The winners and losers of 2020 NBA free agency | The Jump

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Rachel Nichols, Jackie MacMullan and Kendrick Perkins give their winners and losers from the 2020 NBA free agency period so far. The Los Angeles Lakers (Dennis Schroder, Montrezl Harrell, Marc Gasol, Wes Matthews); Portland Trail Blazers (Enes Kanter, Robert Covington); Atlanta Hawks (Danilo Gallinari, Rajon Rondo, potentially Bogdan Bogdanovic); Boston Celtics (Tristan Thompson, Jeff Teague); Phoenix Suns (Chris Paul, Jae Crowder, E'Twaun Moore); and Philadelphia 76ers (Danny Green, Seth Curry) are mentioned as winners. The LA Clippers (losing Harrell and JaMychal Green, missing out on Rondo but adding Serge Ibaka); Houston Rockets (James Harden and Russell Westbrook apparently wanting to be traded); Denver Nuggets (losing Jerami Grant and Mason Plumlee) and Celtics (losing Gordon Hayward) are mentioned in the losers category.
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Kevin Love
Kevin Love 29 күн мурун
K.Perkins looks like a reverse oreo 😆😂
Rafal Les
Rafal Les Ай мурун
Warriors also won by adding Oubre..
Vinnie Mac
Vinnie Mac Ай мурун
Wizards whoop whoop we got Russ, we got Russ. Watch out the East we coming.
The Pillars of Our Faith ORR
The Pillars of Our Faith ORR Ай мурун
I don't see the Lakers being better than the championship team. The Lakers won on defense but this new team will not be a strong defensive team. They might end up with locker room issues with the loud mouths they are bringing in this year.
Victor Ай мурун
I feel like Perkins face froze after Blake dunked on him too hard.
ChillRichard Ай мурун
The Celtics could had lost every player in free agency, and Perk would still say they were the biggest winners. Still can’t believe this dude gets paid for his bad takes
John Mc
John Mc Ай мурун
Thank you 🙏 thank you 😊 for not mentioning the Raptors, the 2 in percentage wins in the past 7 years. Unbelievable 🤫dis respect
Patrick L
Patrick L Ай мурун
The biggest winner in free agency is Atlanta by far, bogda gallinari and rondo? Are you kidding me? If the lakers had done that then they would be unbeatable
Patrick L
Patrick L Ай мурун
Not only the lakers, if mavs got that they would be really serious contenders, same with clippers
Umo DaGod
Umo DaGod Ай мурун
Underrated move is Boston signing Tristan Thompson
cung chamday
cung chamday Ай мурун
nancypelosi morningjoe blacksheep myr kevindurant arcadefire escaperoom
Jackson Thornton
Jackson Thornton Ай мурун
Tristan Thompson?! 😂 stop it...
Joey Pham
Joey Pham Ай мурун
Noones Business
Noones Business Ай мурун
Why is Kendrick perkins on there
Fred Pitts
Fred Pitts Ай мурун
Even Tristan Thompson didn't know he was as good as perk advertised lmao
Anthony N. Newton
Anthony N. Newton Ай мурун
Perkins is the oldest looking 36 year old in history of mankind.
Kodreanu23 Ай мурун
Perk just doesn't like white players. Against the Heat series, with Hayward, Celtics were 2-2, without him they lost two games, winning nothing. Case closed. Hayward isn't worth that money, but Jackie is right, he is a playmaker, not a solo scorrer, which you need sometimes. Celtics got worse.
808 ROCKETS4LIFE Ай мурун
Demarcus cousins👍🏼🤟🏼 best center rn
Simone Assirelli
Simone Assirelli Ай мурун
Hawks winners don't tag me
CHO DA BOY Ай мурун
Pg13 to the grizzly would be 🔥
Walter Santana
Walter Santana Ай мурун
Walter Santana
Walter Santana Ай мурун
Westbrook elite..its a matter of what team is he a fit
Walter Santana
Walter Santana Ай мурун
Guys ..youre also talking about arguably the best offensive guard the nba has seen ..lets take it easy on how Tris guards him...not too many guards can guard him..or anyone for that matter.Kendrick knows what hes talkin about
Kobe Quinlan
Kobe Quinlan Ай мурун
Perkins has no idea
Ahlen Ай мурун
Gasol hasnt been a great defender in years. 😂 He isnt one to begin with. That DPOY award was a team award.
Jimmy James
Jimmy James Ай мурун
Blazers made some underrated moves. They picked up wing defenders (Covington & Derrick Jones Jr) which they desperately needed and they resigned Melo & Rodney Hood. Also they got Enes Kanter back.
NP148 Ай мурун
I'm sorry, but Perk is wrong with the Celtics and I'm a huge Celtics fan. He might not have been worth $34M, but he still made this team better. Losing a guy who averaged 18pts a game, 7reb and 4ast is huge. Getting a 2nd round draft pick for him is nothing. Tristan Thomson is definitely an improvement for our center, but he's nowhere near one of the best. I will say Teague is a good bench addition though
Gio Ай мурун
Gordon didnt walk away "for nothing." You'd think Jackie McMullin would know that.
Germ Jackson
Germ Jackson Ай мурун
The Lakers Are Thieves they still Mpls team,, they buy Player's, mainly Centers. + Others Mainly selling lifestyles, Beaches, Hollywood,, mayor Market, Great weather, movie stars...
Eddie Mcclain
Eddie Mcclain Ай мурун
Perk for President. haha
Fiverr International CPA
Fiverr International CPA Ай мурун
Lol Jokic dropped one of his old previous highs on Marc Gasol. Gasol can't hold him.
Andre Owens
Andre Owens Ай мурун
Lance M.
Lance M. Ай мурун
Kendrick Perkins mines well just go bald!
Dylan Ай мурун
Such disrespect to the Heat, nobody even acknowledges on ESPN that they were in the finals and still pushed a game 6 without 2 out of their 3 best players
Geoff Baker
Geoff Baker Ай мурун
Let's see where all these people complaining about losing Hayward are next year when the celts are a better team.
Artur Chmiel
Artur Chmiel Ай мурун
It's funny listening to those so called "analysts" 😂😂😂 I watch these shows for laughs really. I do sports betting for living past 4 years and I'm doing really good, but it's never what they say really. I apreaciate their opinion, but it's like a Muppet show to me, especially undisputed. 3-4 months into the season I'm predicting top 4 (conference finals) and I've been accurate past 4 years. If you're looking for a real b.ball info then trust me, it's not from these "shows". Peace
Vinson Dong
Vinson Dong Ай мурун
Marc Gascal, my favorite Player also..
Evan Ouk
Evan Ouk Ай мурун
"Give the keys to Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown." dude the keys were already with them even with Hayward.
InClarity Ай мурун
Jackie lost all credibility when she couldn't find out who was going to guard the Clippers. Her opinion carries no weight anymore. Acting like the Lakers would never beat them, when they couldn't even make it to the Lakers. L for her and L for the clips. Edit: the Lakers/Clippers is not and has not ever been a rivalary. You have to win SOMETHING in the entire history of your team to earn that respect. Spent all of 2019-2020 acting like they were the champions.
Mitt Obama
Mitt Obama Ай мурун
Daym Kendrick Perkins probably have a fat juicy burger in front of him in his kitchen.
peets127 Ай мурун
😂😂😂 Gordon Hayward makes the Celtics a loser?? More like they just saved themselves 120 mil. They don’t need Hayward they needed a big. They got a mediocre one. But still better overall.
Chad Hugo
Chad Hugo Ай мурун
Who hired perkins?
Anthony Sole
Anthony Sole Ай мурун
Me: Scrolls down to comment section for insightful nba commentary. Comment Section: Kendrick Perkin's breathing/vocabulary
Obi Jon Kenobi
Obi Jon Kenobi Ай мурун
I mean if the “expert” Perkins can’t provide insightful commentary why would the people in the comments?
Bagus Yuliantok
Bagus Yuliantok Ай мурун
The Suns would be the real underdog. This team is truly underrated. Imo, the addition of CP3 would provide them with a strong leadership both on and off the courts. Together with leadership from Coach Monty, I believe the Suns would finish the regular season at the second place and contend the Lakers in the Western Conf Finals. The rationale of this would be things they exhibited during the bubble time (CHEMISTRY, FIGHTING-SPIRIT, VERSATILITY) and the LEADERSHIP from two coaches, Monty and CP3. But, they won't beat the Lakers. 😁
2quick4 u
2quick4 u Ай мурун
LAC clearly... Ibaka is a much better player and fit for the Clippers than Harrell and then they added a guy who was about to break out in the league like Kennard plus they kept Morris... if LAC can retain Lou or get something valuable in return they should be the favourites in the West.
everything Ай мурун
Adebayo and Ingram are the real winners
King Damon
King Damon Ай мурун
Atlanta bias continues Rondo Bogdan Dunn Capella Snell Galanari add that to Trae Collins Cam Hunter easily a 3-4 seed. We will earn our respect this year.
James Brigham
James Brigham Ай мурун
LMAO, showing Tristan's few highlights. After LeBron left, if he wasn't injured, he was ineffective. Good off the bench guy to rest your starter. Led the league in Kardashian drama.
Lizzie Morello
Lizzie Morello Ай мурун
Hands down Suns and Lakers did good
betar girffen
betar girffen Ай мурун
ok, but the thunder are playing chess while the league playing checkers
CuhhPlz _
CuhhPlz _ Ай мурун
Did perk just say Teague gets 15-16 a night
Vallejo PNW
Vallejo PNW Ай мурун
Fam, I wasn't hip to Perk. I saw him on here thinking, "Jackie and Rachel will carry him"... then he drops two of the best pieces of knowledge. Houston doing nothing and nuggets losing Jermi Grant!!!! Touché Perk.
Masoud Abdun-Noor
Masoud Abdun-Noor Ай мурун
No team can or will never win w Simmons, the shut down was the best thing for him cause it gives him time to learn shooting. Philly was extra dumb to not resign JJ before last season who was de facto shooting coach
Rafael Flores
Rafael Flores Ай мурун
they didn’t even mention the raptors smh
4Runner 4WD
4Runner 4WD Ай мурун
ESPN has been mismanaged for so long. Please get these clowns off the air. Pathetic.
Soundtallica in Chains
Soundtallica in Chains Ай мурун
Am I the only one who thinks that Hayward leaving the Celtics isn't a bad thing for them? Yes, it would've been nice to get something in return for him, but between Tatum, Brown, and Kemba there were too many mouths to feed on that team.
D R Ай мурун
Perkins needs to not look so mad when he’s trying to give his view. Anytime anyone disagrees with him he sounds like he takes offense to it and is pissed. You can disagree but still be assertive with professionalism other then that I think he’s a good analyst.
Dikota Williams
Dikota Williams Ай мурун
"most savviest" Get these people off the air. Jesus Christ.
dizap Ай мурун
Why do they keep having Perk?
richard faymonville
richard faymonville Ай мурун
Jackie and Perk should do a podcast.
Matheus De Paula
Matheus De Paula Ай мурун
Chris Paul is those suns lottery picks from past years into superstars .
Steven F
Steven F Ай мурун
I wish Boogie stayed with the lakers
Matt Muirhead
Matt Muirhead Ай мурун
Masai quietly bringing Kawhi back with Serge to the Raptors in 2021.
Courtside convo
Courtside convo Ай мурун
Perkins is so annoying and yet fun to watch. hahahah
Id give up too on the rockets..james harden had all kinds of rather invest in someone that might grow into something special..a small gamble that might pay off, rather than 2 guys that cant come together to get me where i want be as a gm or whatever
Ludge-An Olivar
Ludge-An Olivar Ай мурун
1:15 creepy voice
Ludge-An Olivar
Ludge-An Olivar Ай мурун
Have you heard a extra voice. 1:15. I don’t know what they saying.
othon anastassiou
othon anastassiou Ай мурун
perk obliterated her😂
Tenno Operator
Tenno Operator Ай мурун
As a Rockets fan, easily the Lakers....I'm not even excited about our pick up cause his stats are mediocre for what we are paying him
Ryan Pacatte
Ryan Pacatte Ай мурун
I lost by having to listen to Perkins
nmb Memphis beast24
nmb Memphis beast24 Ай мурун
Marc shot career high from 3 last season lol tf she talking about
AFTW KING Ай мурун
They need to get my boy collin out of Cleveland quickly
Vincent Simbol
Vincent Simbol Ай мурун
Imagine taking Tristan Thompson instead of Gordon Hayward
NYSBGamal Ай мурун
Perk u need a podcast u n Rachel
Samuel of Ethans
Samuel of Ethans Ай мурун
Idk why everybody’s stressing over the Celtics Hayward has been a liability he’s always injured and I think the Celtics will remain pretty much the same
Courtney Hallcy
Courtney Hallcy Ай мурун
How bad do you gotta be as analyst for Perkins to be better than you?@Ryan Hollins
David L
David L Ай мурун
I still thinks the Clippers are a tad bit better at full strength. Lakers are still way too reliant on LBJ at times, while there is more firepower now, Clippers still got two of the best LBJ “stoppers”. But of course, nothing defeats the Clippers like the Clipper curse lmao.
L.M Ай мурун
Honestly imagine being that woman on the right at the end. She is probably thinking "I'm on a split screen with this guy and he hasn't made a coherent point at all" I'm shocked Kendrick Perking still has a job because some of his takes are just ridiculous. Hayward leaving for nothing meant you gave up a guy giving you 17/6/4 whilst giving up the number of shots he takes a game because he understood that Tatum, Walker and Brown were designated to be the primary players to score. He actually played a selfless role for the team and yes he was making alot of money to do so but the problem is it will be difficult to replace those numbers for anything less than 20 million a season. Atleast with Hayward, it was a guarantee to get those numbers but now they risked it to save maybe 15 million which I don't think they'll be able to replace anyways and so far have not. They've taken an L on this one. Thompson is a replaceable big.
Richard Roberts
Richard Roberts Ай мурун
0:24 "Marc Gascal" 🥴
Alexander Perez
Alexander Perez Ай мурун
Why would they try to keep Harden? That's what they've been doing and he still leaving. They need to make moves beyond Harden at this point
AJ Jenkins
AJ Jenkins Ай мурун
What's with Perk getting so vexed when someone disagrees with him.
Genaro Sanchez
Genaro Sanchez Ай мурун
The hawks could go to the wcf 🚫🧢
yungnflashytv Ай мурун
You didn’t give up anything for him he came to Boston as a free agent that’s why it’s easier to do
Keyz Da locksmith
Keyz Da locksmith Ай мурун
Everyone is disrespecting Gordon Hayward and if he was healthy against the heat in the playoffs they would have beat them in a 7 game series
Archer Solomon
Archer Solomon Ай мурун
They need to get perks off television.
RSVP Heat Ай мурун
Ahh Marc Gaskal, my favourite player next to Kember Walker and Bam ada de bayo.
Andy ibk jet
Andy ibk jet Ай мурун
“my favourite NBA player mARk gASkoL”
Felix Flaus
Felix Flaus Ай мурун
Marc Gascol???
Adnan Cusic
Adnan Cusic Ай мурун
Blazers are having their best roster in ages probably.
Andrew Sims
Andrew Sims Ай мурун
Perk right. Perk is the man. Perk is one of the best in bball talk right now. Perk the Goat!
kosmique Ай мурун
i like marc gascall too but my favorite is his brother pascal gascall
Aboleo80 Ай мурун
Meanwhile in Detoit... Troy Weaver: All your center are belong to us!
Rudra Partap Sharma
Rudra Partap Sharma Ай мурун
Rachel looks orange like a pumpkin 🎃
Javier Steffen
Javier Steffen Ай мурун
Christian woods? Perkins says it like he is a backwood or something
newthrash1221 Ай мурун
“The shots that he did make was very efficient”. Uhh what?
Themayseffect Ай мурун
Kinda sad Miami let Crowder go.
Jastew Ай мурун
Molly should learn from Jackie
Dbear's Midnight Station
Dbear's Midnight Station Ай мурун
Gotta have the Raptors in the Losers category.
RichyRich 24
RichyRich 24 Ай мурун
Jackie’s takes are irrelevant. Last year she crowned the clippers champs before the season started. She’s a clown
Mike Durant
Mike Durant Ай мурун
I noticed they took Rachel Nichols distasteful cleavage shot out the espn plug at the end
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