Will Russell Westbrook finish with a better career than Allen Iverson? First Take debates

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6 күн мурун

Will Russell Westbrook finish with a better career than Allen Iverson? First Take debates
Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman, and Kendrick Perkins debate whether Russell Westbrook will finish with a better career than Allen Iverson.
#FirstTake #NBA
0:00 Kendrick Perkins says we will never see another player like Russell Westbrook in our lifetime.
2:00 Max Kellerman says Allen Iverson has the better career than Russell Westbrook.
4:00 Stephen A. shares his thoughts on whether Westbrook will finish with a better career than Iverson.
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Tweezzy Twezz
Tweezzy Twezz Саат мурун
If Russ gets a ring than yea if he doesn’t than no
Von Don
Von Don Саат мурун
“Big perc, my lil big bro” 😂 lmao
Michael Rivera Rodriguez
Michael Rivera Rodriguez 3 саат мурун
Iverson: made a change in a era Westbrook: triple double boredom
Jimmy 4 саат мурун
Wait, A.I. and Kobe are Russ's parents?
Ardy Sagun
Ardy Sagun 4 саат мурун
Perkins don’t know how to play basketball
Alex B
Alex B 5 саат мурун
Don’t disrespect Iverson like that.
Tyler Lynn
Tyler Lynn 6 саат мурун
Perk on that Yerk 30🤪🤡🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️☠GOOFY
Zarion106 7 саат мурун
Westbrook and it's not close. Iverson isn't a top 30 player all time, Westbrook is.
James and Rodaejah
James and Rodaejah 7 саат мурун
Now because a player went to the finals with a sorry team he had a greater career 😂 man get outta here
Lewis Allen
Lewis Allen 7 саат мурун
I’d much rather watch a prime Iverson than a prime Westbrook.
Stevie Critique Newby
Stevie Critique Newby 7 саат мурун
Allen Iverson that's who I pick if he was 6"6 215 lb and all the great said he would have been the best player in the NBA then Kobe Bryant and Tracy McGrady
Duane Harper
Duane Harper 8 саат мурун
Imagine Russ rocking the baby on AI every night.
Fracmas 8 саат мурун
If stephen a smith brings up the soft league thing one more time im never gonna watch first take again its really annoying.
Tra Burd
Tra Burd 8 саат мурун
Russ and Iverson better than doctor no J
AJ Tucker
AJ Tucker 8 саат мурун
If A.I. had Durant and Harden...LOL. do I need to finish this sentence??
Pedro Arias
Pedro Arias 9 саат мурун
Dump Perkins
Dennis Hicks
Dennis Hicks 9 саат мурун
I absolutely have mad luv for big Perk. Absolutely wrong Perk. Allen carried a team to the NBA finals being the smallest guy on the team. And took a team the finals with absolutely no other Allstar.
Zell SwizzA
Zell SwizzA 10 саат мурун
He already has. He's an mvp and played in the finals.
Aaron Stansberry
Aaron Stansberry 10 саат мурун
The disrespect to Carmelo Anthony!
j King
j King 11 саат мурун
Harden and Oladipo weren't who they became their first time with westbrook
Mike E 2 Zz
Mike E 2 Zz 11 саат мурун
If Westbrook can make it to a championship then he has more credit but until then I’m sorry Russ
tavaresjwilliams 12 саат мурун
This topic must be just a made up topic. It doesn't matter if he does or doesn't. Both got great Careers
Trey Merritt
Trey Merritt 12 саат мурун
Ohhh, I thought y’all were calling him “Perk”. Y’all were actually saying “Perc”. Got ya now 👍🏽
Taccara Williams
Taccara Williams 12 саат мурун
He’s just Russ and AI is AI... AI is greater in tha playoffs than Russ tho😂😂😂
Taccara Williams
Taccara Williams 12 саат мурун
Why is this a topic lol🤷🏾‍♂️... They play nothing alike.
Alvin gadar
Alvin gadar 12 саат мурун
Here is the answer to your question, let put Russel in Philadelphia at that time and put AI in Oakland in that time along KD and James and see who get to the finals and most likely wins the chip. Obviously AI!
Mr. Knowledge87
Mr. Knowledge87 12 саат мурун
This is EXACTLY why I would never listen to anything Perkins says...
Ikes accounts
Ikes accounts 13 саат мурун
Max sounds like he's got a cold 😷
LmoneyisNicE 13 саат мурун
Not to start an agreement but ai did play wit prime melo and jr and iggy kyle korver and lou will
Darnell Roberts
Darnell Roberts 13 саат мурун
Everyone keeps saying that he played with a prime Melo...But A.I himself was not in his prime
Aaron Turner
Aaron Turner 14 саат мурун
Westbrook hasnt changed the game like AI did, Westbrook perfected the game in a way. Westbrook is a HOF player, but he isnt above Iverson.
Jeffrey Price
Jeffrey Price 14 саат мурун
Westbrook has already had a better career then AI...its really not close at all tbh this dude has 4 seasons averaging a triple double...
Live Breathe Eat Fitness Co.
Live Breathe Eat Fitness Co. 14 саат мурун
I usually rock with perk but look who was in the league when AI was mvp
Randy Chappell
Randy Chappell 14 саат мурун
This is very misleading! Westbrook wouldn't have those kind of numbers in the days of AI. The change with touch fouls and putting players on the floor when they go to the rim (Westbrook could take it physically -- not sure about emotionally). They sped up the game and made it easier to score and shoot. Westbrook wouldn't have so many triple doubles in an age when it was more physical and slowed down.
Daniel Glass
Daniel Glass 14 саат мурун
Stephen A won that debate because it is facts if we are going to launch Lebron to probably GOAT status because him and Kyrie took down a 72 win team and hold GSWs accountable for such a monumental collapse of a lead then how are we going to ignore that Westbrook was apart of a collapse of a monumental lead? We hold it against KD, but Westbrook supposed to escape? No he shouldn't now I am at a hard decision on who was more top dog but I have to say Westbrook being a walking triple double for 3 seasons and just his explosive basketball style is right there on par with AI I believe it's a tie because what both men have accomplished
Metaphorically xx
Metaphorically xx 15 саат мурун
I'm a huge huge huge fan of russell westbrook but allen iverson is greater than russ altough russ is doing history now
Daniel Glass
Daniel Glass 15 саат мурун
Stephen A facial expression at 1:44 is beyond hilarious, that is the look Michael Jordan give when people compare him to Lebron, it's the are you done yet? Are you done? Are you done? 🤣
WOOHTHATSRIGHT Kid 15 саат мурун
He already has a better career lmao
Cooln Don
Cooln Don 15 саат мурун
When Stephen A brought up the 3-1 situation with golden state with kd on the team big perks was like yea AI got it 😂 😂 😂 😂
Prince Swag
Prince Swag 16 саат мурун
He had Eric snow lmao this man is spotting facts
Prince Swag
Prince Swag 16 саат мурун
Dude lol
Keyronday 16 саат мурун
Steve is a 100000000%RIGHT ON THIS........
904 Man
904 Man 16 саат мурун
Westbrook not better than iverson
12345tghyu 17 саат мурун
Allen Iverson 26.7 ppg 7th all time. 4 scoring title's which is the 3rd most all time. led the league in steals 3 times. Russell Westbrook 2 scoring titles, 2 assist titles averaged a triple-double for 3 seasons to date.
12345tghyu 17 саат мурун
Allen Iverson got 4 scoring titles perk now your stats dude.
nathaniel emmons
nathaniel emmons 17 саат мурун
They must be telling big fella to purposely get it wrong every day
LoL LoL 17 саат мурун
A.I more iconic but to me its Russ just coz of the tripple doubles. Many people have Oscar Robertson near their top 10 coz he got tripple doubles but now that Russ destroying that record they wanna disregard it. And Stephen A talking about A.I never had a teammate like Oladipo, Harden etc....bruh A.I had prime Melo.
Harriet Kane
Harriet Kane 18 саат мурун
people celebrating Russ' triple doubles, don't you feel it's kinda cancelled out by his you know AWFUL shooting and going missing in the playoffs? he's the only one who cares about that stat, too... Lebron, Jokic and Doncic could do the same if they wanted to but just don't rate it THAT highly...
max miller
max miller 18 саат мурун
Hello no
Juan Cruz
Juan Cruz 19 саат мурун
Westbrook’s career has already had a better career than AI. I love AI but Westbrook averaging triple doubles for seasons is ridiculous.
Solocreater C
Solocreater C 20 саат мурун
Do we really trying to compare AI who played in the eastern conference 20 years ago and Westbrook who played western conference??? Please go back to you stats if we can’t prove anything with it. For me Westbrook is slightly better
Shad The don
Shad The don 22 саат мурун
OKC don’t lose vs Heat with Iverson 🤷🏿, he’s on a different level
Valentin Huerta
Valentin Huerta 22 саат мурун
He already has
A Chaps
A Chaps 22 саат мурун
mazzb305 23 саат мурун
Can u imagine swapping out Russ on those Thunder teams for a prime AI?? Perk is so dumb and inarticulate I wonder how he got that job 🤣🤣
VIVEK PANDEY 23 саат мурун
Perkins take are biased. Westbrook is a stat padder
D Squared
D Squared 23 саат мурун
Stephen A is disingenuous for dismissing Dekembe Mutumbo. But like usual he only pays attention to offense.
ThaShitTv Күн мурун
Get to a Finals with no help then we'll talk.
Jumazing Wright
Jumazing Wright Күн мурун
Didn't ai play wit melo
YkdatsAj !
YkdatsAj ! Күн мурун
And yall forgot one thing since AI didn’t have other players on his team he didn’t have to share the ball russell did and he did it while still scoring ai can’t get a rebound either not to mention if yall gone talk about comparisons yall have to compare every spot!
playingdablues Күн мурун
No Stephen, AI did not "LITERALLY carry that franchise on his back". He may have figuratively carried them, but he certainly did not LITERALLY carry them....for fucks sake.
Rolo Watts
Rolo Watts Күн мурун
Psmith Күн мурун
I'd like to make 2 points to counter what Stephen A said. First, in terms of quality of teammates, he said AI never had a teammate better than Oladipo...do we forget that he played with Melo in Denver? You may say AI was past his prime, but it was his 11th season and he averaged 26 ppg. Westbrook is currently in his 12th season and averaging a triple-double and apparently, Stephen A doesn't have a problem including any of his current teammates to prove his point. Second, their final appearances. Of course, the 2012 OKC squad was absolutely better than the 2001 sixers...but let's look at their playoff runs. The 2012 OKC Thunder was the first time that the finals team out of the west was not the Spurs, Lakers, or Mavs in 14 years when THE JAZZ lost to MJ. What 3 teams did OKC beat in the playoffs that year? Dallas (4-0), Lakers (4-1), Spurs (4-2). ***Defending Champion Dallas, a Lakers team that had won two and three years before that, and a Spurs team that would go on to make the next two finals. Now, who did the sixers beat in the '01 playoffs? A .500 squad Pacers in a best of 5 (3-1), the Toronto Raptors (4-3), and the Bucks led by a young Ray Allen and Sam Cassell (4-3). Of course, they lost to one of the best teams in history. A Lakers team that had swept through the playoffs at that point and the only game they lost was an EPIC Iverson 40 point performance and the infamous Ty Lue step over. It's definitely a good debate and a close call, but we need to be honest in our comparisons. And honestly, I think I'm going with Westbrook on this one.
That Vision
That Vision Күн мурун
This is just a disrespectful topic smh
Christian Soldier
Christian Soldier Күн мурун
Allen Iverson and Russell Westbrook are George Washington and Abraham Lincoln on the Mt Rushmore of overrated NBA players
Vis Sion
Vis Sion Күн мурун
26.7 ppg SAS not 29 ppg for Iverson he still the GOAT
Vis Sion
Vis Sion Күн мурун
Westbrook never lead a team to the Finals 🤷🏾‍♂️ Eric Snow,A old Mutumbo and Aaron McKie 🤣🤣🤣 Stop it!!! AI will end with the overall better career.
Aloctor Gloves
Aloctor Gloves Күн мурун
You can tell and see that players hate playing with Russ because he steals the rebounds and has to have a high usage rate aka (ball hog) to get his points!!!
Travis Travis
Travis Travis Күн мурун
Westbrook never had Carmello Anthony, Chriss Webber, Glen Robinson, Mutumbo as team mates. Iverson did. Stephen A is trippin. Second to that...when KD left OKC....OKC had nobody's on their roster. Westbrook took them to the playoffs on his own back and won the MVP...just sayin.
Yoshimitsu San
Yoshimitsu San Күн мурун
Definitive1 Күн мурун
AI is more popular but Westbrook has had the better career and it isn’t close. Russ impacts the game scoring, facilitating, & rebounding. AI impacted the game scoring and that’s all. Iverson wasn’t efficient either by the way.
graffProdigy Күн мурун
We won’t get another A.I. But we can always get another stat padder...
Devarian Sutton
Devarian Sutton Күн мурун
graffProdigy Күн мурун
A.I. Was the man in his day... Westbrook isn’t even the man on his team. Who would most teams take, Westbrick or Beal?
Mashiro Күн мурун
Why is KP an analyst. He sucks that’s an opinion
Dewayne Mcdaniel
Dewayne Mcdaniel Күн мурун
Kendrick Perkins you are absolutely right
Dennis Eudela
Dennis Eudela Күн мурун
Of course. Russ will finish better NOW! A.I. however had a shorter but sweeter career taking the Sixers to the Finals almost singlehandedly. The biggest letdown of AI is head swelling up bigger than the arena, so he GONE in an embarrasing way. Before he was completely retired, went back to the Sixers after a China stint. The guy was BENCHED by his own team due to being washed up already, does not want to fit on a new role of a new team concept,, with a head STILL as big as the stadium... so Disaster strikes. Used to have luxury & sportscars left & right, ended up begging to friends for a 🍔. Super wasted talent that at least Russ, as erratic as he my be ON COURT, manages his ego & well-being outside of it.
JIMBO Күн мурун
I watched Al his whole career. Westbrook personally is a better all around player than Allen whom was great. The reality is that Westbrook isn't beloved like Iverson. Iverson was loved by women and was a bigger icon by far also was tough...
E C Күн мурун
how how how de carabao- kendrick perkins
E C Күн мурун
id take AI any day.
YAE daTRUTH Күн мурун
A.I .....not even close. Westbrook cant take his team to a winning record let alone the finals
Bobo Look
Bobo Look Күн мурун
Buffalo Bo says BOTH players were amazing!
Wolves at the Door
Wolves at the Door Күн мурун
KP looks like he wants to cry
Lost Under the Sky
Lost Under the Sky Күн мурун
I’m not nostalgic for AI, he’s great and all, I respect and appreciate his game when he played. But come on, I don’t know why you guys hating on the nba players that’s playing in the league right now. Why the hate?
Ben Frankz
Ben Frankz Күн мурун
Yes 🙌
JJ Sparks
JJ Sparks Күн мурун
King 27
King 27 Күн мурун
Iverson didn't play with a KD, Harden, Bradley Beal. He got Melo but he was nearing the end. When he got Webber Webber was done
JCMthebrand Күн мурун
He has to make a finals appearance before I can take this seriously
e soss
e soss Күн мурун
It’s like Kobe and ai had a baby together Molly hummmn 😂😂
YouTubeN Out the Way
YouTubeN Out the Way Күн мурун
he definitely wont get a championship
NiceguyBananne Күн мурун
Iverson had Melo
Tej S
Tej S Күн мурун
You give Allen Iverson Harden and KD ain't no way they not winning a ring. Or just give him Harden.
Billboe Bagginns
Billboe Bagginns Күн мурун
Statistically yes
Raymond M
Raymond M Күн мурун
Perkins stinks as a nba speaker
horace douglas
horace douglas Күн мурун
This is not a true assessment, it's a popularity contest. The numbers are unquestionably in one direction.
Remy Beatz
Remy Beatz Күн мурун
Basketball isn’t all about stats… Perkins got owned
The Answer
24iblis Күн мурун
Edward Cui
Edward Cui Күн мурун
allen iverson exceeded expectations for 1 season. then, when he teamed up with melo they always fell short. give me russ, cp3, pistons Isiah thomas, curry, and dame over AI any day. AI is still a superstar, but anyone who calls him the GOAT only gets their basketball knowledge from their barber
Daiquan Houser
Daiquan Houser Күн мурун
Preach Steven A
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