Who is Broncos starting QB Kendall Hinton? | NFL Countdown

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Ай мурун

The NFL Countdown crew discusses the quarterback situation in Denver and weighs in on expectations for practice squad wide receiver Kendall Hinton who will be starting as the Broncos quarterback against the New Orleans Saints.
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DC and PR Statehood Now
DC and PR Statehood Now Ай мурун
Another black QB told to play Wide Receiver . I am so excited he got his opportunity yesterday.
Larry Singleton
Larry Singleton Ай мурун
They should be calling Kaepernick right now
Kaleb 8
Kaleb 8 Ай мурун
The shadow
The shadow Ай мурун
I love listening to Randy Moss speak... country as grits.
ᒍᗩՏOᑎ ᑭᖇIᗴՏTᒪY
ᒍᗩՏOᑎ ᑭᖇIᗴՏTᒪY Ай мурун
Still don't know anything about him. What's his name again?
D150 Ай мурун
Only if we had trace mcsorley
Patrick McKeever
Patrick McKeever Ай мурун
Not fair to Denver that have to play somebody knows some QB and still he's embrassed to be put in...
bfcowden Ай мурун
who cares
Louis Nathaniel
Louis Nathaniel Ай мурун
Willie Beamen? Maybe 🤔
j sev
j sev Ай мурун
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Curly Bill
Curly Bill Ай мурун
Who Cares!
Mister Black
Mister Black Ай мурун
My Broncos are a joke this year!
tee kay
tee kay Ай мурун
Dont worry bronco fans, nothing to see here but another loss. Pretty sure outcome wouldve been the same with a quarterback
Phil P
Phil P Ай мурун
This is literally a slap in Kaepernick's face
Fredy Salome
Fredy Salome Ай мурун
Why no sign Kaepernick
Waylon McCrae
Waylon McCrae Ай мурун
As long as it's not that loser - idiot Colon Krapperdick , I'm happy with it !! 😉
Norven Aux
Norven Aux Ай мурун
Who’s here after the Broncos got slapped 31-3?
Leon Nygren
Leon Nygren Ай мурун
The first time NFL took a knee ....it became the LFN (Leaving Fans Nothing )....
Jessica Annalinda
Jessica Annalinda Ай мурун
Top views on tv : football and covid-19
Ander Ander
Ander Ander Ай мурун
Who cares....grown men chasing a ball
Joe Illingworth
Joe Illingworth Ай мурун
Friends knew this guy, super good athlete
Chris Rodgers
Chris Rodgers Ай мурун
Who cares , I hope they go bankrupt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kevee Darts
Kevee Darts Ай мурун
They got Destroyed by the Saints
osunniday Ай мурун
When did athletes become immune to COVID-19...no masks?
Robert Eramian
Robert Eramian Ай мурун
Ryan is a idiot without the threat of a pass Broncos are toast
Elias Ай мурун
Broncos on a 5-year super bowl hangover. Gotd*mn.
STILL Ай мурун
One doesn't own emotion, and when one is owned by emotion, it's a reflection of one's belief that one owns them🎈
timothy price sr
timothy price sr Ай мурун
sorry people are dieing on the streets from covid why are they allowed to play... the media wouldn't lie....
darnell16player Ай мурун
I feel like talents like Brad Smith should have came in as QB's and not needed to change positions, I think it screws them up career wise
Jussainwuturthinkn Ай мурун
I’ll wait for the Netflix movie
Thomas Schoenstein
Thomas Schoenstein Ай мурун
Well that was a disaster except for our 58 yard field goal.
Christianos Valerius Aurelius Maximillian
Christianos Valerius Aurelius Maximillian Ай мурун
The Tebow curse continues 😂😂😂 better call Timmy up
Ocean Abc
Ocean Abc Ай мурун
Runs like Barry Sanders
HadoSUS Ай мурун
gm92845 Ай мурун
To all the non-believers....
Jimmi Stone
Jimmi Stone Ай мурун
When do they start talking about the qb
Griller's Paradise
Griller's Paradise Ай мурун
rex ryan loves f e e t
Passenger57 Ай мурун
Gonna be a strange game no doubt
WIŹŹ 8D Ай мурун
D. Coleman
D. Coleman Ай мурун
Opportunity of a lifetime. Its not like Drew Lock has that job locked down. Not expecting much, but i really hope the best for Hinton. This game shouldn't be played today. But, it's 2020. . .nothing is right this year.
Barry G
Barry G Ай мурун
Still don’t care!
Dayle Arceneaux
Dayle Arceneaux Ай мурун
They're acting like a plan is a solution. We have a plan for a meteor destroying the Earth.
Luis Villa
Luis Villa Ай мурун
Paxton lynch???
Luis Villa
Luis Villa Ай мурун
1920 to 1950 football all over again lol wish bone offense double tight
CC Chodkowski
CC Chodkowski Ай мурун
Myself and many other fans are taking the knee to boycott your NFL. How are your ratings.
Rodrigo Cuevas
Rodrigo Cuevas Ай мурун
if it was mahomes and the chiefs they wouldve canceled or postponed the whole game.
Rodrigo Cuevas
Rodrigo Cuevas Ай мурун
this sounds like a madden storyline... (dont get any ideas EA)
Notfrom Thisworld
Notfrom Thisworld Ай мурун
A star is born 🤣
AmericanGiant100 Ай мурун
Just shows how the league and Goodell has favorites. Even if the Broncos broke covid rules i.e not wearing a mask, at least move this game to Monday would be much fairer. To give Hinton less than 24 hours notice is not fair.
theiconiumfoundation Ай мурун
Females talkn sports now?
Just N/A
Just N/A Ай мурун
I blame John Elway for firing that Offensive Coordinator last year. that's how drew lock got his magic from. without him drew is not the same from last year
SimbaUzumaki Ай мурун
who is gonna watch this game?
howard baxter
howard baxter Ай мурун
If he has a great game, I'm coming back to this video and laughing hysterically.
Paul Thomas
Paul Thomas Ай мурун
Sam Ponder is gorgeous!!!
Hebdeba V
Hebdeba V Ай мурун
he is kendall hinton you literally put it in the title
Alen V
Alen V Ай мурун
Nobody wants to talk about how the Broncos legit filed a claim to let one of their coaches play qb
Brandon Duhon
Brandon Duhon Ай мурун
Hes gonna give us fits SAINTS FAN
Dick Fitzwell
Dick Fitzwell Ай мурун
The Watchman
The Watchman Ай мурун
Covid is a Plannedemic Hoax...
goku1693 Ай мурун
I swear I’ve heard Randy Moss talk a few times, but never have I heard him have so much southern drawl before in my life haha
Art Quinn
Art Quinn Ай мурун
Kendall Hinton was Wake Forest's QB although he is wide receiver for Broncos.
Erick Johnson
Erick Johnson Ай мурун
How crazy if this man comes out and performs at an mvp level.
N Brown
N Brown Ай мурун
Been a Denver fan forever but man, I feel my grip loosening up.
HaddonfieldMemorial Ай мурун
The Broncos should just let the Saints score every possession, and then turn the ball over immediately when they get it. Make this the highest scoring game in league history, and have everyone give the league the finger on the sideline.
hathound tt
hathound tt Ай мурун
I say give the water boy a chance "you can do it"
David Eanes
David Eanes Ай мурун
I’m a fr fr fr fr Football player durrrrr.... I got a wooden spoon durrr. 🤣🤣🤣
AFishBicycle Ай мурун
What an opportunity for this man. I wish him success
Steven Griffin
Steven Griffin Ай мурун
And not sign Colin Kapernick, pathetic. This league just sucks . Fine Raiders for mask violations, then allow environment that allows this .... no consistent enforcement.
J Elle Saint Cyr
J Elle Saint Cyr Ай мурун
Imagine not having a QB against a unstoppable run defense!
NolaVenice Ай мурун
How many of you "men" out there realize that you've been duped by the COVID scam, the elections are a fraud and that your children's and grand children's future is being systematically destroyed?
Fruity Fruitcakes
Fruity Fruitcakes Ай мурун
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Ken Masonj
Ken Masonj Ай мурун
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Crystal CreoleQueen Chachere
Crystal CreoleQueen Chachere Ай мурун
Another QB we’ll sack 8 times 🤷🏻‍♀️
J Elle Saint Cyr
J Elle Saint Cyr Ай мурун
😂🙌 underrated comment
jason berry
jason berry Ай мурун
This was the only way for Broncos to get a black QB
Nathaniel Roso
Nathaniel Roso Ай мурун
Why did the Ravens get extra days? That’s biased af
Art Quinn
Art Quinn Ай мурун
Ravens has winning record and Broncos has losing record. That is the different. Denver has been written off already.
James Ricker
James Ricker Ай мурун
Who is he? Is what they scraped off the bottom of the barrel I do wish him luck though
kenneth beazer
kenneth beazer Ай мурун
Option Air Force Academy Style, on short notice without practice against a top defense. Unreal and Unfair!
B From Kentucky
B From Kentucky Ай мурун
Reminds me of Randall Cobb playing Wildcat QB at Kentucky 2008-2010. The man did it all in college. QB/WR/KR/PR anywhere you needed him,
Gerard Parker
Gerard Parker Ай мурун
Wth is Colin not even on some team’s practice squad?? Dez Bryant had been on Ravens practice squad at least a month before he got signed to the team roster.
K Simon
K Simon Ай мурун
This is ridiculous by the NFL
Bugily Wugily
Bugily Wugily Ай мурун
The Broncos should call Michigan for advice. They haven’t had a QB for years.
Alex Ай мурун
Goodell is such a clown. Refused to let the game be pushed back
Magic_basket Ай мурун
He could be good but it's the fact that it's a days notice he's not gonna know all the plays from a qb's prospective.
Martin Benfield
Martin Benfield Ай мурун
Who cares nfl is done.. Thug ball now to many asswipes in the league now and it has really messed it up. College ball only .
Mr. E
Mr. E Ай мурун
& the dummies are still watching & keeping up with the nfl !!!
Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers Ай мурун
Saints are going to blow them out is whats going to happen. Top 3 NFL offense vs a terrible defense.
nick2s Ай мурун
this talk is all a joke. The Saints are a great team, broncos weren't even that good. Gonna be a blowout
Donny Brook
Donny Brook Ай мурун
@nick2s ate-risks. You’re win means only bench warmer beans. Get real fool.
nick2s Ай мурун
Don't mention anything about a trap game if you then after the fact want to talk about the game is tainted.
nick2s Ай мурун
@Donny Brook The whole point of my comment was to highlight the absurdity of the video. Organized sports shouldn't be happening but are just for the money. The people in the video are effectively hype men and marketers for the tv product that is quite terrible that they are just selling since the league could not afford to postpone or cancel due to money and the consequences of it. They are talking as if there was any chance for this game to be competitive and I made it clear it wouldn't be.
Donny Brook
Donny Brook Ай мурун
@nick2s That was easy with your bet. But this game still has an * Tainted
nick2s Ай мурун
@Donny Brook Sorry for taking your statement when dealing with reality of a team that had no QBs on roster. But common sense would be using the facts as described in the video when commenting rather than talk about reading between lines of a fictional situation that you are making up within those lines. It helps when every single one of my exact words comes true and we have a joker like throw stones as a perfect statement.
Marvin Footpenis
Marvin Footpenis Ай мурун
Was expecting them to call up Luis Perez form XFL/AAF
mrgetitdone85 Ай мурун
Broncos about to break the rushing attempt record.. straight army and navy plays lol
Shane Ticknor
Shane Ticknor Ай мурун
He countree
Vinny D
Vinny D Ай мурун
Rex is great for ESPN
Blueblade13 Ай мурун
NFL are such hypocrites. Ravens get their game postponed when they lose a few players but the Broncos are forced to play after losing all their QB's.
askmiller Ай мурун
I don't think you understand what the postponement is doing. If they play on Tuesday, the ravens will be without 20+ players. The postponement isn't to get players back, it is to prevent making the outbreak worst. Would you prefer to play on Tuesday without a starting qb instead of on Sunday without a starting qb?
Sonya Weinreis
Sonya Weinreis Ай мурун
I'm done with the broncos! Get rid of coaches jeez, this is pathetic
Thomas Schoenstein
Thomas Schoenstein Ай мурун
This should be something to watch. Welcome to old school.
19EHF Ай мурун
Meanwhile colin capernick somwhere.....
Mike B
Mike B Ай мурун
Should tell you something
Josh Quick
Josh Quick Ай мурун
Willie Beamen in the making
tcrosby101 Ай мурун
How is the NFL so quick to punish all these other teams for covid violations but there’s no league punishment for the ravens yet?
Ya Bish
Ya Bish Ай мурун
Not a Broncos fan or Saints hater...but man I want Denver to win this one, would be awesome. As i Lions fan i have to cheer for random stuff.
if broncos win i’m buying everyone who likes this a jersey
Divx Ай мурун
Peep Bo
Peep Bo Ай мурун
Well the Broncos did better than expected
D150 Ай мурун
31 to 3
Mark Nash
Mark Nash Ай мурун
Bannankev Ай мурун
🤔 about 290 jersey if they win... nah thats cap for sure 😂
Notorious_324 Ай мурун
"Any Given Sunday" do i feel like they gonna win nah but who knows what happens that's why I like the NFL
Justin Case
Justin Case Ай мурун
Stories like this is where goats are born
ᒍᗩՏOᑎ ᑭᖇIᗴՏTᒪY
ᒍᗩՏOᑎ ᑭᖇIᗴՏTᒪY Ай мурун
Nice loss. Raiders are anemic. At least you're not a Cowgirls fan.
A You Tube Commenter
A You Tube Commenter Ай мурун
Scape goats.
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