Joe Burrow's injury timeline | Get Up

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Stephania Bell joins Mike Greenberg on Get Up to break down the timeline on Joe Burrow's injuries. The Cincinnati Bengals quarterback sustained a torn ACL and MCL vs. the Washington Football Team.
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bone Jack
bone Jack Ай мурун
2 things you need when you have a franchise qb a o-line and wr
Caleb Dembicer
Caleb Dembicer Ай мурун
Big J
Big J Ай мурун
If the Bengals are smart they don't bring him back until the 2022 season, he won't be available until about week 10 next season anyway.
Craig Rand
Craig Rand Ай мурун
Bruh the Bengals need to heavily fined for this bs...💯
Shifty McGee462
Shifty McGee462 Ай мурун
Don't be dumb. Keep him off the field in 2021.
You take this Ferrari QB perhaps best college QB ever an his front line protection are Fords, Cincy you get a EPIC "F" You guys KNEW you was getting him an you give him GARBAGE PROTECTION??!!! This is why bad teams should not get high quality players. Should have been protected by Aston Martins..The Big Boyz..
Jerry Ferguson
Jerry Ferguson Ай мурун
Get well soon Joe proud bengal fan thanks for this season you gave my team hope 🙏
atlga40us Ай мурун
If I was the coach he ain’t coming back until 2022 lol
Mi N
Mi N Ай мурун
Jeez that injury list is crazy, not a fan of the player but just praying he recovers soon.
squanto Ай мурун
Burrow getting drafted by cincy was a disaster waiting to happen.
C B Ай мурун
Zac taylor should be fired.
javier book shadows contributor du
javier book shadows contributor du Ай мурун
94th comment
swantondude3 Ай мурун
Bengals are a horrible horrible franchise they need to trade Joey b for his own good and maybe get decently compensated for it
Brian Meeks
Brian Meeks Ай мурун
He should have demanded a trade. Bengals and offensive of line don't mix!
Rodney Pickett
Rodney Pickett Ай мурун
Draft Lawrence ASAP! Burrow is finished as an elite QB. Thanks Mike Brown with your inept organizational skills.
Illuminati 187
Illuminati 187 Ай мурун
@Rodney Pickett do you know how valuable this pic is even if you offered the team 4 firsts 4 second rounds you probably wouldn’t get it
Rodney Pickett
Rodney Pickett Ай мурун
I never realized that. You ever heard of trading up?
Illuminati 187
Illuminati 187 Ай мурун
They’re not getting the number one pick so they can’t
charlie garcia
charlie garcia Ай мурун
It was bound to happen with that trash o line
Mr. November
Mr. November Ай мурун
If the Bengals play this right they could set themselves up for the future in a big way! Key Words for the next two years 1. Evaluations 2. Development
That’s what happens when you get so excited when you get a qb but don’t think about the important things like maybe idk a o line
Grimace Ай мурун
This is so sad; I hope he takes his time and comes back fully recovered. He really has the potential to be a special player.
Lance Mcdonald
Lance Mcdonald Ай мурун
Sucks this happened to him.9ne reason i wish someone else got him..bangals new they didn't have even a decent offence line to somewhat protect him just sad hope a full recovery
JEFFREY Ай мурун
He’s screwed.
Kevin Burke
Kevin Burke Ай мурун
If I’m Lawrence I pull a Eli Elway. This will happen to him if he plays on the Jets.
Lun Darion
Lun Darion Ай мурун
I think it might be time to move on from Burrow. Bengals should look into drafting a QB this year with their high draft pick
Jack Gardner
Jack Gardner Ай мурун
No Lun, that’s what the browns tried for 5 years straight before realizing that a quarterback is useless without guys to protect and support them
Kevin Dukes
Kevin Dukes Ай мурун
Why to get him hurt too
Jeremiah Ай мурун
Bruh he's done. Outside of this freak accident it's been obvious since week ONE he was on a collision course with a major injury. He doesn't have a good sense of danger on the football field until it's literally hitting him. He seems somewhat oblivious when it comes to avoiding big hits sometimes he even goes out of his way to take them...
Roger Tapia
Roger Tapia Ай мурун
His career it’s over ... he needs a knee replacement
Kevin Dukes
Kevin Dukes Ай мурун
I'm sorry are you a doctor ?
Abe McGee
Abe McGee Ай мурун
did carson palmer have the same exact tear? And came back eight months later?
Abe McGee
Abe McGee Ай мурун
@Joseph R well if he had a good o line he wouldn't need to be running for his life
Rohan Nawani
Rohan Nawani Ай мурун
This is very similar to Carson Palmers injury (bengals curse) Carson was back week 1 next year
Richard Roy
Richard Roy Ай мурун
That organization set him up for failure and we all knew something like this was going to happen. Sucks.
madboyreadynow28 Ай мурун
Bring back Andy for one year
C B Ай мурун
Nah theyll find some way to make him look bad instead of trying to use his potential. I notice the bengals play at a college level while other teams play at a NFL level. Even the playcalling is bad.
Herbertuniverse 10
Herbertuniverse 10 Ай мурун
He’s starting with the cowboys Andy dalton
Abbas Ali
Abbas Ali Ай мурун
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Strutting_strat Ай мурун
This is tragic
SAINT 65 Ай мурун
The HC & OC should be fired for risking his career. Every offensive set should have had 2 TE & 1 blocking back. If not needed to block, 1 TE and the back could be available as 3rd & 4th pass options.
bLoB BlOb
bLoB BlOb Ай мурун
bangels had a gem and destroy it. hope he still the same from recovery.
Brent Socie
Brent Socie Ай мурун
I think this person meant to say: The Bengals had a gem and destroyed it. I hope he is still the same after his recovery. Though, people where you come from might not understand the translation.
Charles Groebner
Charles Groebner Ай мурун
Bengals need a big splash in FA. Alejandro Villanueva is going to be on the board, I don’t know if Pittsburgh plans to extend him, but I think if you open the wallet it’s possible.
jk lauderdale
jk lauderdale Ай мурун
It's a shame that injured players can't sue the franchise for criminal negligence, the Bengals' OL "protecting" Burrow let more guys in than a $5 hooker.
Wait a year his knee blow out like a used tire
mrzack888 Ай мурун
Check out Zach Miller' knee injury. That's Burrow's injury. Game over.
Joe Sedo
Joe Sedo Ай мурун
@Please Ignore sounds like you're the one who's mad 😮
Please Ignore
Please Ignore Ай мурун
@Joe Sedo why would you say that. They almost cut his leg off and your mad because he didn’t come back to the nfl. What is wrong with you.
Joe Sedo
Joe Sedo Ай мурун
never underestimate the heart of a champion....zach miller was not a champion
Drewness G
Drewness G Ай мурун
His and McKenzie Milton’s injury 🤢... but they both bounced back eventually.
DillyDilly —
DillyDilly — Ай мурун
Gotta say Zach Miller’s was way worse. It looked like his kneecap was on the back of his leg
B Ray
B Ray Ай мурун
This is why I never understand why they give qbs such a hard time when they scramble when the pocket leads to more career threatening injures.
D23 Ай мурун
Says who? The rules protect you when you are in the pocket, when you scramble you are no different than a rb and get treated like one
Brando Ай мурун
His knee was completely destroyed. It's a possibility he's never the same.
Jason Yuschak
Jason Yuschak Ай мурун
Maybe for a RB but not a QB.. No way as long as his brain and arm are good he will be fine. He doesn't need elite speed. One scout said he was the smartest QB he ever interviewed.
JaySo Fly
JaySo Fly Ай мурун
@Cryptum404 they say it could be but its unknown
Cryptum404 Ай мурун
He blew his knee out. MCL gone. ACL gone. PCL damages. Meniscus damaged. Ligaments damaged. Cartilage damaged.
mathew Osborne
mathew Osborne Ай мурун
@Jack Gardner Wentz in 2017 was leading MVP candidate dummy
Jack Gardner
Jack Gardner Ай мурун
I disagree. They’re saying it’s similar to wentz’s injury back in 2017 and he hasn’t changed a bit- he’s still hot garbage
Daniel Rauenhorst
Daniel Rauenhorst Ай мурун
That's what happens when you treat your franchise QB like a cheap plastic toy
Aidan Luke
Aidan Luke Ай мурун
Daniel Miller
Daniel Miller Ай мурун
Gabe Ай мурун
seems like all the gruesome leg/knee injury happens on the football teams field
Cryptum404 Ай мурун
He won’t be back until 2022. I’d worry much more about if he can walk again then if he can play. He suffered damage to his pcl and other ligaments too. Devastating injury. The bengals organization has no one to blame but the gm for not getting him any protection.
Yummy Funny Bunny
Yummy Funny Bunny Ай мурун
people need to lose their jobs over this.
JaySo Fly
JaySo Fly Ай мурун
@Brando it should hold up the same and all the other “damages” are possibles not confirmed until they do the surgery
Brando Ай мурун
@JaySo Fly Yes his ACL. Burrow tore everything and then some. ACL MCL cartledge damage bone damage. The injury was extensive throughout the entire area of the knee. I'm sure he'll back by the end of next season. I'm just saying his knee might not be the same.
JaySo Fly
JaySo Fly Ай мурун
@Brando derrick rose tore his acl and had to be carried off the court, pain is completely different per person
Brando Ай мурун
@JaySo Fly I seem to remember Brady being able to cautiously walk off the field though right? Dude, Burrows knee was obliterated. It basically shattered. We'll see when more details come out.
Faaz Baby
Faaz Baby Ай мурун
zac taylor ruined him he had burrow throwing the ball 30-40 even 50 times a game on a consistent basis instead of running the ball
C B Ай мурун
Zac taylor doesnt care. He treats these players like its college. He thinks ryan finley is gonna be the next 5 star recruit.
Titan Master Race
Titan Master Race Ай мурун
He should take all the time he needs it’ll suck if he ends up like Klay Thompson an fucks up his right leg especially since football is more demanding.
Gerardo Reyes2
Gerardo Reyes2 Ай мурун
It's better if he sits till 2022 so he can fully heal & the OLINE is rebuilt
Nick The First
Nick The First Ай мурун
Burrow will be back and prove why he's better than Herbert and Tua
Jacob wiit
Jacob wiit Ай мурун
melvin barnett
melvin barnett Ай мурун
Joe gets drafted by Bengals Bengals lets not build an o line he will save us, Bengals maybe we can get Trevor next year if he don't go to the draft. Its time the NFL puts it's foot down on bad franchise; don't reward them with high draft picks let them pick middle of the first and second round.
Christian Cooks
Christian Cooks Ай мурун
It’s a robbery too that a team will suck on purpose to get butts in the stadium
Thomas Nurmi
Thomas Nurmi Ай мурун
I say do a lottery like the NBA
Tyler Hackner
Tyler Hackner Ай мурун
Sucks to see him have his rookie year cut short
Mike Breezy
Mike Breezy Ай мурун
She should just said I dunno 💩 on all the question asked to her
Mike Love Thyself
Mike Love Thyself Ай мурун
2022 burrow is back
MinePlay 512
MinePlay 512 Ай мурун
Sucks to see Joe Burrow have his rookie year cut short. I hope he makes a comeback.
Jake Gentile
Jake Gentile Ай мурун
Chaundra Buckels I don’t think anyone’s worried about him never walking again, that’s ridiculous. He will have the best medical professionals in the world on his side. Chances of him returning to a football field is 90+ %
Chauny buck
Chauny buck Ай мурун
@Jake Gentile No, they are right. It's a REAL possibility he may never walk the same-let ALONE see a field again. His age & natural athleticism are on his side. But, once u get into the meniscal injury....the future becomes hazy. 4 ligaments with meniscal involvement? Odds r definitely not in his favor. Source: D.O.
Chauny buck
Chauny buck Ай мурун
@No Name the WHOLE o-line was out!
Big J
Big J Ай мурун
@No Name he's talking about the Bengals.
No Name
No Name Ай мурун
@Kell OD Washington just did there job tried to tackle him the offensive line needs to get better
Joseph Carrera
Joseph Carrera Ай мурун
Hey that’s Stephanie from the Fantasy Focus podcast. She’s great!
PrimeNumber19 Ай мурун
He won’t be the same player he was as a rookie until he is 27 at the earliest. Classic bungles, ki Jana carter, Carson Palmer, now this.
C B Ай мурун
Hopefully he can run after this and zac taylor needs to be fired.
PrimeNumber19 Ай мурун
@Janny890 unless you’re a Mahomes or josh Allen freak arm strength mostly comes from the legs
Janny890 Ай мурун
His running ability will be greatly diminished but I think he'll still a great passer.
Cryptum404 Ай мурун
27 at the earliest. He suffered a devastating injury not only to his ACL and MCL but to his pcl too
Nick The First
Nick The First Ай мурун
Nah he will be back
TeddyBelcher 4K Ultra wide 21:9
TeddyBelcher 4K Ultra wide 21:9 Ай мурун
Thankful Andy Dalton beat the Redskins last year
Alicia Paulino-Grimes
Alicia Paulino-Grimes Ай мурун
Imagine.... couldn't be me
Reborn Gaming
Reborn Gaming Ай мурун
For once I am the first one to be watching wow
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C B Ай мурун
Pray for joe burrow.
Nelson Williams
Nelson Williams Ай мурун
Anime and buses
Don’t use god to get likes,
PNW_PsilocybeJedi Ай мурун
Relax dude
Ben Naugle
Ben Naugle Ай мурун
Amen brother!!!
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