Who are the biggest posers in the NFL playoff race? | KJZ

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Keyshawn Johnson, Jay Williams and Zubin Mehenti break down the current NFL playoff teams, and debate which ones are the biggest posers.
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Rob Man
Rob Man Ай мурун
The afc is so tough with 10 teams who all could win atleast 9 games. And there's 2 or 3 solid teams who are gonna miss the playoffs. Predictions 1. Chiefs 15-1 2. Steelers 14-2 3. Titans 12-4 4. Bills 11-5 5. Browns 6. Colts 10-6 7. Dolphins 10-6 Outside Ravens 9-7 Raiders 9-7 Patriots 8-8
Band Boy 50/50
Band Boy 50/50 Ай мурун
Randall Frazier
Randall Frazier Ай мурун
How quickly we forget Baker went 22/23 against the Bengals when they had too.
Allysin Lombard
Allysin Lombard Ай мурун
The Raiders wet the bed yesterday.
Daniel Alam
Daniel Alam Ай мурун
"They almost beat russ in the playoffs" what is this guy on?
Challenger Ай мурун
You’re right browns aren’t a 7-3 team. They’re a game from being 9-2 team as of today
Mikey M
Mikey M Ай мурун
Obviously whoever wins the NFC East. Shouldn’t be a question lol
Lucien Hicks
Lucien Hicks Ай мурун
Prodigy 954
Prodigy 954 Ай мурун
The Steelers
Cebo Khumalo
Cebo Khumalo Ай мурун
I love what keyshawn said here. I'm getting tired of the browns slander
Hozuki16 Ай мурун
The answer is the raiders
scott groves
scott groves Ай мурун
The browns keep Chubbin along !
peytonhawk Ай мурун
Excluding the NFC East the Browns are the poser. They have only beaten one of the 4 good teams they’ve played against.
Hoodie Melo
Hoodie Melo Ай мурун
“Or Cleveland and the Raiders” .. the browns don’t want to see us ever again especially in the playoffs
Da Juice
Da Juice Ай мурун
Aye the Eagles not posing. We know we suck! Haha!!
Lame ass Willie
Lame ass Willie Ай мурун
Man good topic horrible show
Santiago Maynard
Santiago Maynard Ай мурун
Calling another grown man a "toy" is super pause Jay Will
Ali Enigma Show
Ali Enigma Show Ай мурун
Keyshawn Johnson is so stupid he never answers the question
Deadly Ninja
Deadly Ninja Ай мурун
Easy Question. Any Team from the NFC EAST! Now can we focus on other topics?
T-Bone Johnny
T-Bone Johnny Ай мурун
Eagles aren’t winning man
Domterrell12 Ай мурун
Browns aren’t a one trick pony. they run the ball very well, they take advantage of the other teams mistakes on defense and can take it away. They get to the qb often when they have an advantage up front. Baker isn’t as bad as it seems, he come through with clutch throws often. I don’t think him having over 30 throws a game is good for the team, it when you have 2 top 10 running backs in the entire league you’re going to be able to pound the run on anyone.
Paul Prejean
Paul Prejean Ай мурун
Didn't the Browns beat a league leading defense in the Colts?
Kyle Mount
Kyle Mount Ай мурун
Key is the only one who wasn’t actually looking on his phone on national television. What has media become?
lulbaby_16 Ай мурун
im 17 nd dont know wat tf is a poser😭😭
marco mcdowell
marco mcdowell Ай мурун
Browns suck: They're the worst franchise with 22 quarterbacks. Browns improve: They're fake and so is the QB. Ah sports.
Ernest Maturan
Ernest Maturan Ай мурун
Shut up
Larson Wright
Larson Wright Ай мурун
Frank V
Frank V Ай мурун
If I had to choose I'd say the Steelers because of their easy schedule so far and this entire year.
Sean Andrew
Sean Andrew Ай мурун
I like how Keyshawn put up a fair statement on the Browns.
Sydney Short
Sydney Short Ай мурун
Browns hate .....we don't care
jackx1282 Ай мурун
You don’t need a QB when you have the three-headed monster. Nick Chubb Kareem Hunt Mother Nature
Frankie Harvey
Frankie Harvey Ай мурун
Derrick Henry enters the room
Mikey M
Mikey M Ай мурун
Chubb lookin like the next Jim Brown out there
Drago Ай мурун
Steve Poole
Steve Poole Ай мурун
The cowboys smell it lol. Miss
Scruff D0g
Scruff D0g Ай мурун
I would be shocked if the NFC Playoff Picture changed at all in terms of the 7 teams making it in. Saints, Rams, Packers, NFC East, Seahawks, Bucs and Cardinals. The gap between the 7 & 8 seem so big right now, Cards vs the Bears, and Vikings.
ibrahimhamza48 Ай мурун
I hate to blame the weather but the wind in Cleveland has really been screwing Baker in the last few weeks. He can make a few big throws when he needs to. Remember the game vs Cinci.
Mr. DopeTokeMan
Mr. DopeTokeMan Ай мурун
This should have came out two days ago. Why is it just uploaded 3hrs ago? It makes them look dumb.
DREW Ай мурун
They sstay sleeping on washington... dallas got spanked
Jared S
Jared S Ай мурун
At 0:43 he said "happy early Thanksgiving" when it is 3 PM 2 days after then. 🤪🤔
Otterom Ай мурун
Wentz is inposerting a quarterback
No Ай мурун
Does anyone else not like jay Williams
viclops Xmen
viclops Xmen Ай мурун
Eagles ain't making it guys it's either the giants or washington
viclops Xmen
viclops Xmen Ай мурун
@Mikey M dude I'm a eagles fan yall still got a better shot Wentz has to many turnover s
Mikey M
Mikey M Ай мурун
Idk if the Giants can do it without Danny Dimes
Lavar Stark
Lavar Stark Ай мурун
Cleveland browns haven’t even watched it but I know it’s a lot of hate
YouWouldn'tGetIt Ай мурун
The entire NFC East
Camren Gandee
Camren Gandee Ай мурун
I'm old enough to remember last year when Jimmy Garoppolo and Ryan Tannahill BOTH won multiple playoff games with less than 10 pass attempts but unbelievable running games, so the idea that the Browns can't win at least one playoff game behind Kareem Hunt and Nick Chubb is dumb
Hozuki16 Ай мурун
Exactly!! You aren't a poser if the one thing you do is elite. Plus its not like baker is terrible he just turns the ball over a bit to much. But they make everything about the QB. By the way they were talking you could consider the Cheifs posers because if they were in heavy snow and the passing game isn't going they wouldn't be able to win relying on the run game
Camren Gandee
Camren Gandee Ай мурун
@Sofakingsick I think the Browns could beat the Titans in the playoffs but we’ll have to see how week 13 goes first, also it’s not entirely impossible that the Browns meet the Raiders or a team like that down the line who they could play close. Ur right tho if we meet the Chiefs or Steelers we’re done
CLIMAX TV Ай мурун
@Sofakingsick not to me, the cheifs yes because of that electric passing game But the steelers and the titans are simular.......and they are similar to the browns (minus the coaching ) If the browns play a good game and are healthy they can beat those team by running the ball and few lucky extra possessions Because the steelers and titans CANNOT stop the run
Sofakingsick Ай мурун
Yeah but if they make the playoffs and face a team like Tennessee, Pittsburgh or KC they're gonna have a hard time winning those games
Chris McKee
Chris McKee Ай мурун
We can't just ignore the fact that the Browns are frauds. I mean two of their losses were by 30+ points.
Ryan Uncapher
Ryan Uncapher Ай мурун
@Joseph Faber And they were both away games on top of it.
Joseph Faber
Joseph Faber Ай мурун
If you understand the circumstances behind both of those blowout losses, they don’t look quite as bad. The ravens game was with a brand new system with no preseason vs a team that was basically running it back from last year which gives them a huge advantage. The Steelers game was basically the Steelers vs a corpse of the browns, the whole team was banged up bad including baker who never should’ve played with a cracked rib
Keeganracer 8
Keeganracer 8 Ай мурун
Yeah against Steelers and ravens and there in a tough division and steeler have great team and ravens do to even though they have been slacking lately
Leeqthe2nd Ай мурун
No team from the NFC East is a Superbowl contender. I'm going with Seattle. No defense, bad o line, a lot of injuries at RB. I don't think Russ, DK and Lockett can carry this team passed the NFC heavyweights.
Retro radio
Retro radio Ай мурун
The fact that a team with a losing record can make the playoffs is disgusting tbh
Brycen Lantz
Brycen Lantz Ай мурун
I know we all hate on baker, but the browns record 3 years before baker was 4- 44. 3 years with Baker there record is 20-21-1. I know it’s not perfect but it’s a lot better
Mikey M
Mikey M Ай мурун
Thank you. Is Baker great? No. Is he terrible? No. He’s average. And that’s all a team with a great ground game needs
Josh Ай мурун
He’s not bad he’s just not as special as he was supposed to be, he still has potential if they build a better system around him
Addyston Tucker Ray
Addyston Tucker Ray Ай мурун
His second year he also had arguably the worst coach in football. I don’t think Baker is a guy who will carry a team but with a strong running game they could make a run
I believe Baker can step it up in the playoffs and prove he's a franchise QB. It all comes down to ur opinion on Baker on whether the Browns are legit or not
Hozuki16 Ай мурун
They could make it to the championship. I can't see super bowl unless baker is just on point when they throw the ball. We saw it last year though a elite run game with solid QB play can get you to a super bowl
Matthew Kruger
Matthew Kruger Ай мурун
The browns need more time....they also need more cohesion with baker and his receivers I'm sorry but give THIS browns team 2 years from now. I think they might finally have something.
Colin Lucas
Colin Lucas Ай мурун
I think they can win a wild card game. Will surprise lots of people
Andrew Richter
Andrew Richter Ай мурун
I thought Washington leads the NFC East?
The OG
The OG Ай мурун
I am pretty sure that this was made before or on thanksgiving.
Christopher Ай мурун
I get what Key is saying. For a lose example Seahawks with Shaun Alexander. They made it to the Superbowl with him cause the playoffs match ups lined up just right. One trick ponies can be successful if the matchups are right.
Jalen Davis
Jalen Davis Ай мурун
Titans were really close last year until they ran into the Chiefs. Henry is a dangerous match up for most teams bc he can grind out the games.
Gilbert Ай мурун
Keyshawn just blabbers about nothing all the time... appearing that he knows what he’s talking about. Cant believe he’s a voter for season awards smh
Squishy Cat
Squishy Cat Ай мурун
I bet my middle nut Tampa to the playoffs
بوغطاط ٩
بوغطاط ٩ Ай мурун
They shot u in the leg Jay
Logan Hannum
Logan Hannum Ай мурун
BAKER isn’t that bad. I don’t get why everyone acts like he is? I’m not saying he is elite. But he’s top 15 in the league right now. He’s got 15tds, 8 int. A passer rating of 97.3. That lands him at 12. It’s not bad. This is not including his last three games have all been in trash weather
Steelhead2002 Ай мурун
@Logan Hannum did you watch the Steelers or ravens game? Baker is an abomination against teams that are actually good. He has a combined 13 points 2 TD 3 INT and a 54% completion against his biggest competition. These are nick foles of Mitch trubisky numbers.
Logan Hannum
Logan Hannum Ай мурун
@Steelhead2002 if this was 10 years ago I’d agree. But your argument is bad. Every coach and analyst has stated that there is nothing like the weather Cleveland has had. Both Carr and Watson were held under 150 yards. So once again I’ll repeat your argument is invalid. If you think Baker is that bad show me the stats. Because I present them stating he’s not. Again I’m not trying to say he’s the best but he’s not the worst. You can’t argue with stats. Your feeling might be hurt but that’s life
Steelhead2002 Ай мурун
Trash weather? Are you serious??? Football is played in the harshest seasons there is no excuse for bad weather. Look at all the good quarterbacks that increase their level of play into December which is the harshest month. Baker is bad
Dixon Cider
Dixon Cider Ай мурун
@2:15 “ I wouldn’t say ‘great producer’” 😂😂😂 Keyshawn is too real
Franks Ай мурун
Why are all these talking heads acting like giants aren’t in the NFC east, they are better than the rest of least easy, all this talk about eagles and cowboys the giants are the only team on an upward trajectory
The OG
The OG Ай мурун
Problem is that they have debatably the toughest remaining schedule in the East. Washington is the most likely to make it.
JUST Ай мурун
The Lions fans got an early Christmas present today
Alec Near
Alec Near Ай мурун
That dude in the middle needs to cut his nails 😂
Pat4Clippers Ай мурун
The 2020 Clippers starring Mr. Cancun On 3, Jack Harlow's homie Lemon Pepper Lou-zer™, and Wayoff Pee's weak and soft -ss complimenting Danny Green. Grit over glam. Hustle over hype. Stop with the billboards.
Sean HK
Sean HK Ай мурун
the NFC East Division Champion doesn’t deserve a playoff spot
OldManDrizzt Ай мурун
@Dillon K right now it's technically the Giants. They own the tie breaker with Washington at moment but yes Washington has been playing tough as of late and I believe the better team. Playing very hard for Rivera. I'm rooting for them.
Dillon K
Dillon K Ай мурун
OldManDrizzt the redskins are a top 7 nfc team
OldManDrizzt Ай мурун
@Dillon K if I had to pick who I would like to see between the it would be them. Best offense and who doesn't want to root for Alex Smith. Hope they beat the Steelers.
Dillon K
Dillon K Ай мурун
Httr redskins rolling in the playoffs
OldManDrizzt Ай мурун
@Murphy Brown because how does a team with 6 wins against crappy teams deserve to go over a team with 10 wins just cause they were in a better division. At the very least top 7 should be by record not by winning division. It would be so bad if they went into postseason as 7th seas
jose giron
jose giron Ай мурун
anyone in the nfc east is a poser
Taylor Bettencourt
Taylor Bettencourt Ай мурун
Are they posing tho lmao
JSUTrumpet Ай мурун
There are more teams than the shitty ones in the NFL east..
javier book shadows contributor du
javier book shadows contributor du Ай мурун
36th comment
King ELZ
King ELZ Ай мурун
Of course anything can happen once you get in the playoffs...answer the question Keyshawn
Tyler Hackner
Tyler Hackner Ай мурун
Did not really answer the question 😂
Michele Cozzarin
Michele Cozzarin Ай мурун
The Browns have been horrendous and are 7-3 thanks to the easiest schedule in the entire league. Compare their games to those played by, let's say, the Raiders and you'll realize what I'm talking about
Ryan Uncapher
Ryan Uncapher Ай мурун
@Michele Cozzarin If the only reason the Browns won against the Colts is because Leonard and Hilton were out, then the only reason the Raiders beat the Browns is because they were without Chubb.
Backup Khan
Backup Khan Ай мурун
@Michele Cozzarin As a Browns fan myself I'm still unsure about the Browns. We got blown out by really good teams like the Steelers and Ravens, then got beat in a very strange game by a pretty good Raiders team. The only decent to pretty good team we beat was the Colts. The Browns are very unpredictable right now so I'm just trying to enjoy the games.
Michele Cozzarin
Michele Cozzarin Ай мурун
@Bryce Woodford Why would I be rattled by a team that lost by a combined 73 points vs Ravens, Raiders and Steelers while barely beating some of the worst teams in the league like Bengals, Cowboys and Eagles? I don't even support a AFC team. The ONLY good team they beat is the Colts who were without Leonard and Hilton. Browns are definitely making the playoff, but they're to me the biggest posers besides of course NFC East teams
Bryce Woodford
Bryce Woodford Ай мурун
Is someone rattled?
Dn K
Dn K Ай мурун
Key missing the point of the question.
Cameron Harris
Cameron Harris Ай мурун
Never answered the question just talked about nothing
Action Jackson
Action Jackson Ай мурун
Pittsburgh is the biggest poser in the playoff race. Why? Because the *only* reason they are going is because Big Ben is healthy and if he's injured, the offense falls apart.
JD Fitness & Nutrition
JD Fitness & Nutrition Ай мурун
That makes no sense
JasonTheWorldisYours Ай мурун
The biggest poser is the Bucs (NFC East) not counting the Eagles who will lose this weekend to Seattle. Giants and WFT are not posers
The OG
The OG Ай мурун
Giants almost beat the Bucs. And they are a part of this historically awful NFC East.
LionsTigersBearsOhMy Animals
LionsTigersBearsOhMy Animals Ай мурун
Eagles- edp
Tai Weaver
Tai Weaver Ай мурун
Colts will be a good matchup or even buffalo in the cold
Sam Cerbone
Sam Cerbone Ай мурун
I think there behind because was is first place and cowboys laid a egg and I think bucs are the biggest posers in the NFC
Christian Lee
Christian Lee Ай мурун
I think the Steelers are gonna be the team that gets shut down in the playoffs
Duncan MacDonald
Duncan MacDonald Ай мурун
@jak burton4 The Steelers are fourth in points per game right now. Connor has Covid so it looks like Snell is leading the charge the next two weeks. The run game has been inconsistent. The offense as a whole has been solid.
jak burton4
jak burton4 Ай мурун
@Duncan MacDonald on defense yes but come on nobody scared or Connor on the ground
Duncan MacDonald
Duncan MacDonald Ай мурун
The Steelers are probably the most "balanced" team in the league. They would need to be shut down on both sides of the ball.
Jaden B
Jaden B Ай мурун
@pro_moh 🤡🤡
They call me Bam Bam
They call me Bam Bam Ай мурун
@pro_moh 💀
Jblaze phamtasmo
Jblaze phamtasmo Ай мурун
It's the Steelers, Saints, and Packers. U wanna see Big Ben, drew breeze, and Aaron Rodgers win again, but its never gonna happen.
Action Jackson
Action Jackson Ай мурун
@Ryan Irwin- Diehl And if he has a Drew Brees type career (staying healthy into his 40s) instead of a Brett Favre career (declining in his late 30s).
Isaac Walker
Isaac Walker Ай мурун
The Bucs, they looked bad against multiple good teams and they nearly lost to the Giants
Mikey M
Mikey M Ай мурун
Playoff Brady will activate
Duncan MacDonald
Duncan MacDonald Ай мурун
@Lazy M91 The Bucs have talent everywhere, if they put it together they will be a very tough out.
Duncan MacDonald
Duncan MacDonald Ай мурун
@Action Jackson Wrong on both counts. They blewout the Browns by 26 and you forgot to mention the Titans who were perfect going into thier matchup. The Ravens also had two weeks to prepare and were still beaten at home.
Captain Nutty
Captain Nutty Ай мурун
@Lazy M91 I would agree but they are trying to make him a deep ball thrower which is what he's not.
Lazy M91
Lazy M91 Ай мурун
Bucs are overrated, Brady is washed up
KevinTooturnt Reacts
KevinTooturnt Reacts Ай мурун
For everbody who is listen 🗣🗣 dont giv up we in this together🤜🏾🤛🏾 i pray if yall wanna be KGpostrs like or Great dont give up 💛
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