The Broncos playing without a QB makes Stephen A. call for a 2-week halt to the season | First Take

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Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman debate whether it was unfair that the Broncos played the New Orleans Saints with practice squad wide receiver Kendall Hinton at quarterback since four of Denver's QBs were out due to COVID-19 protocols.
#FirstTake #NFL
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bareknuckles2u Ай мурун
For once I agree with Max
Matthew Berg
Matthew Berg Ай мурун
yet the rescheduled the ravens steelers game 3 times because the ravens had covid even though they could of played with back up players.. complete Bs. they should of Rescheduled THis denver game
Saintbow Ай мурун
NFL: "We have no QB! We want the league to halt for 2 weeks!" NHL: "We have no goalie..." Zam Driver: "Hold my beer" *Wins Game*
Colin Booher
Colin Booher Ай мурун
Raiders whole offensive line out with covid ...instead of playing Sunday night Sunday at is a joke
FBI Ай мурун
From salesman... to QB...
Fat American
Fat American Ай мурун
I will never put down an nfl qb again...
Tj Thomas
Tj Thomas Ай мурун
Why not get Colin K he's available
Yusuke Ай мурун
Didn't even know you can play foot BAWL without a quarterback, yikes.
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson Ай мурун
They chose to play without a QB. Could have signed Kap. He still out there and I’m sure he would have got at least 10 completions
Abdullah UAE
Abdullah UAE Ай мурун
No QB???? so we gonna act like colin kapernick wasn't available????
N H Ай мурун
Weird how NE just gets to reschedule during our bye week though.
Jack G
Jack G Ай мурун
So grown men can smash into each other for 150+ plays a game yet a virus that has a 99.9% survival rate among people their age is where we draw the line? Not very science based if you ask me.
David Rodriguez
David Rodriguez Ай мурун
I think it would take one death for the NFL to actually bring the point across. What will Roger say then?
Malik Salem
Malik Salem Ай мурун
Masks have not made any difference in stopping Covid, Sweden and New Zealand had no masks and did the same or better than us
Malik Salem
Malik Salem Ай мурун
Max is an idiot, masks have made no difference against Covid 19
Vin Ай мурун
Nobody cares. I care when players get injured!!!
Sean Webb
Sean Webb Ай мурун
Why did the Broncos/NFL make this situation soo hard? They could of contacted the CFL and signed a QB from that league to at least have a guy who is a legit QB and had thrown the ball often lately.
Michael Rucker
Michael Rucker Ай мурун
Sounds like with the lack of a bubble every team should have the foresight to keep a QB under quarantine
D- Man
D- Man Ай мурун
Because the nfl plays favorites. They should’ve made this work . Who wants to beat a team with no QB’s and be happy about it . 🤷🏽‍♂️
Trent Pearson
Trent Pearson Ай мурун
My problem is that the Broncos got no exceptions but when the vurus spreaded throughout the Ravens facility the nfl allowed to push back their game until they are ready.
Tone Loke
Tone Loke Ай мурун
The same Steven A said the season should not be stopped😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 because the players knew what they were getting into lol These guys flip flop so much
Waasae Ayyaz
Waasae Ayyaz Ай мурун
The coherent atm relatedly cure because policeman proximately heap concerning a itchy broccoli. obsolete, male chill
Not Void
Not Void Ай мурун
I’m just here to hear Stephen A say “Saddddidday”
Z birmingslam
Z birmingslam Ай мурун
Same for me but when he says EN EF EL
Ellery Harris
Ellery Harris Ай мурун
Stephan A come on Bro!!!! 🤷🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
Ellery Harris
Ellery Harris Ай мурун
So what! They need to call Colin Kaepernick and if they don’t want to... then stop crying about it!
MrJDuro Ай мурун
273,000 Americans dead from covid 19. NFL chose to generate money, this is the result.
GodLief Ай мурун
Colin sexton play with 2 other players against a whole team they’ll be okay.
Majin Vegeta
Majin Vegeta Ай мурун
It's unfair to have Max and Sas play with a practice squad moderator
Dorian Gilmer
Dorian Gilmer Ай мурун
jasyn zangari
jasyn zangari Ай мурун
of course it wasnt fair...but y does it have to b fair? Denvers QB fucked up, and they had someone to fill the spot. They weren't crippled by positive tests, one position was affected due to their own negligence. If all of Denvers QBs were hurt, would they have postponed the game becuz they put in a WR?
Dustin H
Dustin H Ай мурун
I agree with Max 100%
Ricky Haskins
Ricky Haskins Ай мурун
While eating!!!!! Not wearing mask while eating are you kidding me!
John John
John John Ай мурун
Max: says something Stephen A: I’m gonna have to disagree with you
Vripper Ай мурун
Lost all respect for SAS.
ChiChiGotDaYayo Ай мурун
Should be calling for Kap
EasySnake Ай мурун
Why was the ravens game postponed? Why weren’t the ravens just forced to play with inferior players? What was the difference?
Kevin Davis
Kevin Davis Ай мурун
I Guess Tebow is smiling right now cause everyone says he can't Throw
Ace Hume
Ace Hume Ай мурун
The fact Stephen A smith felt the need to try to call the NFL 😂 😂
C T Ай мурун
Denver would rather go without a qb... Than to call Colin Kaepernick. No sympathy here.
Elijah Gonzalez
Elijah Gonzalez Ай мурун
70% of people that contracted covid-19 did wear masks and were socially distant so it doesn't really matter if you wear mask or not
Nemanja Kovacevic
Nemanja Kovacevic Ай мурун
Stephen "here is where we part ways" Smith
Russell Marsh
Russell Marsh Ай мурун
Cringe max it’s the Broncos😂
Romean Clark
Romean Clark Ай мурун
But ravens got postponed 3 times lol favoritism at best
Parkman G
Parkman G Ай мурун
Benelius Paige II
Benelius Paige II Ай мурун
The nfl is an absolute joke 😂
GrimReaper27lj Gaming
GrimReaper27lj Gaming Ай мурун
Bro max it’s complete joke how the nfl handled it. The broncos had no positive outbreak in the QB room there was a scare and they then been tested Saturday got results Sunday then did test Monday got results Tuesday no positive.. just push the game back like the ravens and chiefs and patriots nope play without a QB. They never do that to those teams why? Money and ownership.... Denver with pat bowlen this doesn’t happen. Game gets pushed back
San Juan Gonzalez-Richardson
San Juan Gonzalez-Richardson Ай мурун
Practice squad WR to play QB?! Why not just call KAP 🤔 oh okay...
King Fats
King Fats Ай мурун
We did the nfl said no
Nathan Duffy
Nathan Duffy Ай мурун
Thanks Stephen A for sticking up for Broncos fans like myself. Not only are they punishing the Broncos but us fans as well and we don't deserve that. I would have been fine with a back up quarterback that tested negative, maybe take away our starting Qb that's it or push the game back until Tuesday until Qbs are eligible. No person in the Broncos organization or fans wants to forfeit a game and take a lost, that's not the way we do things. 2 of our players did get injured. I waited all week to watch my team play, just to find out we can't play with a quarterback.
Edgar Quijano
Edgar Quijano Ай мурун
I agree that they should’ve played but it’s unfair how the ravens are getting special treatment. They should have to forefeet or play with their players that don’t have the virus
Raul Medrano
Raul Medrano Ай мурун
Denver had their bye week stolen this year as well, when the patriots had an outbreak and the game was postponed till Monday then completely another week. Denver practiced all week! ( double standards? )
Robert Lyons
Robert Lyons Ай мурун
We'll see what the nfl does when a playoff QB can't play because of covid
Joey Chiaramonte Jr
Joey Chiaramonte Jr Ай мурун
then why do the ravens get delayed?
Tee Red
Tee Red Ай мурун
Why is Kap still not on a NFL roster, & where are the NFL players.
TheFluteGuy Games
TheFluteGuy Games Ай мурун
Hm, thats funny because the Patriots had people who had COVID and the NFL basically forced the Broncos to work around THEIR postponement so that the Patriots could play with Cam Newton and Stephen Gilmore. But when one player from the Broncos have COVID, nope, all the QBs are forced to sit, game has to be played, and the Broncos are forced into an impossible situation. OH and by the way, the Ravens game got delayed, AGAIN
No Thanks
No Thanks Ай мурун
2:36 my face when my mom says she needs to talk to me (Max)
The All American
The All American Ай мурун
So would a MLB team without a pitcher?
John McCartney
John McCartney Ай мурун
I would love see this happen
PS92 Ай мурун
People who compare the Broncos game to the Ravens game are insane or only hating on the Ravens. The Broncos QBs didn't follow the rules. That's 100% their fault. Why should you pospone the game? Like Max said, if they had some kind of accident due to carelessness we wouldn't even talk about it. The Ravens on the other hand had new covid infections popping up day after day. Nobody could know who was infected. Of course it's the right decission to push the game back.
Master Roshi
Master Roshi Ай мурун
Kapernick still can’t get a job smh
Fernando Montalvo
Fernando Montalvo Ай мурун
What’s up with the audio in this segment it keeps going in & out
Mr. Snow
Mr. Snow Ай мурун
There was a QB available , but who would dare call him ....C.K
khidenday toikhongkhoc
khidenday toikhongkhoc Ай мурун
superm sml supergirl secureteam10
Barak Giles
Barak Giles Ай мурун
I don't know why they could've delayed the game or allowed the team to pick up someone off the street like a Kaepernick type player...
mazzith Ай мурун
Max is leaving out an important point where no one tested positive. The one quarterback came into contact with someone who was thought to have Covid but none of the quarterbacks had a positive test. Even prior to the game they did not have a positive test. So this strictly comes down to the NFL punishing the Broncos and nothing more because they’re moving all these other teams games with no problems
B Bryant
B Bryant Ай мурун
I agree with both of em and I agree with stephen a. that it's an extreme situation. But it's one that did not have to happen!! It wouldn't have been a story if it wasn't ALL their qbs. No cancellation, no postponement, nothing. Their qbs screwed up. screwed the team and the fans. period.
orlando mclaurin
orlando mclaurin Ай мурун
Mac is right. End of discussion
Samuel Lee
Samuel Lee Ай мурун
I feel bad for Kendall Hinton because it’s not his fault he hasn’t played QB in years and he had like no Practice snaps
sglimmer8 Ай мурун
They let the Bears play without a quarterback.......
Shonda Ай мурун
I'm with Max. Do better Denver.
ButchDaBayBoss 707
ButchDaBayBoss 707 Ай мурун
Masks only help u to not spread covid.... they don't do anything to prevent u from getting covid.. thats the data
Colonel Robinson
Colonel Robinson Ай мурун
Denver should’ve called Dallas for Ben Dinucci . All Denver had to give up was a 10th round pick 🤷🏽‍♂️
Anthony Miranda
Anthony Miranda Ай мурун
😂😂😂 literally
Lionheartx675 Ай мурун
Tebow Time
James O'Hehir
James O'Hehir Ай мурун
3:16 LOL
Eric Daniels
Eric Daniels Ай мурун
You convert a guy back to QB then the OC gotta dink N dunk,, throw bubble screens, quick slants - the whole passing game should be to throw short & quick. No excuse for Hinton completing only one pass
Chance Wims
Chance Wims Ай мурун
The Broncos are my favorite team hate to see them like this😥😥😥
Surya Ganesh
Surya Ganesh Ай мурун
Lmao the nfl punishes the Broncos fr following the protocol and keeping all their qbs on the covid list but suck off the ravens who broke protocol.
matt kim
matt kim Ай мурун
I love Stephen A. Smith wearing 1970's based blazers
Jordan Miller
Jordan Miller Ай мурун
Its crazy the NFL postponed the Ravens game twice but the bronco's have to play with no QB
Jarrett Burgess
Jarrett Burgess Ай мурун
Nah Stephen A. you was all for it! Now you want the season to pause?!?
Jorge Carlos Torres Dobarro
Jorge Carlos Torres Dobarro Ай мурун
Disagree... if it had been that they all caught it because they touched the same silverware then their face, the I would agree, its an extreme circumstance. However, this was a blatant disregard for protocol and breach of the rules because they all got for not wearing their masks which is the single most important thing you should remember. Thinking about the fans and the product put out there? GOOD! Broncos fans should be irate! They should direct that anger though to each one of those QBs not the NFL and not the team. Matter of fact, if I am the Broncos I'm already looking for a new starting QB. These guys don't respect the rules during an active season, what makes you believe they will if they get two weeks off?? You are talking about players not being responsible and not being in a bubble and your solution is give them two weeks with nothing to do and the holidays coming up?
Scott Morton
Scott Morton Ай мурун
Put on you your masks you sheep 🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑
Joseph Flanigan
Joseph Flanigan Ай мурун
NFL would never shut down games for 2 weeks. It’ll cost them money and thats all they care about. I do agree that it’s a good idea though
Tony Tribble
Tony Tribble Ай мурун
They could've delayed the game or rescheduled. The Pittsburgh vs Ravens got rescheduled 3 times, was supposed to play on Thanksgiving and has been rescheduled to the 2nd of December! Denver got screwed in this one.
anthonytrainer Ай мурун
Let Von Miller Play QB
Jordan Mackay
Jordan Mackay Ай мурун
If the broncos deserved that then the ravens should have forfeited too. DOUBLE STANDARD
Torrye House
Torrye House Ай мурун
Don’t forget about the Titans in the club popping bottles in the club & get multiple games rescheduled. Not to mention the Ravens getting multiple games rescheduled but yet it was fair for the Broncos to get treated like that. Crazy lol
KOD Ай мурун
Max made a good point at the end..
Terrance Wing
Terrance Wing Ай мурун
Why is the nfl picking and choosing what games they want to post pone complete bs
joshydep84 Ай мурун
It could be Tebow Time. Someone get him on the phone!
Pornstar Jimmy
Pornstar Jimmy Ай мурун
This dude in my fantasy league started Hinton 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Will Joyce
Will Joyce Ай мурун
I'm fine with the Broncos not forfeiting if they could field a team but I'm fine with forfeiture too. I don't think teams should be on hiatus because of a few bad apples plus it's unfair to the teams that already played down guys. Remove the sick, keep the remaining safe, play the games or forfeit if you can't. It's not the opponents fault you can't play. I'm a Pats fan, we had to play without Cam versus KC and we did it, would've loved a 2 week bye to get him back but that's not the reality we are in As vomit-inducing as it is, I agree with Max
George Bishop
George Bishop Ай мурун
They should have started Royce Freeman at least then there's a real threat of RPO.
TJ Jr Ай мурун
This just shows you the NFL doesn't care about its players
vinalcaraz Ай мурун
The point is it just wasn't fair. Other games get postponed but Denver has to play. In the end the fans were punished.
Hoover Scrap
Hoover Scrap Ай мурун
Max you wrong n out of pocket smh
Mercy Ай мурун
They talk about Broncos having no QBs even before Detroit how big market hungry can you be
Travis Morris
Travis Morris Ай мурун
I can help the Denver Broncos with 2 words......... COLIN KAEPERNICK🤷🏾‍♂️
Jay L
Jay L Ай мурун
Max is a hypocrite. So I’d the NFL. Broncos literally got punished and had to push the game against the Patriots back 2 weeks because cam and Gilmore had Covid. And they took the broncos bye week away because of it. Broncos did nothing wrong. So why couldn’t the pats find other players to fill that role? Smh!
Kaiserbowl Ай мурун
Why has the Ravens v Steelers game been pushed to eternity???? and the Broncos get the extreme short end of the stick....sounds like a East Coast Bias to me...and I hate the Donkeys.
shane bowyer
shane bowyer Ай мурун
I mean as a titans fan now did they not play, the ravens got there ganr cancelled like 3 times
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