Mark Cuban explains his reaction to the NBA shutdown | DangerTalk

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On episode 10 of DangerTalk with Russell Wilson and co-host Jeff Dye, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban joins the show to discuss the viral moment caught on tape of him discovering news of the NBA's postponement on March 11, 2020, during a regular season game vs. the Denver Nuggets. Cuban also dives into the impact of NBA star Luka Doncic and former Maverick Dirk Nowitzki on the franchise and in the Dallas community.
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Dallas Oak Cliff
Dallas Oak Cliff Ай мурун
Mark can we please trade for Blake griffin we need a dominant post player while kp out... We need to trade thj james johnson & finney smith for Blake... While he on the trade block
Pamela Selevich
Pamela Selevich Ай мурун
You miss the point! Doing Good Deeds. . .commitment to others. Luv these guys. We could sure use more. LETS GET ON IT... God Bless
dave m
dave m Ай мурун
That thumbnail.. they did Mark wrong
Ana Beatriz
Ana Beatriz Ай мурун
Paul Lee
Paul Lee Ай мурун
Russell this isn't for you... Just because you have money to put this podcast together doesn't mean you're a good fit
Richnwealthy Ай мурун
Russ has a podcast? Dang
R & J Hernandez
R & J Hernandez Ай мурун
Bro is it me or he looking like Sylvester Stallone 😂
Keith R
Keith R Ай мурун
All of the professional sports seasons must be shut down until the virus is cured. People are dying!!
scot msp
scot msp Ай мурун
norvinzor Ай мурун
Mark Cuban Looks great for 80 years old!
scot msp
scot msp Ай мурун
80? He's 62
Bob John
Bob John Ай мурун
Plandemic 2020 it’s been coordinated
Arctic Wanderer
Arctic Wanderer Ай мурун
Cuban looks his age finally. Always looked 10 years younger.
Hans Olo
Hans Olo Ай мурун
Next video is Mark's reaction to the thumbnail of his reaction to his original reaction to the NBA shutdown
Brandon Rodriguez
Brandon Rodriguez Ай мурун
Errr time russel hits that anti-lag stutter i check to see if my phone Ight 😂😂
Gerry Ma
Gerry Ma Ай мурун
When he spoke the issue about China he really exposes his true color.
Nishan Bilazarian
Nishan Bilazarian Ай мурун
This man’s matured a lot. Respect
N J Ай мурун
Hes a terrible actor. Just another puppet on the world stage. He already knew.
C V Ай мурун
delta75 75
delta75 75 Ай мурун
Steve Rad
Steve Rad Ай мурун
When your a billionaire u can laugh and smile talking about 2020
Childs Play
Childs Play Ай мурун
Am I the only that finds it crazy that Cuban and probably other Owners didn’t actually make a decision to shut it down. Or maybe they did but it seems like an outside entity made the decision for them.
Childs Play
Childs Play Ай мурун
@Buferin El mejor tf? Then wouldn’t that make you think they were told they haft to shut down by the government even more lol.
grospipo20 Ай мурун
You know you are a billionaire when you have a nba trophy in your office
NoseBlind Ай мурун
Is Mark a Penguins fan? He's got the Crosby Jersey in the back
C V Ай мурун
NoseBlind he definitely is. And yes he’s from Pittsburgh.
NoseBlind Ай мурун
@Faris M 100% a penguins fan then. I didnt know he was from pittsburgh tbh. I just assumed he was from Dallas cuz of the Mavs lmao. Today I learned...
Faris M
Faris M Ай мурун
I think he is. He's from Pittsburgh
Nanowire Ай мурун
Sussel Wilson has a show?
S Mosq
S Mosq Ай мурун
You missed spelled CHAMPION.
Franco COMMON SENSE Ай мурун
What are you up to? Billionaire: nothing Me: so I must be doing something wrong
Adrian Diaz
Adrian Diaz Ай мурун
Says nothing then listed like 5 things lol. That just shows how much he did pre Covid. The dude works so hard normally that him living a “regular” life feels too easy.
Phil Slape
Phil Slape Ай мурун
Max F
Max F Ай мурун
Mark casually has the 2011 Larry O’Brien Trophy in the back😂😂😂
Brian Javitz
Brian Javitz Ай мурун
Why does any one give a f what Mark Chabinetsky thinks,
C V Ай мурун
@Brian Javitz 👌
Brian Javitz
Brian Javitz Ай мурун
@C V true ...dont care that he's rich I'm just tired of hearing his two cents every time I turn on my computer or my TV.... basketball, college football last sat., Marketwatch, CNBC, Fox News, shark tank etc. etc.
C V Ай мурун
@Brian Javitz ok.... I hear ya. But people are people no matter their wealth or how they obtained their wealth.
Brian Javitz
Brian Javitz Ай мурун
@C V I didn't comment or post about the video just said why would you care what this guy thinks, he sold a software company 20 years ago, now he's an expert on sports, business, stock market, politics, etc
C V Ай мурун
Brian Javitz maybe you should watch it before posting about it and making yourself look stupid... hmmm! What a great idea!
J A H reezY
J A H reezY Ай мурун
everybody has a podcast now🙁
J A H reezY
J A H reezY Ай мурун
@Half Skull never said it was new but everybody has a podcast now just pointing that out
Half Skull
Half Skull Ай мурун
Bro It’s not new, he’s had one for a while
Luis Loyola
Luis Loyola Ай мурун
@Christopher Griffin Sorry, where did you see me say I don't love the athletes doing this? Please do not put words in other people's mouths and have some respect. monicaChrisAhn asked for clarification and I gave it.
Christopher Griffin
Christopher Griffin Ай мурун
@Luis Loyola if you don’t like someone, you do t need to listen to their podcasts. I think it’s a neat way for athletes to humanize themselves and get their fans to learn more about them
Luis Loyola
Luis Loyola Ай мурун
@monicaChrisAhn and 90% of them aren’t true podcasters. Just people talking to a microphone using their already existing affluence trying to gain additional cpm’s and reach so they can then sell other products or services. Big difference between real podcasters and people talking to other people they know for clicks and publishing. Over saturated market. That’s the and.
Captain Eyebrows
Captain Eyebrows Ай мурун
Why does mark cuban look like emperor palpatine?
Nintendude Gaming
Nintendude Gaming Ай мурун
That's just how the dude aged, I guess. He didn't look like that when he bought the Mavs
That Guy Over There
That Guy Over There Ай мурун
Because he is
FIRE STOTTS 8-6 Ай мурун
And evily cackles
FIRE STOTTS 8-6 Ай мурун
If he pulls the hood up on his hoodie
Tim Robison
Tim Robison Ай мурун
Mark commie Cuban
Tim Robison
Tim Robison Ай мурун
@Nmasi Jika because he's a nag or maggot you take your pick
izruyma Ай мурун
NBA shutdown made me really sad.
Jack Smallstrom
Jack Smallstrom Ай мурун
I’m early enough not to see 11 year olds giving me virtual hugs nice
Gage 878
Gage 878 Ай мурун
@Mitchell S 😂😂
Mitchell S
Mitchell S Ай мурун
Bane Wade
Bane Wade Ай мурун
If you clicked on this dudes comment, and are the 0.00001% of people watching this video who see this. I hope you become rich and happy forever. If you sacrifice your soul to Satan
Jinro Ай мурун
Mark Cuban's reaction was hella funny but also so relatable
MinePlay 512
MinePlay 512 Ай мурун
I really hate when the NBA shutdown. Should have keep the season going.
MinePlay 512
MinePlay 512 Ай мурун
Karthik Bobba You are the! I don't want pain and I don't want sickness!
Karthik Bobba
Karthik Bobba Ай мурун
@MinePlay 512 Then explain why you want the season to continue, and you want to see thousands of people at risk, and you want to see pain. Sounds like a psycho to me
MinePlay 512
MinePlay 512 Ай мурун
And I am not a psychopath!
MinePlay 512
MinePlay 512 Ай мурун
Karthik Bobba I really do not want sickness and I do not want pain. You are nothing but a bully who just want attention by mocking for no reason.
MinePlay 512
MinePlay 512 Ай мурун
Karthik Bobba No I don't! I don't want pain! You are mocking me and this is stupid. I don't want sickness. You are mocking me for no reason.
francisco colon
francisco colon Ай мурун
katlynpinegar Ай мурун
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