Montrezl Harrell ruined his value in the playoffs - Jalen Rose | Jalen & Jacoby

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Jalen & Jacoby react to NBA offseason news including Montrezl Harrell leaving the LA Clippers for the Los Angeles Lakers, with Jalen Rose saying that Harrell’s performance in the playoffs hurt his value. They discuss if the Clippers improved their bench as well as the Oklahoma City Thunder trading another star and what the Washington Wizards will do with John Wall.
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Bebo Jenn
Bebo Jenn Ай мурун
clippers have not proven anything but yet yall still say there the second best team come on Jalen!!?
Swamyvlogs Ай мурун
3:00 y'all forgot to mention Russell Westbrook
Harrell got eaten alive in the playoffs.
dtrelz music
dtrelz music Ай мурун
sasaugebun Ай мурун
How can u get a player like ben simmons and embiid? Tanking. Fans arent dumb like you guys. Why waste time being in knock out of the first round?
Ben Murphy
Ben Murphy Ай мурун
Jalen Rose has not acheived anything! He is just a loud mouthed bitter person!
Leon Schmidtke
Leon Schmidtke Ай мурун
Oh, did Russ not also left the Thunder ;)
Robin Ай мурун
I would have liked to see the celtics pick up Dwight tbh. Feel like it would have been fun to see him in green,
thomas hardeman
thomas hardeman Ай мурун
Westbrook name wasn’t even on that list
şehit Göker
şehit Göker Ай мурун
Why would they want him back ... The guy can t defend a lick and cant shoot even one bit. He s undersize for his position he s got no value
Rock Hadnot
Rock Hadnot Ай мурун
But ended up wit the Lakers🤔🤣stop why yall ahead
Political LiL
Political LiL Ай мурун
Jalen just glad to have a job. And those other two who played sorry didn't ruin their value or repetition to boot. The Clippers have two prima-donnas who are being coddled by the owner because without them his team without those "super stars" would have no relevance in the sport. Anyone objecting to their special treatment of these prima-donna is not going to be on that team. His worth and his big payday will come.
neptuneniq Ай мурун
Club Shay Shay
Club Shay Shay Ай мурун
Did people really expect him to clamp Jokic
Let’s really talk about the issue ahaha kawi is not a big market player he will do well tho in San Antonio and Toronto 😅
Still think Ainge blew it being too greedy for trading Hayward. Should of done a sign and trade Hayward for Myles Turner and could of least got something in return, but he wanted Oladipo in the deal. I think the Horford and Irving free agency losses were unavoidable. And probably glad he didn’t resign Horford as he is on the decline.
Elijah Brooks
Elijah Brooks Ай мурун
People forgot the man lost someone very special and was grieving. Lost his value.. you think trez gives a f? No worries his value gonna go way up after he gets a ring with the lakeshow. Lets go!
MM MM Ай мурун
Trezz n ad n lebron ... trezz gonna get a better contract after a chip
Digital Marz
Digital Marz Ай мурун
Montrezz, Gasol, Ibaka all looked bad during the bubble playoffs. It's the reason they all signed elsewhere. Their original teams weren't offering what they wanted. Gasol is just looking to retire, montrezz won't play much for Lakers and Ibaka just wanted to go to LA for Hollywood, his shows, fashion and Kawhi.
tee migo
tee migo Ай мурун
isn't Zubac the starting CENTER and Harrell is a backup sf/pf playing center? He still outplayed Zubac. People bringing up Jokic like they're many people that can play him.
Grant Jackson
Grant Jackson Ай мурун
You know Jalen's hairline isn't perfectly crisp right now because he's wearing a hat.
ChiRilla Ай мурун
How trez ruin his value but pg and kawhi didn't..
DIAB10 Ай мурун
Every clipper played badly especially Kawhi they keep tryna throw it in everyone else lol Nuggets broke this team down
themilliondollarbaby Ай мурун
Man, Clippers need a better center. Ivica is still a role player.
Sean Akari
Sean Akari Ай мурун
Love Jalen’s passion and honesty
iSomeTimesCamp Ай мурун
Yea he had 1 game where he grabbed more than 3 rebounds in the playoffs. Terrible!!
Xi Yang
Xi Yang Ай мурун
OKC is the new Clippers. High draft pick only to be stars for other teams. Give Seattle their team back.
Chris Pierce
Chris Pierce Ай мурун
Jalen green to thunder
Theo. 3
Theo. 3 Ай мурун
I get it...but he will smash this year. Great pick up for cross the hallway. Should make his bounty one day.
My Name Thomas
My Name Thomas Ай мурун
5:36 Westbrook is that too.
Jason Robertson
Jason Robertson Ай мурун
Luka lived in that head rent free.
What made the Lakers the Lakers last year ,,,they actually loss. Howard ,Rondo ,Mcgee and Bradley will be missed tremendously
Nate Cruz
Nate Cruz Ай мурун
And Kawhi should NEVER be mentioned in the same sentence as Curry, KD, LeBron, Kobe, or MJ as well as PG should NEVER be mentioned as a star. Keep that same energy towards all the Clippers, not trying to find a scapegoat
iamteamyou Ай мурун
Harrell is JJ Hickson with playing time and Primetime TV exposure.
Joe Svensson
Joe Svensson Ай мурун
Mavericks and nuggets better then the clippers
Dommy521 Ай мурун
nobody wants to pick up John Wall's contract
yic123 Ай мурун
That’s what happens when Hollywood wants you young. You lose yourself to the image. He looks like a junkie. Straight up
Dommy521 Ай мурун
how is clippers the second best if they just got bounced by the Nuggets
onidtubes Ай мурун
Harrell was horrible in the bubble, and got worst in the playoffs.
JB Tiamson
JB Tiamson Ай мурун
Jalen Rose would have won a National Championship if Rob Pelinka told Chris Webber that they had no more timeouts. lol
Blaise Ай мурун
So he got cooked by Joker. Who didn't besides Dwight Howard?
G P Ай мурун
How about Pandemic P?
MrFlyyTy Ай мурун
Why he disrespecting Jada in the background like that lol
Diego Puebla
Diego Puebla Ай мурун
Bruh he was outta shape, dealing with the death of his grandma and being deppresive on IG. Put the pressure of being the leader of a team that has 2 superstars with no leadership skills plus some terrible coaching especially on the defensive side, i mean... drop coverage against jokic? He gonna be fine with the lakers
Yannick Groot
Yannick Groot Ай мурун
Why isn’t Russ on that OKC-list
dttruman Ай мурун
What about the fact that Montrezl Harrell called Luka Doncic a derogatory racial name and was not fined or suspended. Maybe that's why he didn't get a long term deal.
Jorge González
Jorge González Ай мурун
Jalen did not watch the playoffs. Clippers ain't better than Denver. They beat them. Both teams lost assets and didn't improve their problems. Yeah, you got Ibaka who's better than Harrell. Ok. You know Michael Porter Jr is gonna be better this year, don't you? We'll see if that improvement is bigger than the improvement of Ibaka over Harrell. But still, I see Denver being better since the Clippers still lack leadership...
Reggie Muhfuggin Regg
Reggie Muhfuggin Regg Ай мурун
His bad
bloodcathedral Ай мурун
With Danny Ainge and the Celtics, it's definitely not for a lack of trying. They've made moves. And they've made bad moves too. Ainge has clearly come up big in Drafts but fallen short in Free Agency. At the time, Kyrie was a huge pick up. It just turned out Kyrie is not a leader. The Celtics have their core of Tatum, Brown and Smart. Now they just need a Big to go along with Kemba, whom was a horrible choice to be their PG of the future. Kemba is barely 6 ft tall and is not a great distributor. To score 20 a game and dish out 5 assists and be paid 35 million is a pure Salary Cap Tragedy. They should've offered Terry Rozier a deal (he makes 19 million/year, a much more economical and analytically productive figure based on his numbers 18, 4, 4, 40% from 3), as that 2017 chemistry has since failed to be duplicated. Horford and Theis did a nice job for them but they were not great, which great Bigs are obviously hard to find. The Celtics and about 20 other NBA teams will now push all their chips in to make a run at Giannis. All will be forgiven if somehow Ainge could pull this off, but it doesn't seem likely. The most likely destinations are Miami or staying put in Milwaukee. Boston is very similar though to Milwaukee. Time to get on that recruiting tip Jayson, Danny and Bill Russell too cuz the Lakers are pulling away.....
Me3ks DaGOAT
Me3ks DaGOAT Ай мурун
Perfect !! Now we can make him greater Lol ain't no way between Gasol / A.D this man won't learn great things vs Kawhi and PG and they not even Bigs lol BACK TO BACK
Charlie Diaz
Charlie Diaz Ай мурун
Dennis Schrayderr
hudsoneezy Ай мурун
Within 90s we have established that montrez was not wanted by the clippers, he was a defensive liability in the post season vs a western conference rival. We also established the clippers chose to replace him with a better player but then you turn around and try to sell him going to the Lakers as a positive ?
Tim Rado
Tim Rado Ай мурун
Kawhi Leonard. Luke Kennard Lmao is it me or are there names swapped 🤔
Don Thomas
Don Thomas Ай мурун
I can see it now He gonna be arguing with LeBron all season
Ned Kelly
Ned Kelly Ай мурун
So the Lakers got him a bit cheaper... Nice.
k Van
k Van Ай мурун
Should of stayed as the Sonics in Seattle
Crimson Cloud
Crimson Cloud Ай мурун
No he didn't...if he did, the lakers wouldn't have got em. Nuff said.. 2021 lakers champion
David Ramos
David Ramos Ай мурун
Laker fans dont like the truth. Get real.
Tehran Carroll
Tehran Carroll Ай мурун
he got exposed like a photo....Had nothing for Jokic....nor other starters ...used to beating up on subs....and can't really guard anyone...
Martrell Washington
Martrell Washington Ай мурун
See lebron look at what you started
Scruff D0g
Scruff D0g Ай мурун
Yeah, Jokic killed him in the playoffs.
Dushawn21 Ай мурун
THE THUNDER ARE A SMALL MRKET TEAM OF COURSE THEY ARE COST CUTTING! but also they got hella picks hopefully its in the 2021 draft clas cuz there are some studs
Mr123Parka Ай мурун
Why he try to give Lebron credit for the offseason lol
lanky rat
lanky rat Ай мурун
Who kidnapped Jalen Rose and replaced with Mars (SL)?
Phillip Mazza
Phillip Mazza Ай мурун
Of course the Celts didn’t go for Kawai or AD. No chance either re-signs with them
antonio gunn
antonio gunn Ай мурун
No. As a Thunder fan I’m not happy about a bunch of picks when we just gave up the last, in Steve Adams, of a great team that should’ve went farther that we already drafted.
Patrick L
Patrick L Ай мурун
What other side
THS Last
THS Last Ай мурун
Gordon Hayward payed worse in the playoffs and got 120 mil.. somethings wrong here
try butfail
try butfail Ай мурун
Jalen talks about defense Kobe: 81 points
Itsallabout Ай мурун
Kobe wasn’t drafted either
Kevin Simmons
Kevin Simmons Ай мурун
Wall is damaged goods
Topsy krets
Topsy krets Ай мурун
defensive liability, look who's talking.....😂😂😂
Jay Dell
Jay Dell Ай мурун
Since when was PG a shooting guard. That man is 6’9
chris anthony
chris anthony Ай мурун
Klay over pg in my sleep
chris anthony
chris anthony Ай мурун
He trash either way
Jose Greco
Jose Greco Ай мурун
I mean how many point Jokic put on AD tho?
c s
c s Ай мурун
best bigman in the nba just outplayed him plus he had no help/leadership in that series he will do better in the purple/gold
javier book shadows contributor du
javier book shadows contributor du Ай мурун
487h comment
They’re doing this to take pressure off Kawhi and PG
gavintoussaint Ай мурун
Why do they let the only person to ever get 81 scores on them talk about defense??🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️
SomeWhatLucky Ай мурун
He’ll get his value back with the lakers and get a big payday from someone
michael davis
michael davis Ай мурун
Funny that yet kawhi and PG did what exactly. I didn't see anybody do anything with joker apart from the lakers so why did he get so much hate for being schooled by an amazing player
Gregory Emeagwara
Gregory Emeagwara Ай мурун
Jalen said Clippers are the second best team in the West, so that means they shouldn't be losing in the Semi Finals 💯🏀
Riley Ай мурун
Harrell lost whatever value he had when he was ousted as a racist.
Jaimond King
Jaimond King Ай мурун
O ok s
Deez Nuttz from Brooklyn
Deez Nuttz from Brooklyn Ай мурун
That's the 1st time I ever saw Jalen with a hat 😳
Hurelulga Enkhtur
Hurelulga Enkhtur Ай мурун
Why is harrels Pandemi P And Covid Claw Ruined playoffs nba history
Che Khali
Che Khali Ай мурун
OKC gonna' need Steven Adams to maybe get to the playoffs. They got decent shoothers around Shai G-A....
Adams on the Pelicans
Rafael Braggs
Rafael Braggs Ай мурун
Is that a statue Of jadakiss in the back jaylen the goat 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽😂😂😂
Twoface Beatz
Twoface Beatz Ай мурун
Is that a Jadakiss statue behind Jalen??
Mychael Young
Mychael Young Ай мурун
Did he really say clippers are the 2nd best in the west? They blew a 3-1 lead against the McNuggets... where they do that at? Not in the lake show?
HoG Carter
HoG Carter Ай мурун
Jalen Rose remind me of Richard Pryor on Johnny Carson late night show
Mike Panton
Mike Panton Ай мурун
OKC is not the same as Philly. Philly was at the bottom for years. OKC hasn't been in the bottom third yet. disrespect
Mike Panton
Mike Panton Ай мурун
it's a bit unfair to blame him for Joker...Joker is way bigger. it's no match
Chris Hammond
Chris Hammond Ай мурун
I don't see how asking someone to guard a highly skilled big man that is half a foot taller than him. He's going to flourish next to the true DPOY AD. Once Trez is asked to do things he is actually capable of he'll be amazing. There's a reason he was so highly regarded prior to this playoff bubble.
T Bizz
T Bizz Ай мурун
Frank Vogel will bring a different side out of a motivated trez harrell
Francis de la Cruz
Francis de la Cruz Ай мурун
Clippers is not the 2nd best team in the West. They lost in a 7 game series! That's not luck the other team was better. Yes despite Kawhi and PG. We can say both were over rated based on their performance last year. As Kawhi says the season starts in the playoffs and they were terrible. They may need to do a GS and get someone like KD to win. Maybe Harden would do. And Gianni's....
GoGoTwice Ай мурун
This just makes it an even better deal for the Lakers - you'll see the real Trez when he's teamed up with LeBron, AD, Schroder, Gasol, etc. This team is STACKED.
Trent Williams
Trent Williams Ай мурун
Fyi the thunder didn't draft Victor Oladipo
Abdul Mahmood
Abdul Mahmood Ай мурун
2:39 That was an eye opener...
Charles Medalla
Charles Medalla Ай мурун
LOL they said the same to Dwight, Rondo, and Bradley but when they played great alongside Lebron, some people called them a superteam. Now those players were sought after by other teams right away including Javale. Imagine what Lebron, AD, and VOgel will do to a prime Montrez Harrell who's a current best 6th man in the league.
Child Of Judah
Child Of Judah Ай мурун
Really isn’t trez fault, he’s not a center, he’s a PF, shouldn’t even have been guarding jokic in the first place, jokic wayyyy to big for him
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