judge I have since found out. But the two other coaches in this division are just impostors who shouldn't be there. Rodgers won McCarthy's title and Scwartz and Foles won Pederson's. I didn't believe in them before the season and I don't believe in them now. Either superior talent has to carry them to success or they won't find it. Judge and Rivera can elevate their teams to a better version of themselves. If anything, Pederson and McCarty drag their teams down a peg.
Louis Barone
Louis Barone Ай мурун
Fans must revolt against Tyrant Jerry Loser Jones !!!!!
Fernando Gonzalez
Fernando Gonzalez Ай мурун
8 I
RoRealllWorld Ай мурун
I never understood blow up ur team. Like why give up ur best talent, to get worse. Make no sense.
Code Me
Code Me Ай мурун
Does it really matter if the Cowboys rebuild? Jerry Jones is still gonna be rebuilding the new team and I doubt it will be any different.
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