Stephen A.: Ravens vs. Steelers should not be played during Week 12 | First Take

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Ай мурун

Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman debate whether Baltimore Ravens vs. Pittsburgh Steelers should be postponed again in the wake of Lamar Jackson's reported positive COVID-19 test.
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ssouza01 Ай мурун
NFL step in and cancel all games for two weeks to ensure all cases are cleared.
calvin crocker
calvin crocker Ай мурун
you suck steven a
luis martinez
luis martinez Ай мурун
Stephen A. Needs to stfu. Blah blah blah. No one cares what you have to say dipshit.
Ronald Foran
Ronald Foran Ай мурун
If Steeler win SB....... NFL is rigged!!!
Yogib37 Ай мурун
I agree with Max. He is spot on
Kirk Mckinney
Kirk Mckinney Ай мурун
just yell nonsense into a mic and get paid
Davien Griffieth
Davien Griffieth Ай мурун
I say the ravens should be penalized by taking a loss this week because there is no reason to penalize steelers for ravens having no control
B3N Solomonã
B3N Solomonã Ай мурун
Ben rothlesburger:I got juju I'm good Lamar Jackson:mark Campbell where y'all going
Amit Chopra
Amit Chopra Ай мурун
Wow, Max actually spitting facts for once.
RaydarkX Ай мурун
Didn't the Ravens Play other teams before it was revealed that some of their players were tested positive. This Season is doomed , wouldn't be surprised if more cases pop out from other teams . SMH.
Dave Kukulka
Dave Kukulka Ай мурун
Oh but Denver can play . James Connor tested positive . Cmon
Joseph Ай мурун
SAD PART IS iF THIS HAPPENNED ANYWHERE ELSE BUT sports...The JOB would be closed!!!! the only ones making MONEY right now is the OWNERS
RJ -
RJ - Ай мурун
Love how now theyre saying some Steelers players are testing positive, which considering the league im sort of skeptical on. Since this is happening to the Steelers again (them getting fucked over i mean) i wouldn't be surprised if the league gave some false positives on the Steelers in order to save face.
isaac Montoya
isaac Montoya Ай мурун
Deadass I think the ravens got it from the titans
M Medina
M Medina Ай мурун
Forfeit game
Sam Hartman
Sam Hartman Ай мурун
So he was against it until lamar Jackson got covid? Bs. Make them use their backups that's why they are there. Or forfeit.
joshua walters
joshua walters Ай мурун
Man let them boys play its not that bad these guys are mostly healthly younge men.
sherwin cherry
sherwin cherry Ай мурун
The caterpillar must surrender itself to the ants in order to become a butterfly; man must surrender to JESUS to become Christlike! It's the only way! (Bible)
Talented Sports
Talented Sports Ай мурун
I want rg3
Marcos Benavides
Marcos Benavides Ай мурун
Nah Ravens should play I wouldn’t be surprised if the Ravens backups win lol
Cousin Eddie
Cousin Eddie Ай мурун
NFL protecting the Ravens
Cousin Eddie
Cousin Eddie Ай мурун
@MarloSoBalJr I am glad I can bring joy to your time reading KGpost comments and having you reply as if it made a difference. Go drink more Kool-Aid, Sheep.
MarloSoBalJr Ай мурун
So much so they wanna infect the Steelers in the process... you & many make me laugh
Big Ern Mahkracken
Big Ern Mahkracken Ай мурун
How come the 49ers had more people with Covid than the Ravens? They played, this would be a literal cash grab for Vegas should they play. Keep the spread around five or six points, America takes the Steelers and the Under 45, then the Ravens win straight up and the Over. sounds right
Big Ern Mahkracken
Big Ern Mahkracken Ай мурун
The Ravens are going to great lengths to duck the Steelers. Id need the Ravens forfeit AND THE OVER.
MarloSoBalJr Ай мурун
It's not the Ravens holding this game back, the league office wants this game to go on
Malachi Washington
Malachi Washington Ай мурун
Fun fact: the Steelers also have covid
TheblackSun Annunaki
TheblackSun Annunaki Ай мурун
Joshua Abrahams
Joshua Abrahams Ай мурун
I rather push it to week 18 cause you telling me u rather get a easy win due to COVID n not have a good game we’re the ravens are all back and healed up and the Steelers have all their players. I wouldn’t want to beat a Battered team I want u at full strength not hurt and easy den ppl say oh u beat at team wit 3rd stringers in a rg3 at Qb come on and I’m a ravens fan
Joshua Abrahams
Joshua Abrahams Ай мурун
Tarek Tadros forfeit a easy win tho plus the nfl new what could happen if players got it. And everyone hating on the ravens now but if the shoe was on the other foot ppl would be on the Steelers side and be feeling bad for them and y’all blaming players blame the staff not the players
Tarek Tadros
Tarek Tadros Ай мурун
I always want to beat the ravens at full force in normal times. but this is not that. The Ravens are at fault and they are the ones that are now unwilling to play. They should have to forfeit and be fined for their behavior.
Willie Brown
Willie Brown Ай мурун
Ravens ain't forfeiting no game, especially to the Steelers. They'll be playing.
Tazz EightSixFour
Tazz EightSixFour Ай мурун
Then the Ravens need to get their $h|t together... The Ravens broke protocol, they disciplined a coach because of it... Max said if the Ravens broke protocol, they should lose, they should forfeit.... There's your answer... Ravens lose, Steelers win...
Speccy Boo
Speccy Boo Ай мурун
John Dupee finally gets to watch the Steelers and the Ravens after so many years. That's all he was doing.
Patricia Walker
Patricia Walker Ай мурун
Yes!!!! Postpone games!!! Omgoodness!! Playing wouldn't be worth it!!
Henchman Number_1
Henchman Number_1 Ай мурун
Is there anything that Stephen A. doesn't have an opinion about? What is it that makes him somebody that ESPN thinks should be listened to? Kellerman also.
Josh Medrano
Josh Medrano Ай мурун
But now Steelers players have covid so I think the nfl should just cancel the season
Mogul Smith
Mogul Smith Ай мурун
Play the dame game its just a dame game play who ain't sick that's why they have a roster. Steven A sounds stupid
Jacob Crump
Jacob Crump Ай мурун
For once Max is spitting facts
rafaela costa
rafaela costa Ай мурун
the niners have played w/o key players since basically week 1 and nobody talks ab postponing their games..
M F Ай мурун
My only concern as a Steelers fan regarding a reschedule, what happens if half of our starters are out next time, and the game can't be pushed back any further? This virus is going to hit every team hard, it's just a matter of whose turn it is. Bottom line is some team is going to be at a disadvantage no matter what.
Soulja 3K
Soulja 3K Ай мурун
Lamar with prep time? 🤔🤝
Marcus Rondo
Marcus Rondo Ай мурун
The NFL as a league is just not efficient as the NBA
Robert Garcia
Robert Garcia Ай мурун
I thought they moved the game to Tuesday i really wanted the steelers to play but I think it is better to not play unless they get this under control
covid-case-21 Ай мурун
first it was him alone, now 12? bogus
Solace Ай мурун
Confederate Stephen vs Union Stephen
Vang Her
Vang Her Ай мурун
The raiders played without 7 people and almost won...Ravens can play without their players also
Crazy Cash
Crazy Cash Ай мурун
Just give the Steelers the dub, because the Ravens are just scared
Yolanda B
Yolanda B Ай мурун
...and yet another Steelers player just tested positive today. And you say Ravens need to forfeit!?! 🤔
Eric Matterson
Eric Matterson Ай мурун
NFL doesn't want to lose this marquee matchup. They will make sure both teams are at full strength. If this was Jets vs Cowboys they would have played without postponement
Demetrius Jones
Demetrius Jones Ай мурун
all the unclean food
GLA Ай мурун
Max and Stephen A. both speaking facts with different viewpoints. Ravens messed up for this many players to be getting sick.
We in a race war and slavery started 1865
We in a race war and slavery started 1865 Ай мурун
This COVID ish is hilarious
je philly
je philly Ай мурун
Can’t forfeit games unless there’s life matters.. or a huge battle royal on the field . They have too get the game check too many people would lose money though
Andrew Hixson
Andrew Hixson Ай мурун
The problem with giving the Steelers the win via forfeit. If the Steelers mange to go 16-0 then there will always be that, yeah but they only got one of those wins because, when people mostly Steeler haters talk about a 16-0 record.
Devin Pettit
Devin Pettit Ай мурун
Still better than the cheating Pats.
Debra Hoffman
Debra Hoffman Ай мурун
Who cares about the Ravens they ain't even making the playoffs with that overrated "QB" they have
Bj D
Bj D Ай мурун
Health is the main issue. If the outbreak is contained then play the game even if you have to go with back-ups. But the postponement is a mess on many levels. Forfeiture is a clean solution but seems extreme.
Brian Onuscheck
Brian Onuscheck Ай мурун
Baltimore should forfeit.
Mr Gucci
Mr Gucci Ай мурун
Max is Key On Point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mr Gucci
Mr Gucci Ай мурун
I don't think it matters either way if you can't play you lose let's keep going forward
Mr Gucci
Mr Gucci Ай мурун
For once i agree with MAX! 💪💪💪👍👍👍
Mr Gucci
Mr Gucci Ай мурун
Forfeit take the L & bye!
Mr Gucci
Mr Gucci Ай мурун
If you can't play then NO!!! Lets don't inconvenience others! Take the Lose on ya record instantly then move on! Fix your bubble & bye! Otherwise play with your backups! No more Excuses!!!
Frank Puleri
Frank Puleri Ай мурун
come on steven A , your better than that
Frank Puleri
Frank Puleri Ай мурун
raiders were w/o half d- line no cancel - this is just not right
Cody Hopper
Cody Hopper Ай мурун
Ravens can’t follow COVID-19 protocol, bottom line. They can run from this game all they want but at the end of the day Steelers will be 11-0
Sam Hartman
Sam Hartman Ай мурун
If they cabt play us now they need to forfeit the win. We shouldn't be punished over them lacking on it
TfkEdgeMusic Ай мурун
Well at least we gonna get some Tuesday night football.
vrum255 Ай мурун
Wed. now 3:40pm eastern time
Brandon Riddlesprigger
Brandon Riddlesprigger Ай мурун
Brandon Riddlesprigger
Brandon Riddlesprigger Ай мурун
The Raiders....
Sean Hennsey
Sean Hennsey Ай мурун
No Lamar Jackson should b able to play big Ben played when he had it
The all Seeing goy
The all Seeing goy Ай мурун
You dumbfucks that keep saying big ben had covid are real special pieces of he was close proximity .to macdonald who had it...big difference. Do your math first before spouting nonsense.
Jason Yates
Jason Yates Ай мурун
He was in close contact with someone who had it
AveryCharles Dewey
AveryCharles Dewey Ай мурун
I don’t think any competitive person would accept a forfeit that’s like finishing first Bc the dude who was beating you collapsed on the track
DreMos Ай мурун
The game is postponed to Tuesday
FreshBOI1579 Ай мурун
Perfect analysis from max
Young Among
Young Among Ай мурун
It Def be post poned but they tryna milk this season crazy
Jason Erb
Jason Erb Ай мурун
Steelers have Covid, game postponed to Tuesday. Now what's the narative? Since the Steelers were treated like such the victims here.
Tazz EightSixFour
Tazz EightSixFour Ай мурун
This is a slippery slope... I understand not wanting to spread stuff... But what happens if the team plane has an air conditioning malfunction on the way to Pittsburgh and 7 members of the Ravens' secondary get a cold?? Can the NFL postpone that game again?? What if there's a pile-up on I-75 on the way from the airport... What if there's a snowstorm and the part of the Ravens team is snowed in?? What if somebody pulls the fire alarm at 3 in the morning?? No postponements, there... 30 other teams have handled more than half a season (The Titans being an exception, too...) If the Ravens don't know yet, they better call somebody....
cherripie026 Ай мурун
Bottom line is when the game couldn’t be played as scheduled, it should have been a forfeit. Baltimore should be heavily fined for violating protocol, and the fine should go to playing the Steelers players who won’t get paid from the forfeited game. Taking away draft picks should also be discussed. This is ridiculous and was 100% preventable and contained if their coach had abided by protocol
Tazz EightSixFour
Tazz EightSixFour Ай мурун
Ravens need to forfeit.... Pointo....
tim lafferty
tim lafferty Ай мурун
Its a joke fake covid cause injuries an losing so dont feel like playing
Randy Law
Randy Law Ай мурун
I do not understand the logic behind Steven A comments! Max is absolutely correct, if you have enough players to play then you play. This far into the season, if players are violating protocol then have the team take the lose!
Chris Caldwell
Chris Caldwell Ай мурун
I’m a Steelers fan all the way but this game should not be played, you have most of the Ravens starters down with COVID and the Steelers are healthy then this game wouldn’t be fair to Baltimore.
Hello my name is Jacob
Hello my name is Jacob Ай мурун
I'd love to hear his opinion on the 49ers games getting postponed
John K
John K Ай мурун
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Spencer D
Spencer D Ай мурун
Everything that Max said is literally what I’ve been saying. I’m glad someone said it.
Young WiFi
Young WiFi Ай мурун
Respect max
Sean Deramous
Sean Deramous Ай мурун
Why should the Steelers be punished for the mishandling of the COVID-19 situation by the Ravens? It’s a 52 man roster. NEXT MAN UP!!!!!
Sam Hartman
Sam Hartman Ай мурун
@Sean Deramous amen man. It's crazy. They have rescheduled it 3 times an have to move another game because of it. Its crazy. Its not the Steelers fault that the ravens weren't following protocol. I feel like after 1 reschedule if u cant play u forfeit. I dont see how they can continue to rob us of it cause I know for a fact if it was the other way around the Steelers would be forced to forfeit
Sean Deramous
Sean Deramous Ай мурун
@Sam Hartman I’m feed up with the NFL and commissioner for the way they’re handling the Steelers vs Ravens game. Forfeit or play. Play with the roster you have. How you’re gonna make an example outta Denver but no one else? Why cause of Denver’s losing record? That’s crazy
Sam Hartman
Sam Hartman Ай мурун
That's right
Frozen Bean
Frozen Bean Ай мурун
12 players!? Holy cow. I only knew about jackson being positive.
MarloSoBalJr Ай мурун
Now 20 players
Covid-19: the disease so “deadly” that u scold people for catching it.
Donna Morgan
Donna Morgan Ай мурун
I was thinking at first, Really Max, but I can see his point from the fairness point. Treat COVID-19 affected players like a injured player. Mike Tomlin had to play a third and fourth string QB last year, So positive tested players should just stay home and the Ravens play with what players they have or just forfeit. If it's that many cases, clearly as a team, the protocol hasn't been followed. Just saying
30years2late Ай мурун
If your injured or sick and can’t play, nobody else should suffer your consequences. And if you can’t do that then the nfl should’ve canceled the season.
Samuel Morse
Samuel Morse Ай мурун
To be fair, Ravens were probably going to lose either way.
Aero FPV
Aero FPV Ай мурун
Max is sooooo spot on with his arguments. Hands down Max is correct.
invincible Ай мурун
Honestly as a Ravens fan I feel bad for the Steelers, which is weird to say when they’re undefeated. Their entire schedule is getting messed up and it wasn’t their fault either time.
Ken Earnest
Ken Earnest Ай мурун
OK how many professional players (baseball, football, hockey) have gotten really sick or have been put in the Intensive care unit or put on ventilators because of Covid? Answer= NONE So who are we protecting?
Zan Dale
Zan Dale Ай мурун
Baltimore has bad coaching all the way around
GTR0K Ай мурун
If the staff member went behind the back of the team in this case, why should the whole team be punished?
GTR0K Ай мурун
@Brad Tarr wym they didn't even try? Like they didn't lock them in a bubble ? Video monitoring? Wym?
Brad Tarr
Brad Tarr Ай мурун
Thats a stupid comment. It was the Raven's org that is responsible for making sure that their players and staff followed protocol? They didn't even try.
GTR0K Ай мурун
@Reziztor in life we always take "unnecessary" chances btw, this is more about the league pretending to care or dodging a lawsuit. But that's a different topic, my point is, if the organization did all they reasonably could and he *hid!* symptoms from them and whatever else, they shouldn't be held responsible in any just system
GTR0K Ай мурун
@Reziztor if he didn't have a fever, and hid a cough (I have before) and tested clean, the organization shouldn't be held responsible in this case
Reziztor Ай мурун
@GTR0K No fever. Cough, shortness of breath, fatigue and loss of taste and smell. Cough lasted the longest 6 months. What I'm trying to say is I know not everything is Covid-19 but we can't take chances right now. Even if someone tries to pass it off as something else they should be sent home. This is an irregular season with irregular protocols but imo that's the way it should be. This is what happens when we take chances. I understand it can be inconvenient for some but there's a bigger picture here than just sports. What if one of these players were to die because of this coach or one of the coaches died. That's the point in trying to get through here. Unnecessary chances lead to unnecessary deaths.
Kris White
Kris White Ай мурун
This is heartless. People really don't like the ravens
Uce_DEAN Ай мурун
Alex Garvey
Alex Garvey Ай мурун
Should be postponed, sorry but if the Steelers win this game without Lamar it's straight up BS.
Alex Garvey
Alex Garvey Ай мурун
@Brad Tarr I agree clearly they did this is probably the worst case so far my concern is what if this was a playoff game regardless of the team?
Alex Garvey
Alex Garvey Ай мурун
Then why didn't they punish Tennessee? I don't get the NFL I'm sorry.
Brad Tarr
Brad Tarr Ай мурун
Your insane. They violated protocol. They need to be punished. NFL said draft picks was an option.
Reziztor Ай мурун
Even if it's postponed to a week 18 which it would have to be for Lamar to play. Steelers would play all backups by that point. So still fair for both teams? I think not
Galero15 Ай мурун
Ravens fan. NFL should investigate. If it's on us, it should be a forfeit and the Steelers should get the W. They'll probably hate a free W against as much as we hate giving up an L, but it is what it is.
Your Senile President
Your Senile President Ай мурун
@Galero15 exactly. However, as a steelers fan, I want the game to be played tuesday night and no more delays. I want a fair and square win
Galero15 Ай мурун
@Your Senile President I must've missed it. Unfortunate it happened, but Steelers shouldn't be punished because we can't keep our house in order. This should result in an uncontroversial forfeit by us and a W for the Steelers.
Your Senile President
Your Senile President Ай мурун
Ravens already confessed, no investigation needed. Look @ their twitter, they said an assistant coach broke the safety protocols and caused the outbreak.
J Jam
J Jam Ай мурун
I'm a Ravens fan but they shouldn't be around anyone else right now🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️
Wayne Hasch
Wayne Hasch Ай мурун
Steelers should refuse to play on Tuesday if the Ravens have any more positive tests. The virus spreads easily especially in a physical game like football. The Steelers have been penalized too many time already.
javier book shadows contributor du
javier book shadows contributor du Ай мурун
287th comment it's on Tuesday now!!!
Brian G. Cox Sr.
Brian G. Cox Sr. Ай мурун
Definitely postpone the game.
langerrobert52 Ай мурун
They obviously violated protocol. Unfortunately game rescheduled for Tuesday now when ravens should have forfeited the game due to their negligence. Nfl is a joke making the playing field unfair for just one team.
Satvinder Grewal
Satvinder Grewal Ай мурун
The Steelers players want to play the game
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