Jay Williams calls out Dolphins coach Brian Flores for benching Tua Tagovailoa vs. Broncos | KJZ

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2 ай мурун

Keyshawn Johnson, Jay Williams and Zubin Mehenti debate whether the Miami Dolphins should regret drafting Tua Tagovailoa over Justin Herbert, who ended up on the Los Angeles Chargers, and react to coach Brian Flores benching Tagovailoa for Ryan Fitzpatrick vs. the Denver Broncos.
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Karate Fight Fitness Drills
Karate Fight Fitness Drills Ай мурун
Tua is very good. He's left handed too. Bias.
gavriil nick
gavriil nick Ай мурун
tua was a tragic choice! injury prone, small,...a bust boys
Spencer V
Spencer V Ай мурун
I just don’t get why whatever Brian Flores does is perfect. He’s a defensive coach. He played ball at Boston College. With literally every coach besides Vrabel being an epic failure to this moment under the Belicheck tree being a failure. Why can’t we question this move? Wow. The defense is playing good. Well when you paying and have 2 elite shut down corners I’d like to hope you can stop the pass. There’s not any players I see who are noticeably better this year than last. None of the running backs are a threat. Geiseki is a jimmy graham clone who can’t block a toddler. The only receiver who seems to have any play making ability is Parker and he’s good to miss about 4-6 games a season yearly. Fitzpatrick has been on 8 teams. And played for 16 years. And everybody on this comment section has just as many playoff appearances. 0 playoff appearances in 16 years!!!! Not wins....just FN going or playing on a team that makes it. And Flores thought he could get a win? Are you FN’ing high?!
FP4 Ай мурун
Shepherd Stone
Shepherd Stone Ай мурун
nice Shmoo Adidas hoodie Keyshawn.
Shepherd Stone
Shepherd Stone Ай мурун
Tua will have a bounce back game vs the jets for sure. he will probably throw for 3 touchdowns and 371 passing yards. lets go fins!
The "U" In Super
The "U" In Super Ай мурун
Tus is going to have a better career and more rings. One plays for the chargers remember that.
Milton Hunter
Milton Hunter Ай мурун
Guess what? Shula also pulled non-effective QB's mid game if they weren't producing. We ALL need to stop the hyperbole and make sure ALL players earn their playing time.
Band Boy 50/50
Band Boy 50/50 Ай мурун
Keyshawn sound smart, jay acting like he knows football 😂
Jeffrey Imagine
Jeffrey Imagine Ай мурун
I’m a phins fan and Im with jay on this tbh
tonymiami54 Ай мурун
Brian Flores and Tua have a great relationship already and Tua knows if he has a bad performance, there’s a chance he’ll get benched
Antwan Zinnerman
Antwan Zinnerman Ай мурун
Fitzpatrick should've remained the starter until the dolphins were eliminated from playoff contention then see what u got with Tua
Samuel Rosa
Samuel Rosa Ай мурун
I agree with Keyshawn about what he said. Back up QBs that are experienced the rookie QB only played 4 games vs 16 years experience and Flores was looking to win reguardless
Terry finesse anderson
Terry finesse anderson Ай мурун
He was getting beat up
Strive 4 Greatness
Strive 4 Greatness Ай мурун
Tua hurt his foot or something.. Thats y he was taken out. Frm all those sacks
and Poor play go watch the post game interview lol
Mike Pelligrino
Mike Pelligrino Ай мурун
Fitz > Tua
Mike Pelligrino
Mike Pelligrino Ай мурун
That was a bonehead novice move by Flores. So much for ROY and so much for COY.
Brandon Porter
Brandon Porter Ай мурун
The conversation only spirals when you as the media makes a mountain out of a mole hill...jay.
Anyemil Rodriguez
Anyemil Rodriguez Ай мурун
Why do they hate on tua will see at the end of there career
Tia Aug
Tia Aug Ай мурун
Keyshawn was a slow overrated diva receiver...
Derek Freeman
Derek Freeman Ай мурун
Brian Flores doesn't care where you were drafted, IF you were drafted or What you were paid. Perform or you lose reps to someone who is, Period. Ex Jordan Howard. Dolphins paid him, barely played him, then cut him like a bad habit, cause he wasn't performing. Brian Flores only believes in performance, not your "shiny pedigree".
Reese Center
Reese Center Ай мурун
If the dolphins lose to the jets or even a close game, I can't wait its going to be a comedy show lol. Grier has no clue what hes doing, your going to bench Fitzpatrick making 11 million a year. Maybe grier can get the hat trick, Fitzpatrick, Rosen, tua, and not to mention trading tanehill lmao
Elias Ай мурун
Dual Quarterback System!! Rotate your quarterbacks just like you rotate the other positions. Miami's got the prime roster for it.
TK88 Ай мурун
Shut up Keyshawn. No one wants to hear you talk.
MrEspud Ай мурун
They can't baby sit Tua for long.. if therye scared of him gettn hit, they shouldve never draftee him. if Fitzpatrick gives you a better chance of winning, then they shouldve kept him as the starter.
MrEspud Ай мурун
@Numbers21589302 i wanted miami to draft Herbert... Tua is a GREAT QB. but his durability bothers me. if i was a GM I would be losing sleep thinkn my QB can be finish at any point. i wouldnt regret not drafting tua if he went on to be great. cause i got my sleep. lol
Numbers21589302 Ай мурун
I do wonder if tua is on a tight leash. He has a lot of limitations physically and the dolphins are in a win now situation. Tuas ceiling to me is kind of like a shorter jimmy g. I do wonder if they want to see what he is capable of because the dolphins are kind of in a win now mode in the next few years so I do wonder.
Shortstop 643
Shortstop 643 Ай мурун
Anybody else sick n tired of the baby treatment of Tua & God forbid if u think of the team over the sensitivity of your rookie QB? Nevermind the other 52 guys on the team should be held up cuz we gotta make sure Tua doesn’t get his feelings hurt. F all u pussification enabling analysts! Tua just another overpaid bust
Poppa Hoggg
Poppa Hoggg Ай мурун
Flores saved Tua, Jay would have been saying a different story if that quarterback stayed in the game and got hurt which everybody seen it coming he was going to get hurt, oh coach should have took him out he was playing bad or yeah they got a backup in Fitzpatrick why did they let him stay in there that long 🤔
Lavar Ball
Lavar Ball Ай мурун
J Will the most sensitive person on T.V ?
Kimani Treece
Kimani Treece Ай мурун
Every time he talks sounds and looks like he gonna cry
Daniel Tayong
Daniel Tayong Ай мурун
Brian Flores runs that operation!
A B Ай мурун
It was a close games. They wanted to win lol.
Tau was to shell shocked with 6 sacks and guys dropping the ball. But Fitzpatrick didn't work either. I think tau wanted to be out with all those hits he took.
Sean Gaines
Sean Gaines Ай мурун
Fitzpatrick threw for way more yards than tua in that game in like half a quarter
S G Ай мурун
Typically I would agree with Jay here but the Dolphins were in a peculiar situation. They're trying to build for the future AND get into the playoffs. They were trying to win that game at all costs. I don't mind what Flores did there. They clearly needed a spark to win.
Tyler H
Tyler H Ай мурун
Jwill is oblivious
jay L
jay L Ай мурун
what i dont understand is why he has an opinion on football. Even as a NBA analyst i question him most of the time. There a ton of guys who played or coached in the nfl that you can ask beside Jay Williams, who will always have a better take.
jay L
jay L Ай мурун
@D23 its like when Stephen A comments about mma.
D23 Ай мурун
Fr man doesn't even know what a pylon is
Stephanie Grow
Stephanie Grow Ай мурун
I'm gonna make a bold prediction. Tua might be prone to injury in the stationary position in the pocket, vs getting tackled running forward. First, the foot injury risk goes up when you're stationary and the heel is down. And since his hip injury last year was due to playing on a still-injured ankle and then sacrificing his hip (through a knee to the ground) for that ankle, I think it's fair to say his natural inclination is to do the same thing. On the other hand, rushing forward when a pass option isn't available (a) reduces the sack risk in the pocket and (b) keeps his ankles off the ground and (c) allows HIM to make the decisions on how he crashes into the ground. He also looks built for the running back position. And (d) having that rush option we know opens up the pass option. I don't think the answer is to avoid tackles. I think it's to avoid sacks. Sometimes running toward danger is better than running away from it.
Stephanie Grow
Stephanie Grow Ай мурун
@100anti Why?
100anti Ай мурун
hmm...are you a sports medicine person? or pt
tlem07 Ай мурун
As a Dolfan, I had no problems with Tua being benched in the 4th. He was sacked 6 times & was holding the ball too long. I believe Fitz gave us the best opportunity to win the game. We fell 10yds short. O well
Numbers21589302 Ай мурун
@dadarkknight36310 Tua was dinking and dunking and had an int called back on an awful defensive pi call... the dude didn’t move the ball all game, and hasn’t shown he can consistently do that.
tlem07 Ай мурун
@dadarkknight36310 & throwing for 80yds in a NFL is sufficient, gotcha!
dadarkknight36310 Ай мурун
@tlem07 yeah throwing an int is better than throwing a td lol
tlem07 Ай мурун
@dadarkknight36310 & it was still more than what Tua did in 3 QTRS
dadarkknight36310 Ай мурун
Fitz ended doing what got him benched and traded from nine different teams and that was throw an int
Gary SEC Fan
Gary SEC Fan Ай мурун
Coach was trying to save Tua from the hits
Brando Ай мурун
Jay William's just comes across as a guy who gets his feelings hurt very easy and often. He's not good for TV/You Tube.
Ken Ай мурун
keyoke69 Ай мурун
ESPN is a joke.
DJD Ай мурун
You sure clicked
Martavious Tisby
Martavious Tisby Ай мурун
For real
ramiram84 Ай мурун
-TUA "THE NFL ISN'T THAT HARD" (last week). GETS BENCHED vs broncos
Christopher Orman
Christopher Orman Ай мурун
@Ethan Maybe. The NFL is funny. Goff looked like a complete bust and now plays well. Wentz looked like the greatest QB in the world and he has now fallen on hard times. Mayfield has been a roller coaster. Brees played so poorly in his stint with the Chargers, that they drafted Philip Rivers; and we see how that turned out. That's why I laugh at all of these hot takes.
Rodga Laurius
Rodga Laurius Ай мурун
@Ethan let them know
Ethan Ай мурун
@YURMOM911 yeah he really choked in overtime of the national championship game against Georgia u dummy. Tua gonna be a bad man in a few years
YURMOM911 Ай мурун
Lmaaaooooooo since college he always crumbled under pressure
WhoDat Nation
WhoDat Nation Ай мурун
Tua was struggling all game and the first drive fitz came in he drove down the field like it was nothing
Christopher Orman
Christopher Orman Ай мурун
@KAEP I don't think that's it. I think Tua wasn't making the right protection calls. I think Tua might be rawer than people want to admit.
Richard Roy
Richard Roy Ай мурун
@KAEP I could see that. I like the kid. I think he's cool asf. I think he should've sat out a year though to just learn.
KAEP Ай мурун
@Richard Roy, it was taken out of context, he didn’t actually say that, he said that it wasn’t how he expected it to be, especially with his injury
Emiliano Monreal
Emiliano Monreal Ай мурун
Couple of things there. One the Broncos dropped back more against Fitz since they know he's aggressive and will get the ball out no matter what. Second, Fitz threw one interception but two other passes right into a defenders arms. Tua held the ball too long period. He was waiting for seperation and Miami's receiving corps this year is not strong in that area. Fitz will risk/force passes with little to no separation. And often it works as Gesecki and Devante are jump ball guys. Tua needs (and seems he did talking to Fitz) to get the ball in the players hands no matter how great the separation is.
Richard Roy
Richard Roy Ай мурун
@KAEP Tua's the one that said it was too easy.
Gerardo Reyes2
Gerardo Reyes2 Ай мурун
I had herbert as the best QB overall & Im glad he went to the chargers
Watermale83 Ай мурун
this is such a good topic.
HT82 Smash
HT82 Smash Ай мурун
"I can start against the Jets." Well said Keyshawn
Mark Jefferson
Mark Jefferson Ай мурун
Did we watch the same game? What did Fitzpatrick do besides throw a pick? The score was 13-20 with 13 mins left? Baffling.
Albert Pazos
Albert Pazos Ай мурун
@Mark Jefferson he had more yards, accounted for more first downs, drive and got 3 points to make it a one score game and did all that with only 2 drives and tua had 8 drives.
keyoke69 Ай мурун
@Mark Jefferson Tua wasnt winning that game and you know it. Tua had a better chance of getting injured than scoring again and you know it. Fitz got into scoring position and threw an interception in the end zone with Parker double covered. Fitz almost pulled it out, and you know it. The defense is the reason Tua scored at all, and you know it. Its fine, Tua is a rookie. Why is QB the only position seemingly immune from getting pulled for bad play? Flores isnt playing that nonsense, and you know it.
Mark Jefferson
Mark Jefferson Ай мурун
@keyoke69 So explain to me where the 13 pts come from? Fits moved the ball to the other team. That is all. You don't get credit for moving the ball with no pts. We're doing this participating tropies. Oh and btw the ran the spread when he was in. Tua was made to play under center. But I guess you knew that huh?
keyoke69 Ай мурун
He moved the ball into the red zone. something Tua wasnt doing.
Imari Dubose
Imari Dubose Ай мурун
Jay Williams won this argument by a landslide.
Kevin Pompeo
Kevin Pompeo Ай мурун
Jay, this is the pro’s. If Tua as a rookie cant handle the Coach making a change at this point in his career, maybe he should have sat until he is ready to handle the business end of the pro’s
javier book shadows contributor du
javier book shadows contributor du Ай мурун
46th comment
E. H.
E. H. Ай мурун
Who is Jay Williams?🙄
Roddy Richardson
Roddy Richardson Ай мурун
Key sounds like a hypocrite
Andrew Jones
Andrew Jones Ай мурун
Didn’t you read his book 📖?
Sports Media
Sports Media Ай мурун
Cause he is
Ulysses Griffin
Ulysses Griffin Ай мурун
Keyshawn Johnson never utilized his abilities he's always been overrated.
Kenyi Choy
Kenyi Choy Ай мурун
Even Jake Luton had more passing yards than Tua this week
Whitehorse 99
Whitehorse 99 Ай мурун
I would too
Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay Ай мурун
I clicked off at 0:18
He kinda sus
Football is not about making people happy, it’s about competing and winning. Tua simply was not performing. They are aiming to make the playoffs right now, not mentor a rookie qb
It was a stretch of rather easy games, let him play a bit, and if he doesn’t do the best out fitz in
JEFFREY Ай мурун
Then why start Tua at all then. Let him sit and learn and chill with the injury he had last year.
Ronald McZee
Ronald McZee Ай мурун
He gotta put him in difficult situations so the rookie can develop properly.
DJD Ай мурун
@Kaizaro123 I can see comprehension isn’t your strength. No TOP-TIER QBs lost their confidence. Those guys were busts to begin with. Put him in leave him in unless he’s injured. This isn’t a yo-yo ... if he can’t take it scout better next time
DJD Ай мурун
@Kaizaro123 if your CB is getting burned man to man you give him help not pull them. If your tackles are getting beat you help them don’t pull them. The pocket isn’t always clean and always he said “ I thought this would be harder “ or something like that. Well guess what ... 🤷🏾‍♂️
Ong than the jets play dirty ash 🤣
TheGr8erAlex Ай мурун
Keyshawn spot on especially in the last two minutes of the segment, you still got Fitzpatrick you can’t make it seem like Tua can go out there and play bad and still have his job we all know Tua is the future for the dolphins but he gotta know that it has to be earned right now especially when facing adversities in a game.
william harmon
william harmon Ай мурун
Coach Save that kid. I believe the dolphins have 3 rookies on the O-line with Erick flowers. The Broncos was blitzing extremely heavily, already with 6 sacks. Broncos was stunting their linebackers. Miami teared down their team last year, this is their first year of the official rebuild, it takes time. TUA do not have a WR that creates separation right now. Albert wilson, Isaiah ford, allen hurns, preston Williams are either hurt or on the covid list. Tua is throwing to a 5'6 jakkem grant and a double team davante parker. Give the process time.
100anti Ай мурун
@DJD True. let him rest and continue to learn from other qb. i know he can learn the game, just need a little more time.
DJD Ай мурун
If the dolphins have all those problems Tua shouldn’t be starting. Let Fitz go till about the end of the season ... depending if you’re playoff bound or not then let Tua start
100anti Ай мурун
@Christopher Orman no if you look at the game they had more defenders blitzing on tua because of his accuracy. Fitz they didn't blitz until the last 2 throws. They were giving him the throws, until the interception. Tua just wasn't protected by the oline. Receivers need to get open regardless of calling of the same play. Plus Tua needs to throw it sometimes sooner. They need to teach him watching film and not on the sidelines. It's a distraction and counter productive to an L.
Strive 4 Greatness
Strive 4 Greatness Ай мурун
Absolutely Will! Nobody seemed 2 mention that plus Tua got hurt a lil bit during those sacks
Jack Rubin
Jack Rubin Ай мурун
Agree with you 100 percent but I don’t like Galey he’s part of the problem
Mixamaka Ай мурун
0:18 PAUSE!
Robert Castillo
Robert Castillo Ай мурун
What did I miss?
Nick The First
Nick The First Ай мурун
Burrow, Tua and Herbert all studs man. This could be like the 2004 draft, Eli, Ben, Rivers all good QBs
Christopher Orman
Christopher Orman Ай мурун
​@JJ Edwards I don't think you are wrong. However, to the extent you suggest that becomes some asterisk on Herbert's current or future successes, I'm uncertain. Herbert may not win any rings. Marino didn't either. Sadly, the Chargers organization has some dysfunction. The owner's kids are involved in personnel decisions and coaching-hire decisions. I don't fault Herbert if he doesn't win with the Chargers. But fans can hope he performs like a top 5 QB.
JJ Edwards
JJ Edwards Ай мурун
@Christopher Orman im just saying because Rivers hasn’t won a ring while Eli and Ben both have two, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.
Christopher Orman
Christopher Orman Ай мурун
@JJ Edwards Easy --> Herbert. It is the same organization, the same owners, and the same bad luck.
JJ Edwards
JJ Edwards Ай мурун
So who is Rivers?
Luke Brown
Luke Brown Ай мурун
true, I'm a fins fan but so sad for Burrow. I can't imagine getting drafted and missing the rest of your rookie year
Andrés Grimace
Andrés Grimace Ай мурун
If Tua wasn't injured he should have been playing till the end of that game whatever the result. L or W.
JJ Edwards
JJ Edwards Ай мурун
Tua got benched because he sucked..... this shows him that he has to continue to work for his spot. I don’t see the problem at all.
keyoke69 Ай мурун
Nah. Take a chance at winning if the starter is struggling. Flores is paid to win.
Andrés Grimace
Andrés Grimace Ай мурун
@Mountain Boy Yeah. Anyway the whole team was playing bad.
Andrés Grimace
Andrés Grimace Ай мурун
@Mountain Boy then if Fitz is the "winning" guy why start Tua?
S.Gregory Goods
S.Gregory Goods Ай мурун
What's the problem had they won then it would be another issue Tua would start the next week... Tyrod Taylor will not get his job back
Arrion Light
Arrion Light Ай мурун
Good points. They still believe in Tua
Motivated T
Motivated T Ай мурун
Miami is in the buisness of ruining young QB's like they did Tannehill. Miami took tua 5th overall and tanked for him and you help his development by benching him. Terrible franchise! Baker has been Terrible and never been benched
Motivated T
Motivated T Ай мурун
@Strive 4 Greatness Brian flores said itself it wasn't because of injury and tua said it too
Strive 4 Greatness
Strive 4 Greatness Ай мурун
He hurt his foot
Greastest Ever
Greastest Ever Ай мурун
@Motivated T Pretty simple answer, his potential.
Motivated T
Motivated T Ай мурун
@Smitty then why draft him if you worried about his injuries that's a even bigger indictment on miami as a franchise especially when you passed on Herbert
Smitty Ай мурун
Yea because the browns have a qb they can even put in matter of fact who is the browns 2nd or 3rd qb 🤣. Baker didn't come in to the league hurt like tua got hit in the leg by a de no need to let him get hurt let fitzpatrick go out there and finish tua actually cheered on fitzpatrick.
jon316t Ай мурун
peter king destroyed this take ..... and you realize tua was coached by Nick Saban one benching career over ?!,, lol......
carking07 Ай мурун
Keyshawn needs to get with Jalen’s barber and get that hairline right lol
Mike Love Thyself
Mike Love Thyself Ай мурун
Asap lol
Joshua Marrero
Joshua Marrero Ай мурун
Jay Williams Nailed this argument.
Mark Jefferson
Mark Jefferson Ай мурун
J Blak
J Blak Ай мурун
I agree wit you jay
Jason Cruz
Jason Cruz Ай мурун
Thanks bro
SyrusFN Ай мурун
wow no way
Julio Ай мурун
This is a reach
PrimeNumber19 Ай мурун
Well I’m calling out jay Williams for calling Andrew bogut a shooter.
Isaac Walker
Isaac Walker Ай мурун
NBAFastbreak15 Ай мурун
Tua only had 1 drive in that first half that didn’t go 3 and out. Fitz almost lead the comeback. Would this still be a conversation had Fitzpatrick lead the comeback?
Kyle Fusco
Kyle Fusco Ай мурун
Broncos sent 6+ defenders on 19 of Tua’s drop back. They did the same only THREE times against Fitz. Fanfic came out and said he expected Fitz to come in if they got behind. Broncos sent more than a weak O-line could block for a rookie and then laid back and waited for Fitz to throw a pick.
T. Rizbone
T. Rizbone Ай мурун
What does "almost" have to do with it? FItz didn't lead the comeback.. Tua might have done it if given the chance, then that would have done wonders for his confidence.. Now every time Tua is in trouble; he will be looking over his shoulder.
jmcghane Ай мурун
I believe the point Jay is saying is if Tua is your future then he must stay in so he can grow and learn whether succeeds or fail in that moment.
MysticTjay Ай мурун
@NBAFastbreak15 better yes but you have to let him fight thru that and learn if not why play him at all just let fitz stay in
NBAFastbreak15 Ай мурун
@MysticTjay But you gotta admit the offense looked better with Fitzpatrick
_ lzh.23
_ lzh.23 Ай мурун
Hello espn 👋🏾
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